Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard

Highest Rated: 96% Boyz in the Wood (2019)

Lowest Rated: 5% The Avengers (1998)

Birthday: Feb 7, 1962

Birthplace: Aden, Yemen

An enormously popular British comedian known as much for his transvestitism as he is for his excoriating social observations, Eddie Izzard is one of the most gleefully unpredictable -- to say nothing of contradictory -- performers to have sabotaged the stage and screen during the late 20th century.Born in Yemen on February 7, 1962, Izzard grew up in Wales and Northern Ireland. Following his mother's death when he was six, Izzard found some degree of solace in comedy, particularly the works of Monty Python, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, and the early Benny Hill. He began doing stand-up at college and, after being ingloriously kicked out of school, he took his act to the streets. Izzard refined his material -- which largely revolved around personal experiences, politics, and social issues -- over the next decade, and in the early '90s, he finally began earning some measure of recognition. His stand-up work brought him British Comedy Awards in 1993 and 1996, and with popular and critical approval thus in hand, Izzard began appearing in films.Izzard's supporting roles in The Avengers and Todd Haynes' Velvet Goldmine (both 1998) were concurrent with his first internationally acclaimed tour, Dress to Kill. The tour helped to establish him on both sides of the Atlantic, allowing the comedian to begin the new century on an exceptionally positive note. 2000 saw him co-starring in Shadow of the Vampire, a fictional depiction of the filming of the 1922 Nosferatu; the film's cast also included John Malkovich, Willem Dafoe, and Stephen Fry.Izzard continued his highly successful stand-up appearances while maintaining a presence in movies. He played Charlie Chaplin in Peter Bogdanovich's The Cat's Meow, attempted to steal a couple of scenes from the crew in Ocean's Twelve, appeared in Ivan Reitman's My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and offered his vocal talents to the animated film The Wild.In 2007 he appeared as Mr. Kite in Julie Taymor's Across the Universe. The next year he voiced one of the main characters in the animated film Igor and appeared in the historical thriller Valkyrie. He went on to do two more comedy concert films before voicing the entrepreneur Miles Axlerod in Pixar's Cars 2. In 2012 he appeared in Snow White and the Huntsman.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Covers Actor 2020
39% The Song of Names Radio Presenter 2019
81% Abominable Burnish 2019
96% Boyz in the Wood Actor 2019
No Score Yet Farther and Sun: A Dyslexic Road Trip Actor 2018
20% The Flip Side Actor 2018
66% Victoria & Abdul Bertie, Prince of Wales $21.7M 2017
39% Whisky Galore Captain Wagget 2017
18% Absolutely Anything The Headmaster $0.7M 2017
47% Rock Dog Angus $9.5M 2017
90% The Lego Batman Movie Voldemort $175.7M 2017
45% Boychoir Drake $0.2M 2015
No Score Yet Day Out of Days Dag 2015
67% Castles In The Sky Actor 2014
44% The Unbelievers Actor 2013
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard Force Majeure Actor 2013
49% Snow White and the Huntsman Tiberius $155.1M 2012
No Score Yet Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Version) Actor 2012
60% Mockingbird Lane Actor 2012
56% Treasure Island Long John Silver 2012
No Score Yet Lost Christmas Executive Producer Anthony 2011
39% Cars 2 Miles Axlerod $191.5M 2011
34% Every Day Garrett $10.4K 2011
14% Huge Actor 2011
No Score Yet Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story Actor 2009
29% Rage Tiny Diamonds 2009
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard: Live From Wembley Actor 2009
No Score Yet Monty Python Almost the Truth Obligatory Making of Special Actor 2009
62% Valkyrie Gen. Erich Fellgiebel $83M 2008
39% Igor Dr. Schadenfreude $19.5M 2008
66% The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Reepicheep $141.7M 2008
53% Across the Universe Mr. Kite $24.4M 2007
52% Romance & Cigarettes Gene Vincent $0.4M 2007
70% Ocean's Thirteen Roman Nagel $78.9M 2007
No Score Yet The Secret Policeman's Ball Actor 2006
40% My Super Ex-Girlfriend Professor Bedlam/Barry $22.5M 2006
19% The Wild Nigel $37.4M 2006
79% The Aristocrats Actor $6.2M 2005
55% Ocean's Twelve Roman Nagel $125.5M 2004
63% 5 Children and It Voice of `It' 2004
22% Renegade Prosit 2004
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard: Sexie Actor 2003
33% The Criminal Peter Hume 2002
7% All the Queen's Men Tony 2001
75% The Cat's Meow Charlie Chaplin $3.2M 2001
No Score Yet We Know Where You Live Actor 2001
60% Revengers Tragedy Lussurioso 2001
82% Shadow of the Vampire Gustav $7.6M 2000
9% Circus Troy 2000
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard - Circle Actor 2000
60% Mystery Men Tony P 1999
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard - Dress to Kill Actor 1999
57% Velvet Goldmine Jerry Divine 1998
5% The Avengers Bailey 1998
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard - Glorious Actor 1997
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard - Definite Article Actor 1996
50% Joseph Conrad's 'The Secret Agent' Vladimir 1996
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard - Unrepeatable Actor 1994
No Score Yet Eddie Izzard: Live at the Ambassadors Actor 1993
No Score Yet Life of Python Actor 1990


100% Green Eggs and Ham
Voice 2019
No Score Yet The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Guest 2019
88% The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
Cadia 2019
No Score Yet The Late Late Show With James Corden
Guest 2019
41% Chelsea
Appearing 2017
No Score Yet Last Call With Carson Daly
Guest 2017
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Today
Guest 2017
No Score Yet The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Guest 2017
No Score Yet @midnight With Chris Hardwick
Appearing Panelist 2017
No Score Yet CBS This Morning
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Real Time with Bill Maher
Guest Panelist 2017
48% Powers
Wolfe 2016
No Score Yet The Talk
Guest 2015
92% Hannibal
Dr. Gideon Dr. Abel Gideon Dr. Able Gideon 2015
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2014
No Score Yet Brand X with Russell Brand
Guest 2013
67% Bullet in the Face
Tannhauser 2012
No Score Yet Treasure Island
Long John Silver 2012
94% The Good Wife
James Thrush 2011
85% United States of Tara
Dr. Jack Hattaras Dr. Hattaras 2011
No Score Yet The Green Room With Paul Provenza
Guest 2011
No Score Yet The Graham Norton Show
Guest 2011
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2010
33% The Wanda Sykes Show
Guest 2010
72% American Idol
Appearing 2008
86% The Riches
Executive Producer Wayne Malloy 2008
No Score Yet The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Guest 2007
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guest 2007
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2007
82% Tales from the Crypt
No Score Yet The Devil You Know
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Mr. Kite says: Nice Make of the Woods!

Mr. Kite says: Nice make of the woods!

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Nigel says: Who put that bar there?

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Pattertwig the Squirrel says: We could collect nuts.

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Reepicheep says: Shut up!

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Reepicheep says: I was expecting something a little more... original.

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