Jack Hawkins

Jack Hawkins

  • Highest Rated: 100% The Fallen Idol (1949)
  • Lowest Rated: 20% Judith (1966)
  • Birthday: Sep 14, 1910
  • Birthplace: London, England, UK
  • Crusty, craggy British leading man Jack Hawkins began as a child actor, studying at the Italia Court School of Acting. After his first film, 1930's Birds of Prey, Hawkins languished for several years in secondary roles before achieving minor stardom by the end of the '30s. During the war, Hawkins was a colonel in ENSA, the British equivalent of the USO. He became a major movie "name" in the postwar era, often as coolly efficient military officers in such films as The Cruel Sea (1953), Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), The League of Gentlemen (1961), and Lawrence of Arabia (1962, as General Allenby). He was considered an Academy Award shoe-in for his portrayal of Quintus Arrius in 1959's Ben-Hur, but the "Best Supporting Actor Oscar" went to another actor in that blockbuster, Hugh Griffith. Around this same time, Hawkins was one of four rotating stars in the J. Arthur Rank-produced TV series The Four Just Men; the other three were Vittorio de Sica, Dan Dailey and Richard Conte. In 1966, Hawkins underwent an operation for cancer of the larynx. Though the operation cost him his voice, publicity releases indicated that Hawkins was training himself to talk again with an artificial device -- and also that he defiantly continued chain-smoking. Hawkins remained in films until his death, but his dialogue had to be dubbed by others. In his next-to-last film Theatre of Blood (1973), he was effectively cast in a substantial role that required no dialogue whatsoever -- something that the viewer realizes only in retrospect. Ironically, Hawkins' biography was titled Anything for a Quiet Life. Jack Hawkins was married twice, to actresses Jessica Tandy and Doreen Lawrence.

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No Score Yet The Planter's Wife (Outpost in Malaya) Actor 2014
No Score Yet State Secret (The Great Manhunt) Actor 2013
No Score Yet The Adventures Of Gerard Actor 2011
No Score Yet QB VII Actor 1974
93% Theater of Blood (Theatre of Blood) (Much Ado About Murder) Solomon Psaltery 1973
No Score Yet Kidnapped Capt. Hoseason 1973
No Score Yet Tales That Witness Madness Nicholas 1973
50% Young Winston Dr. James Welldon 1972
No Score Yet Lola (Twinky) Judge Millington-Draper 1972
82% The Ruling Class Producer 1972
No Score Yet Escape to the Sun Baburin 1972
71% Nicholas and Alexandra Count Fredericks 1971
No Score Yet Jane Eyre Brocklehurst 1971
No Score Yet When Eight Bells Toll Sir Anthony Skouras 1971
33% Waterloo Gen. Thomas Picton 1970
No Score Yet Restless Father Nicholas 1970
85% Oh! What A Lovely War Emperor Franz Josef 1969
No Score Yet Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies Levinovitch 1969
40% Shalako Sir Charles Daggett 1968
No Score Yet The Poppy Is Also a Flower Gen. Bahar 1966
20% Judith Major Lawton 1966
No Score Yet Masquerade (A Shabby Tiger) (Operation Masquerade ) Col. Drexel 1965
57% Lord Jim Marlow 1965
No Score Yet Guns at Batasi Colonel Deal 1964
95% Zulu Rev. Otto Witt 1964
No Score Yet The Third Secret Sir Frederick Belline 1964
No Score Yet Rampage Otto Abbot 1963
98% Lawrence of Arabia Gen. Allenby 1962
No Score Yet Five Finger Exercise Stanley Harington 1962
86% Ben-Hur Quintus Arrius 1959
86% The League of Gentlemen Hyde 1959
No Score Yet Gideon's Day (Gideon of Scotland Yard) Actor 1958
No Score Yet The Two-Headed Spy Gen. Alex Schottland 1958
95% The Bridge on the River Kwai Maj. Warden 1957
No Score Yet The Man in the Sky (Decision Against Time) (Test Pilot) John Mitchell 1957
No Score Yet She Played with Fire Oliver Branwell 1957
No Score Yet Third Key Supt. Tom Halliday 1956
67% The Prisoner The Interrogator 1955
78% Land of the Pharaohs Pharaoh Khufu 1955
No Score Yet Land of Fury (The Seekers) Actor 1954
No Score Yet The Cruel Sea Ericson 1953
No Score Yet Malta Story Air Commanding Officer 1953
No Score Yet Nightwatching (Nocna straz) Actor 1953
No Score Yet The Intruder Wolf Merton 1953
No Score Yet Mandy (Crash of Silence)(The Story of Mandy) Searle 1952
No Score Yet Angels One Five Group Captain 'Tiger' Small 1952
83% The Small Back Room R.B. Waring 1952
No Score Yet No Highway in the Sky Dennis Scott 1951
No Score Yet Adventurers Actor 1951
No Score Yet The Black Rose Tristram Griffin 1950
No Score Yet Elusive Pimpernel Prince of Wales 1950
100% The Fallen Idol Detective Ames $58.2K 1949
No Score Yet Bonnie Prince Charlie Lord George Murray 1948
No Score Yet Next of Kin Major 1942
No Score Yet Peg of Old Drury Michael O'Taffe 1936
No Score Yet A Shot in the Dark Norman Paull 1933
No Score Yet Good Companions Albert 1933
No Score Yet The Phantom Fiend Joe Martin 1932
No Score Yet La Fayette (Lafayette) Actor


Gen. Allenby
You're the most extraordinary man I've ever met. You will be a household word when you will have to go to The War Museum to hear about me.
T.E. Lawrence
I had to execute someone, and there is something about it I didn't like.
Gen. Allenby
I see.
T.E. Lawrence
No, some thing else.
Gen. Allenby
Well, um.
T.E. Lawrence
No, something else--I enjoyed it.
Gen. Allenby
So you'll be going back then.
T.E. Lawrence
Quintus Arrius
We keep you alive to serve this ship.
Gen. Allenby
I'm promoting you major.
T.E. Lawrence
I don't think that's a very good idea.
Quintus Arrius
What is your name, forty-one?
Judah Ben Hur
Judah Ben Hur.
Maj. Warden
The most sensible thing for Major Shears to do is go ahead and jump and hope for the best
Maj. Warden
The most sensible thing for Major Shears to do is go ahead and jump and hope for the best.
With or without a parachute........
With or without a parachute...
Col. Harry Brighton
Look, sir, we can't just do nothing.
Gen. Allenby
Why not? It's usually best.