Garrett Hedlund

Garrett Hedlund

Highest Rated: 97% Mudbound (2017)

Lowest Rated: 16% Eragon (2006)

Birthday: Sep 3, 1984

Birthplace: Roseau, Minnesota

Midwestern-born actor Garrett Hedlund debuted in the mid-2000s with a series of plum roles in A-list features. In the beginning, he seemed typecast as a well-rounded, average American young man, and made particularly strong impressions in that vein with his portrayal of high-school football hero Don Billingsley in Friday Night Lights, opposite Billy Bob Thornton. Yet Hedlund surprised and delighted his followers with a strong show of versatility thereafter, with effective portrayals as struggling musician Jack Mercer, who joins forces with his siblings to determine the reasons behind his mother's death, in John Singleton's urban drama Four Brothers (2005), and as Murtagh in the otherworldly fantasy Eragon (2006). In 2007, Hedlund essayed two very different roles: he joined Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan in the gentle rural drama Georgia Rule, then co-starred alongside Kevin Bacon in the one-man vigilante drama Death Sentence, about a father who attempts to wreak vengeance on those who rubbed out his family. Over the next several years, Hedlund would enjoy increasing success on screen, starring in TRON: Legacy, showing off his singing chops in Country Strong, and appearing in the highly anticipated Kerouac adaptation On The Road.Hedlund had an impressive string of films, working with big-name directors, in the following years: Inside Llewyn Davis with the Coen brothers, Lullaby with noted Renaissance man Andrew Levitas, Unbroken with Angelina Jolie and the live-action Peter Pan film Pan, playing a young James Hook, with Joe Wright.


Highest Rated Movies



49% Burden Mike Burden 2020
71% Triple Frontier Ben Miller 2019
85% Dreamland Actor 2019
97% Mudbound Jamie McAllan 2017
No Score Yet Mosaic Actor 2017
44% Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Dime $1.8M 2016
31% Mojave Thomas 2016
27% Pan Hook Kapitan Hak $36M 2015
50% Unbroken Fitzgerald $70.6M 2014
30% Lullaby Jonathan 2014
92% Inside Llewyn Davis Johnny Five $9.7M 2013
No Score Yet Mojave Actor 2013
44% On the Road Dean MOriarty/Neal Cassady $0.7M 2012
22% Country Strong Beau Hutton $20.3M 2011
51% Tron Legacy Sam Flynn $172.1M 2010
21% Death Sentence Billy Darley $9.5M 2007
18% Georgia Rule Harlan $18.9M 2007
16% Eragon Murtagh $75.1M 2006
52% Four Brothers Jack Mercer $74.5M 2005
81% Friday Night Lights Don Billingsley $60.7M 2004
54% Troy Patroclus $132.6M 2004


No Score Yet Last Call With Carson Daly
Guest 2018
78% Mosaic
Joel Hurley 2018
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guest 2010
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2010


Reporter says: Chiles, who is your idol?

Chiles Stanton says: Kelly Canter and Jesus Christ.

Beau Hutton says: You and Jesus Christ, who would have thought?

Kelly Canter says: They love her.

Kelly Canter says: I love that baby too, Beau. I was sadder than anyone when I lost it. I can't change my past, you know? I can't change how I drink. I'm stronger than all of us, you know?

Beau Hutton says: I know.

Kelly Canter says: I'm gonna give them one hell of a show.

Beau Hutton says: I enjoy playin' music, I don't care who it's for.

Sam Flynn says: Does the name 'Kevin Flynn' mean anything to you?

Destitute Program says: Be quiet if you want to live.

Sam Flynn says: This is it! Come on!

Sam Flynn says: I won! Now let me out!

Sam Flynn says: Oh, come on! Is that even legal?

Sam Flynn says: You gotta be kidding me.

Sam Flynn says: Now this I can do.

Kevin Flynn says: Sam! It's time!

Sam Flynn says: No!

Quorra says: Sam. It's what he wants.

Sam Flynn says: I'm not leaving you!

Kevin Flynn says: Take her!

Sam Flynn says: Dad.

Kevin Flynn says: Sam.

Sam Flynn says: Long time.

Kevin Flynn says: You have no idea.

Sam Flynn says: He's either dead or chilling in Costa Rica. Probably both.

Jack Mercer says: [Over Evelyn's Finacial Matter's] How Much Do We Get?

Jack Mercer says: [over Evelyn's finacial matter's] How much do we get?

Jack Mercer says: [over Evelyn's financial matter's] How much do we get?

Jack Mercer says: [chasing someone down a hallway] Hey kid! No running in the halls!

Sam Flynn says: You'll never make it!

Quorra says: (matter of factly) Made it...

Quorra says: [matter of factly] Made it...

Beau Hutton says: Fame and love can't live together

Beau Hutton says: Fame and love can't live together.

Sam Flynn says: You can't steal something that's designed to be given away free.

Chiles Stanton says: How do I look?.

Chiles Stanton says: How do I look?

Beau Hutton says: Like a country Barbie?.

Beau Hutton says: Like a Country Barbie.

Chiles Stanton says: Thank you!.

Chiles Stanton says: [happy] Thank you!

Sam Flynn says: WHOA Dude you're not gonna make that!!!

Sam Flynn says: Whoa, dude, you're not gonna make it!

Quorra says: made it.....

Murtagh says: I'm Murtagh and you need me, Dragon Rider.

Jack Mercer says: (to Bobby) We're gonna do that gas thing?

Jack Mercer says: We're gonna do that gas thing?

Bobby Mercer says: Yeah, we're gonna do the gas thing. The only thing that scares people more than getting burnt to death is getting eaten alive. Let's go.

Sam Flynn says: Why do I feel like I just got dunked on?

Sam Flynn says: Playing all the angles.