Gary Merrill

Gary Merrill

Highest Rated: 100% Decision Before Dawn (1951)

Lowest Rated: 85% Mysterious Island (1961)

Birthday: Aug 2, 1915

Birthplace: Not Available

A rugged, craggy-faced, bushy-browed lead actor and character player, he began his stage career in 1937, which was interrupted by service in World War Two. He debuted onscreen in Winged Victory (1944), but did not begin regularly appearing in films until 1949; he was usually cast as grim, determined, humorless men in action features. From 1950-60 he was married to actress Bette Davis, with whom he appeared in three films. His many TV credits include a role in the series Young Dr. Kildare. He was politically active in liberal causes, and played a part in rejuvenating Maine's Democratic party; he also helped elect Edmund Muskie to governor of that state in 1953. In 1965 he took part in the Selma-Montgomery civil rights march. At odds with President Johnson's Vietnam policy, he switched parties and in 1968 tried unsuccessfully to win a Republican nomination to the Maine legislature as an anti-war, pro-environmentalist primary candidate. He authored an autobiography, Bette, Rita and the Rest of My Life (1989); "Rita" refers to actress Rita Hayworth, with whom he'd had a romantic affair.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Thieves Street Man 1977
No Score Yet Huckleberry Finn Pap 1974
No Score Yet Earth II Walter Dietrich 1971
No Score Yet The Power Inspector Mark Corlane 1968
No Score Yet The Last Challenge Squint Calloway 1967
86% The Incident Douglas McCann 1967
No Score Yet Hondo and the Apaches Actor 1967
No Score Yet Clambake Sam Burton 1967
No Score Yet Around the World Under the Sea Dr. August Boren 1966
No Score Yet Ride Beyond Vengeance Dub Stokes 1966
No Score Yet Destination Inner Space Dr. LaSatier 1966
No Score Yet Cast a Giant Shadow Pentagon Chief of Staff 1966
85% Mysterious Island Gideon Spillet 1961
No Score Yet The Great Imposter Pa Demara 1961
No Score Yet The Pleasure of His Company James 'Jim' Dougherty 1961
No Score Yet The Savage Eye The Poet 1960
No Score Yet The Wonderful Country Maj. Stark Colton 1959
No Score Yet The Missouri Traveler Doyle Magee 1958
No Score Yet Witness to Murder Lawrence Mathews 1954
No Score Yet The Human Jungle Danforth 1954
No Score Yet The Black Dakotas Brock Marsh / Zachary Paige 1954
No Score Yet A Blueprint for Murder Fred Sargent 1953
No Score Yet Phone Call From a Stranger David L. Trask 1952
No Score Yet P.O.W. Actor 1952
100% Decision Before Dawn Col. Devlin 1951
No Score Yet The Frogmen Lt. Cmdr. Pete Vincent 1951
No Score Yet Another Man's Poison George Bates 1951
100% Where the Sidewalk Ends Tommy Scalise 1950
100% All About Eve Bill Sampson 1950
No Score Yet Slattery's Hurricane Cmdr. Kramer 1949
96% Twelve O'Clock High Col. Keith Davenport 1949
No Score Yet The Quiet One Narrator 1948


No Score Yet Kung Fu
Hoyle 1974
80% The Twilight Zone
Paradine 1961
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Joseph Pond Cash Bentley Carl Adams Rockwell Ted Franklin 1960
No Score Yet Rawhide
Jed Mason 1959


Margo Channing says: As it happens, there are particular aspects of my life to which I would like to maintain sole and exclusive rights and privileges.

Bill Sampson says: For instance what?

Eve Harrington says: For instance you!

Bill Sampson says: Have you no human consideration?

Eve Harrington says: Show me a human and I might have!

Margo Channing says: You be host! It's your party: Happy birthday, welcome home. And we who are about to die salute you.

Bill Sampson says: Need any help?

Bill Sampson says: To give so much for almost always so little...

Eve Harrington says: So little? So little, did you say? Oh why, if there's nothing else, there's applause; I've listened backstage to people applaud. It's like... like waves of love coming over the footlights and wrapping you up. Imagine, to know every night different hundreds of people love you; they smile, their eyes shine, you please them, they want you, you belong. Just that alone is worth anything.