Edgar Kennedy

Edgar Kennedy

  • Highest Rated: 100% A Star Is Born (1937)
  • Lowest Rated: 60% It Happened Tomorrow (1944)
  • Birthday: Apr 26, 1890
  • Birthplace: Not Available
  • American comic actor Edgar Kennedy left home in his teens, smitten with the urge to see the world. He worked a number of manual labor jobs and sang in touring musical shows before returning to his native California in 1912 to break into the infant movie industry. Hired by Mack Sennett in 1914, Kennedy played innumerable roles in the Keystone comedies. He would later claim to be one of the original Keystone Kops, but his specialty during this period was portraying mustache-twirling villains. By the early 1920s, Kennedys screen image had mellowed; now he most often played detectives or middle-aged husbands. He joined Hal Roach Studios in 1928, where he did some of his best early work: co-starring with Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chase and Our Gang; directing two-reelers under the stage name E. Livingston Kennedy; and receiving top billing in one of Roach's most enduring comedies, A Pair of Tights (1928). Kennedy was dropped from the Roach payroll in a 1930 economy drive, but he'd already made a satisfactory talkie debut -- even though he'd had to lower his voice to his more familiar gravelly growl after it was discovered that his natural voice sounded high-pitched and effeminate. During his Roach stay, Kennedy developed his stock-in-trade "slow burn," wherein he'd confront a bad situation or personal humiliation by glowering at the camera, pausing, then slowly rubbing his hand over his face. In 1931, Kennedy was hired by RKO studios to star in a series of two-reelers, unofficially titled "Mr. Average Man." These films, precursors to the many TV sitcoms of the 1950s, cast Kennedy as head of a maddening household consisting of his dizzy wife (usually Florence Lake, sister of Arthur "Dagwood" Lake), nagging mother-in-law and lazy brother-in-law. Kennedy made six of these shorts per year for the next 17 years, taking time out to contribute memorable supporting roles in such film classics as Duck Soup (1933), San Francisco (1936), A Star Is Born (1937) and Anchors Aweigh (1944). Some of Kennedy's most rewarding movie assignments came late in his career: the "hidden killer" in one of the Falcon B mysteries, the poetic bartender in Harold Lloyd's Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1946), and the classical music-loving private detective in Unfaithfully Yours (1948), which like Diddlebock was directed by Preston Sturges. On November 9, 1948, shortly after completing his 103rd "Average Man" two-reeler and 36 hours before a Hollywood testimonial dinner was to be held in his honor, Kennedy died of throat cancer; his last film appearance as Doris Day's Uncle Charlie in My Dream is Yours (1949) was released posthumously.

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No Score Yet A Pair Of Tights Actor 2013
No Score Yet Limousine Love Actor 2012
No Score Yet Unaccustomed As We Are Actor 2011
No Score Yet The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy Actor 1968
No Score Yet Laurel and Hardy's Laughing 20's Actor 1965
No Score Yet When Comedy Was King Actor 1960
No Score Yet Mad Wednesday Jake 1951
No Score Yet My Dream Is Yours Uncle Charlie 1949
93% Unfaithfully Yours Detective Sweeney 1948
No Score Yet Variety Time Actor 1948
89% Sin of Harold Diddlebock Jake 1947
62% Anchors Aweigh Police Captain 1945
60% It Happened Tomorrow Inspector Mulrooney 1944
No Score Yet The Great Alaskan Mystery Bosun 1944
No Score Yet Crazy House Judge 1943
No Score Yet The Girl from Monterey Doc Hogan, Fight Promoter 1943
No Score Yet The Falcon Strikes Back Smiley Dugan 1943
No Score Yet Air Raid Wardens Joe Bledsoe 1943
No Score Yet Cosmo Jones, Crime Smasher Police Chief Murphy 1943
No Score Yet Hitler's Madman Nepomuk 1943
No Score Yet Hillbilly Blitzkrieg Sgt. Homer Gatling 1942
No Score Yet In Old California Kegs McKeever 1942
No Score Yet Snuffy Smith, Yard Bird Sgt. Cooper 1942
No Score Yet Blondie in Society Vet 1941
No Score Yet Who Killed Aunt Maggie? Sheriff Gregory 1940
No Score Yet Li'l Abner Cornelius Cornpone 1940
No Score Yet Dr. Christian Meets the Women George Browning 1940
No Score Yet Remedy for Riches George Browning 1940
No Score Yet Frolics on Ice Actor 1939
No Score Yet It's a Wonderful World Lt. Meller 1939
No Score Yet Charlie McCarthy, Detective Inspector Dailey 1939
No Score Yet Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus Arthur Bailey 1938
No Score Yet Hey! Hey! U.S.A. Bugs Leary 1938
No Score Yet Hollywood Hotel Callaghan 1937
No Score Yet Double Wedding Spike 1937
No Score Yet Super-Sleuth Lt. Garrison 1937
100% A Star Is Born Pop Randall 1937
No Score Yet When's Your Birthday Mr. Basscombe 1937
No Score Yet True Confession Darsey 1937
No Score Yet Three Men on a Horse Harry 1936
100% San Francisco Sheriff Jim 1936
No Score Yet Small Town Girl (One Horse Town) Mack 1936
No Score Yet Yours for the Asking Bicarbonate 1936
No Score Yet In Person Actor 1935
No Score Yet Little Big Shot Onderdonk 1935
No Score Yet Woman Wanted Sweeney 1935
No Score Yet The Cowboy Millionaire Willy 'Persimmon' Bates 1935
No Score Yet Chasing Those Depression Blues Actor 1935
No Score Yet Living on Velvet Counterman 1935
No Score Yet The Marines Are Coming Sgt. Buck Martin 1935
No Score Yet Flirting With Danger Jimmie Pierson 1934
No Score Yet Kid Millions Herman 1934
No Score Yet King Kelly of the U.S.A. Happy Moran 1934
No Score Yet Money Means Nothing Herbert Green 1934
88% Twentieth Century McGonigle 1934
No Score Yet Heat Lightning The Husband 1934
No Score Yet The Silver Streak O'Brien 1934
92% Duck Soup Street Vendor 1933
No Score Yet Tillie and Gus Judge Elmer 1933
No Score Yet Professional Sweetheart Kelsey 1933
No Score Yet Diplomaniacs Presiding Delegate 1933
No Score Yet Penguin Pool Murder Donovan 1932
No Score Yet Hold 'em Jail Warden 1932
No Score Yet Carnival Boat Baldy 1932
No Score Yet Little Orphan Annie Daddy Warbucks 1932
No Score Yet Quick Millions Cop 1931
No Score Yet Night Owls Officer Kennedy 1930
No Score Yet Bacon Grabbers Actor 1929
No Score Yet Welcome Danger Desk Sergeant 1929
No Score Yet They Had to See Paris Ed Eggers 1929
No Score Yet Angora Love Landlord 1929
No Score Yet Laurel and Hardy Uncle Edgar 1929
No Score Yet Unaccustomed As We Are Off. Kennedy 1929
No Score Yet Two Tars Motorist 1928
No Score Yet Should Married Men Go Home? Golfer 1928
No Score Yet From Soup To Nuts Director 1928
No Score Yet The Finishing Touch Cop 1928
No Score Yet Leave 'Em Laughing Cop 1928
No Score Yet You're Darn Tootin' Director 1928
No Score Yet The Better Ole Cpl. Quint 1926
No Score Yet Paths to Paradise Actor 1925
No Score Yet Mickey Bookie 1918
No Score Yet Madcap Ambrose Actor 1916
No Score Yet His Bitter Pill Actor 1916
No Score Yet Keystone Comedies, Vol. 1 Actor 1915
No Score Yet A Fair Exchange Policeman 1914
No Score Yet Gentlemen of Nerve Policeman 1914
No Score Yet Dough and Dynamite Striking Baker 1914
No Score Yet Mabel's Busy Day Actor 1914
No Score Yet The Knockout Cyclone Flynn 1914
No Score Yet Caught in a Cabaret Cafe Proprietor 1914
No Score Yet Twenty Minutes of Love Edgar 1914
No Score Yet Mabel at the Wheel Man in Grandstand 1914
No Score Yet Cruel, Cruel Love Lord Helpus' Butler 1914
No Score Yet Tango Tangles Dance Hall Manager 1914
83% Tillie's Punctured Romance Restaurant Owner 1914


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