Franco Fabrizi

Lowest Rated: 65% Death in Venice (1971)
Birthday: Feb 15, 1916
Birthplace: Cortemaggiore, Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Franco Fabrizi was in his very early twenties when he began his career on the Italian variety stage. In films from 1952, he was frequently seen in the works of Federico Fellini, most notably as small town roué Fausto in I Vitteloni (1953) and small-time crook Roberto in Il Bidone (1955). In later years, his youthful rakishness mellowed into a jaded world weariness, both offscreen and on. Franco Fabrizi made his last screen appearance in 1988, seven years before his death in his home town of Cortemaggiore.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Il Piccolo diavolo (The Little Devil) Prete 1988
82% Ginger e Fred (Ginger and Fred) Show host 1986
No Score Yet Aurora Guelfo 1984
No Score Yet Gente di rispetto (The Flower in His Mouth) Actor 1975
No Score Yet Night Train Murders (L'Ultimo treno della notte) Guardone 1975
No Score Yet Touche pas à la femme blanche (Don't Touch the White Woman!) Tom 1974
No Score Yet What Have They Done to Your Daughters Actor 1974
No Score Yet The Italian Connection Enrico 1972
No Score Yet La Polizia ringrazia (Execution Squad) (The Enforcers) Bettarini 1972
65% Death in Venice Barber 1971
No Score Yet L'homme orchestre (The One Man Band) Friend 1970
No Score Yet Madigan's Millions Condon 1968
90% I Knew Her Well (Io la conoscevo bene) Press Agent 1965
No Score Yet Signore & Signori (The Birds, the Bees and the Italians) Lino Bebedetti 1965
No Score Yet Doll That Took the Town Aldo 1965
No Score Yet I Maniaci Stipa 1964
No Score Yet Rat Trap (Le rat d'Amerique) Paul 1963
No Score Yet Duel of Champions Curazio 1961
No Score Yet Una Vita Difficile Simonini 1961
No Score Yet Un Maledetto imbroglio (The Facts of Murder) Valdarena 1959
No Score Yet Un témoin dans la ville (Witness in the City) Actor 1959
No Score Yet The Rocket from Calabuch Langosta 1956
100% Il Bidone (The Swindle) (The Swindlers) Roberto 1955
100% Le amiche Cesare 1955
No Score Yet Woman of Rome Gino 1954
No Score Yet The Barbarians Actor 1953
100% I Vitelloni Fausto Moretti 1953


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