Huntz Hall

Huntz Hall

Highest Rated: 100% A Walk in the Sun (1945)

Lowest Rated: 20% Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976)

Birthday: Aug 15, 1919

Birthplace: Not Available

The 14th of 16 children born to a New York air-conditioner repairman and his wife, Henry Richard Hall was nicknamed "Huntz" because of his Teutonic-looking nose. At the ripe old age of one year, Huntz made his stage debut in Thunder on the Left. He went on to attend New York's Professional Children's School, perform in radio programs and at least one experimental TV broadcast, and sing with a youthful quintette; the last activity came to an end when he "ruined" his voice hawking peanuts at Madison Square Garden. In 1935, Hall was cast as slum-kid Dippy in Sidney Kingsley's Dead End, repeating the role in the 1937 screen version. Together with his fellow "Dead End Kids" Leo Gorcey, Gabriel Dell, Billy Halop, Bobby Jordan and Bernard Punsley. Hall was signed by Warner Bros in 1938. In between such Warners' assignments as Angels With Dirty Faces (1938) and They Made Me a Criminal (1939), Hall co-starred with Halop, Dell, Punsley and Leo Gorcey's brother David in Universal's Little Tough Guy, the first of many "Dead End Kid" spin-offs. During his years at Universal, Hall began developing his trademarked goofy comic style, which came to full fruition when he was reunited with Leo Gorcey in Sam Katzman's East Side Kids series at Monogram. Previously, his character name (and character) had changed from film to film: at Monogram, Hall was consistently cast as Gorcey's perennial punching bag Glimpy. Occasionally, he accepted non-"East Side Kids" assignments in the mid-1940s, earning high critical praise for his performance as Carraway in Lewis Milestone's A Walk in the Sun. In 1946, Hall, Gorcey and producer Jan Grippo created the Bowery Boys series for Monogram. Hall played the increasingly buffoonish Horace Debussy "Sach" Jones in 48 inexpensive but profitable "Bowery Boys" entries, graduating to top billing when Gorcey left the series in 1955. After the final Bowery Boys entry in 1958, he appeared in nightclubs and dinner-theater productions. Thanks to his 10% ownership of the Bowery Boys series and his investments in offshore oil, Hall was wealthy enough to retire in the early 1960s, but he was never able to completely divest himself of the urge to perform. His post-"Sach" appearances include a semi-heavy role in Ivan Tors' Gentle Giant (1977), regular stints in the weekly TV series The Chicago Teddy Bears (1971), The Ghost Busters (1975) and Uncle Croc's Block (1977), his unexpectedly effective portrayal of movie mogul Jesse Lasky in Ken Russell's Valentino (1977), and any number of supporting roles in such R-rated fare as Gas Pump Girls and Auntie Lee's Meat Pies. He also turned director for the made-for-TV feature Lost Island (1979). Hall was appointed by Princess Grace to Monaco's Council on Drug Abuse in the 1970s. Huntz Hall remained active on the nostalgia-convention circuit into the 1990s until his death in early 1999.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Cyclone Long John 1987
No Score Yet The Ratings Game Benny Bentson 1984
No Score Yet The Escape Artist Turnkey 1982
No Score Yet Gas Pump Girls Uncle Joe 1979
44% Valentino Jesse Lasky 1977
20% Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood Moving Man 1976
No Score Yet The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery Deputy 1975
80% Herbie Rides Again Judge 1974
No Score Yet The Phynx Himself 1970
No Score Yet Gentle Giant Dink 1967
No Score Yet Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar Stagehand 1965
No Score Yet Hold That Hypnotist Sach Debussy Jones 1957
No Score Yet The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters Sach Debussy Jones 1954
No Score Yet Feudin' Fools Actor 1952
No Score Yet Ghost Chasers Horace Debussy "Sach" Jones 1951
No Score Yet Bowery Battalion Horace Debussy 'Sach' Jones 1951
No Score Yet Master Minds Sach Debussy Jones 1949
No Score Yet Canon City Guard Captain 1948
No Score Yet Spook Busters Sach Debussy Jones 1946
100% A Walk in the Sun Carraway 1945
100% Wonder Man Mike 1945
No Score Yet The Whispering Skull Actor 1944
No Score Yet Million Dollar Kid Glimpy McClasky 1944
No Score Yet East Side Kids - Million Dollar Kid Actor 1944
No Score Yet Ghosts on the Loose Glimpy Williams 1943
No Score Yet Clancy Street Boys Glimpy Freedhoff 1943
No Score Yet Kid Dynamite Glimpy McGleavey 1943
No Score Yet East Side Kids - Clancy Street Boys Actor 1943
No Score Yet 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge Glimpy 1942
No Score Yet Smart Alecks Glimpy 1942
No Score Yet Let's Get Tough Glimpy 1942
No Score Yet Junior G-Men of the Air Bolts 1942
No Score Yet Mr. Wise Guy Glimpy Stone 1942
No Score Yet Private Buckaroo Cpl. Anemic 1942
No Score Yet East Side Kids - Mr. Wise Guy Actor 1942
No Score Yet Dead End Kids Actor 1942
No Score Yet Zis Boom Bah Skeets Skillhorn 1942
No Score Yet Stagecoach Buckaroo Denton 1942
No Score Yet East Side Kids - Let's Get Tough Actor 1942
No Score Yet Spooks Run Wild Glimpy 1941
No Score Yet Sea Raiders Toby Nelson 1941
No Score Yet Bowery Blitzkrieg Limpy 1941
No Score Yet East Side Kids - Flying Wild Actor 1941
No Score Yet The Return of Doctor X Pinky 1939
No Score Yet Hell's Kitchen Ace 1939
No Score Yet They Made Me a Criminal Dippy 1939
No Score Yet Block-Heads Soldier's Home Superintendant 1938
No Score Yet Little Tough Guy Carl `Pig' Adams 1938
No Score Yet Crime School Goofy 1938
100% Angels with Dirty Faces Crab 1938
90% Dead End Dippy 1937
No Score Yet The Lawless Nineties Actor 1936
No Score Yet Sagebrush Trail Actor 1933


No Score Yet Diff'rent Strokes
Derelict 1982


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