Frank Morgan

Frank Morgan

Highest Rated: 100% The Mortal Storm (1940)

Lowest Rated: 14% Any Number Can Play (1949)

Birthday: Jun 1, 1890

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain," exclaimed beloved character actor Frank Morgan during a key moment in "The Wizard of Oz" (1939) and his beautifully conveyed expression of embarrassment and desperation perfectly exemplified the capacity he displayed in so much of his work. He first established himself on stage, making regular appearances on Broadway in such major productions as "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1926-27) and "The Band Wagon" (1931-32). Morgan was already featured in movies by that point, but really hit his stride in the 1930s, earning an Academy Award nomination for "The Affairs of Cellini" (1934) and distinguishing himself in notable pictures like "The Good Fairy" (1935) and "The Great Ziegfeld" (1936). His most famous screen credit, however, was the musical/fantasy classic "The Wizard of Oz" (1939), where he was wonderfully memorable in no less than five roles. He displayed excellent dramatic form in "The Shop Around the Corner" (1940) and "The Mortal Storm" (1940), and a second Oscar nomination followed for "Tortilla Flat" (1942). MGM was so pleased with the consistency of Morgan's vibrant and delightful performances that he was with the company from the early 1930s right up until his premature death in 1949. Specializing in characters that were usually a bit befuddled and flustered, but motivated by honorable intentions, Morgan endeared himself to audiences everywhere and remained one of Hollywood's most beloved supporting players long after his passing.

Highest rated movies

The Mortal Storm
The Shop Around the Corner
The Wizard of Oz
The Stratton Story
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
The Good Fairy
The Human Comedy




No Score Yet 59% Key to the City Fire Chief Duggan (Character) - 1950
14% 57% Any Number Can Play Jim Kurstyn (Character) - 1949
89% 80% The Stratton Story Barney Wile (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet 50% The Great Sinner Aristide Pitard (Character) - 1949
73% 74% The Three Musketeers King Louis XIII (Character) - 1948
71% 43% Summer Holiday Uncle Sid (Character) - 1948
No Score Yet 75% Green Dolphin Street Dr. Edmond Ozanne (Character) - 1947
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Great Morgan Frank Morgan (Character) - 1946
No Score Yet No Score Yet Lady Luck William Audrey (Character) - 1946
No Score Yet 49% Courage of Lassie Harry MacBain (Character) - 1946
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Cockeyed Miracle Sam Griggs (Character) - 1946
80% 46% Yolanda and the Thief Victor Budlow Trout (Character) - 1945
80% 61% The White Cliffs of Dover Hiram Porter Dunn (Character) - 1944
No Score Yet 34% Casanova Brown Mr. Ferris (Character) - 1944
83% 69% The Human Comedy Willie Grogan (Character) - 1943
No Score Yet 67% A Stranger in Town John Josephus Grant (Character) - 1943
No Score Yet 20% White Cargo The Doctor (Character) - 1942
No Score Yet 43% Tortilla Flat The Pirate (Character) - 1942
No Score Yet 69% Honky Tonk Judge Cotton (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Vanishing Virginian Robert Yancey (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet Washington Melodrama Calvin Claymore (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Wild Man of Borneo J. Daniel `'Dan'` Thompson (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet Hullabaloo Frankie Merriweather (Character) - 1940
100% 85% The Mortal Storm Prof. Viktor Roth (Character) - 1940
No Score Yet 66% Boom Town Luther Aldrich (Character) - 1940
80% 81% Broadway Melody of 1940 Bob Casey (Character) - 1940
100% 91% The Shop Around the Corner Hugo Matuschek (Character) - 1940
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Ghost Comes Home Vernon `'Vern'` Adams (Character) - 1940
No Score Yet No Score Yet Keeping Company Harry C. Thomas (Character) - 1940
No Score Yet 0% Balalaika Ivan Danchenoff (Character) - 1939
98% 89% The Wizard of Oz Professor Marvel/Guardian of the Gates/Cabbie/Soldier/The Wizard of Oz (Character) $5.5M 1939
No Score Yet 20% Broadway Serenade Cornelius Collier, Jr. (Character) - 1939
No Score Yet No Score Yet Henry Goes Arizona Henry Conroy (Character) - 1939
No Score Yet 55% Sweethearts Felix Lehman (Character) - 1938
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Crowd Roars Brian McCoy (Character) - 1938
No Score Yet No Score Yet Paradise for Three Rudolph Tobler (Character) - 1938
No Score Yet 29% Rosalie King Fredrick Romanikov (Character) - 1937
No Score Yet 86% Saratoga Jesse Kiffmeyer (Character) - 1937
No Score Yet 56% The Last of Mrs. Cheyney Lord Francis Kelton (Character) - 1937
No Score Yet 53% The Emperor's Candlesticks Colonel Baron Suroff (Character) - 1937
No Score Yet No Score Yet Beg, Borrow or Steal Ingraham Steward (Character) - 1937
No Score Yet 44% Piccadilly Jim James Crocker, Sr./Count Olav Osric (Character) - 1936
72% 50% The Great Ziegfeld Jack Billings (Character) - 1936
No Score Yet 68% Dimples Prof. Eustace Appleby (Character) - 1936
No Score Yet 33% Dancing Pirate Mayor Don Emilio Perena (Character) - 1936
No Score Yet 38% Trouble for Two Col. Geraldine (Character) - 1936
56% 76% Naughty Marietta Governor d'Annard (Character) - 1935
86% 85% The Good Fairy Konrad (Character) - 1935
40% 57% I Live My Life G.P. Bentley (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet No Score Yet Escapade Karl (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet No Score Yet By Your Leave Henry Smith (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet No Score Yet Enchanted April Mellersh Wilkins (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Perfect Gentleman Major Horatio Chatteris (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet 25% The Affairs of Cellini Alessandro (Character) - 1934
No Score Yet 17% The Cat and the Fiddle Daudet (Character) - 1934
No Score Yet No Score Yet A Lost Lady Forrester (Character) - 1934
No Score Yet No Score Yet Success at Any Price Raymond Merritt (Character) - 1934
88% 65% Hallelujah, I'm a Bum Mayor John Hastings (Character) - 1933
90% 75% Bombshell Pops Burns (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Billion Dollar Scandal John Dudley Masterson (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet No Score Yet Reunion in Vienna Dr. Anton Krug (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet No Score Yet Broadway to Hollywood Ted Hackett (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Nuisance Dr. Buchanan Prescott (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet 39% When Ladies Meet Rogers Woodruf (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet No Score Yet Secrets of the French Police Fran├žois St. Cyr (Character) - 1932
No Score Yet 70% Laughter C. Mortimer Gibson (Character) - 1930
No Score Yet 17% Fast and Loose Bronson Lenox (Character) - 1930
No Score Yet No Score Yet Manhandled Arno Riccardi (Character) - 1924
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Golden Shower Lester (Character) - 1919
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Gray Towers Mystery Billy Durland (Character) - 1919