James Cameron

James Cameron

Highest Rated: 100% Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D (2017)

Lowest Rated: 6% Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981)

Birthday: Aug 16, 1954

Birthplace: Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada

The top-tiered action director of his generation, as well as one of the most allegedly demanding and precise, James Cameron reshaped 1980s and '90s Hollywood with a string of lucrative multimillion-dollar films remarkable for their marriage of technical wizardry and human sentiment. The son of an electrical engineer, Cameron was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, on August 16, 1954. He was fascinated with movies from a young age and would later cite Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey as an early influence. Thanks to his father's job, Cameron and his family moved to southern California in 1971, and the director studied physics at California State University. Following his graduation, Cameron, who had already decided he wanted to pursue a film career, took a job as a truck driver to support his early screenwriting efforts.Cameron received his first break at the hands of the legendary Roger Corman, who hired him as a model maker at his Roger Corman Studios. There, the director worked on his first movie, as art director for 1980s Battle Beyond the Stars. Thanks to a combination of skill and dedication, Cameron quickly ascended through the ranks, and the following year, was appointed second unit director and production designer for the schlock-fest Galaxy of Terror. The same year, he made his inauspicious directorial and screenwriting debut with Piranha II: The Spawning (1981), a natural horror picture about a government-engineered breed of mutated flying fish that descend on a Caribbean resort. Piranha II: the Spawning was delayed for two years and ultimately took its stateside bow in late December 1983.Next, the professional relationship between Cameron and Hollywood mega-producer Gale Anne Hurd yielded one of the top grossers of 1984, which Hurd and Cameron co-scripted, Cameron directed, and Hurd produced. Something of an unofficial, moderately budgeted Americanization of George Miller's Mad Max series, The Terminator opens in the year 2024, when the ongoing battles between humankind and "The Machines" have sparked a nuclear holocaust and reduced much of contemporary civilization to dust. When humankind ultimately wins out, however, The Machines send a seemingly unstoppable warrior (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back in time to 1984 with a mission to kill the infant who would grow up into the man ultimately responsible for their destruction, which sends his mother (Linda Hamilton) and her futuristic warrior-protector (Michael Biehn) on the lam. When it premiered in October 1984, The Terminator earned sensational reviews and became an instant runaway smash. That same year, Cameron scripted Rambo: First Blood Part II (released 1985) for director George Pan Cosmatos, then signed to direct Aliens (1986), the sequel to the 1979 Ridley Scott sci-fi opus Alien. In retrospect, the connection between Cameron and the Alien franchise hardly seems capricious given Cameron's predilection for tough-as-steel heroines as his main characters, typified by Sigourney Weaver's Ripley. In the late '80s, Cameron began to envision and plan another mega-budgeted opus, this one about an oil rig crew's dangerous attempt to rescue the team on a sunken nuclear submarine. Released in August 1989, The Abyss performed disappointingly at the American box office, despite strong performances from all involved. In 1990, Cameron rebounded from the disappointment of The Abyss by writing, producing, and directing Terminator 2: Judgement Day and enjoying the massive acclaim that it generated. The movie made an asteroid-sized splash at the box office and Cameron drew high praise for its revolutionary special effects and use of CG imagery. The director then inked one of the most infamous and lucrative studio deals in recent history, a five-picture contract signed with Fox in 1992. Cameron's next directorial effort, 1994's action comedy True Lies, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Arnold, cost over $100 million; it also reeled in a massive take.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Avatar 5 Screenwriter Director 2028
No Score Yet Avatar 4 Director Screenwriter 2026
No Score Yet Avatar 3 Producer Screenwriter Director 2024
No Score Yet Avatar 2 Producer Screenwriter Director 2022
No Score Yet Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy Actor 2020
61% Alita: Battle Angel Screenwriter Producer 2019
No Score Yet Titanic in Dolby Vision Director Screenwriter 2017
100% Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D Producer Director Screenwriter $1M 2017
91% SCORE: A Film Music Documentary Actor $0.2M 2017
No Score Yet Atlantis Rising Producer Actor Executive Producer 2017
No Score Yet Titanic: 20 Years Later With James Cameron Actor 2017
No Score Yet Fantastic Voyage Producer 2017
No Score Yet Titanic - Jubiläum einer Legende Actor 2017
No Score Yet Eating You Alive Actor 2016
No Score Yet Beyond Glory Executive Producer 2016
No Score Yet The Informationist Producer Director 2016
No Score Yet Mission Blue Actor 2014
67% Deepsea Challenge 3D Producer $0.2M 2014
45% Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away Executive Producer $12.5M 2012
93% Side by Side James Cameron $29.1K 2012
92% Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan Actor 2011
30% Sanctum Producer Executive Producer $22.4M 2011
No Score Yet Nijuu hibaku, Kataribe Yamaguchi Tsutomu no yuigon (Twice Bombed: The Legacy of Yamaguchi Tsutomu) Actor 2011
No Score Yet Solartaxi: Around the World with the Sun Actor 2011
No Score Yet Battle Angel Director 2011
82% Avatar Director Producer Screenwriter $749.8M 2009
No Score Yet The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, Bone and the Changing Face of Comics Executive Producer 2009
No Score Yet The Lost Tomb of Jesus Executive Producer 2007
No Score Yet The Exodus Decoded Producer Host 2006
No Score Yet The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing Actor 2006
No Score Yet Explorers: From the Titanic to the Moon Actor 2006
84% Aliens of the Deep Actor Director Producer $8.3M 2005
78% Volcanoes of the Deep Sea Executive Producer 2003
80% Ghosts of the Abyss Producer Director Himself $16.4M 2003
No Score Yet James Cameron's Expedition - Bismarck Actor Director 2002
66% Solaris Producer $14.8M 2002
No Score Yet The 'Alien' Saga Actor 2002
No Score Yet Auto Motives Actor 2000
53% The Muse Himself 1999
89% Titanic Producer Director Screenwriter 1997
62% Strange Days Screenwriter Producer 1995
71% True Lies Screenwriter Director Producer 1994
No Score Yet Under Pressure: Making The Abyss Actor 1993
69% Point Break Screenwriter Executive Producer 1991
93% Terminator 2: Judgment Day Screenwriter Producer Director $198.2M 1991
89% The Abyss Director Screenwriter 1989
No Score Yet The Abyss (Special Edition) Director Screenwriter 1989
97% Aliens Director Screenwriter 1986
No Score Yet Aliens (Special Edition) Screenwriter Director 1986
36% Rambo: First Blood Part II Screenwriter 1985
100% The Terminator Director 1984
6% Piranha Part Two: The Spawning Screenwriter 1981
No Score Yet Alien Legacy Director 1979
No Score Yet Xenogenesis Director 1978
No Score Yet Tell Me Lies Actor 1968


No Score Yet The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2019
No Score Yet Years of Living Dangerously
Executive Producer Director 2019
83% James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction
Executive Producer Host 2018
No Score Yet StarTalk
Guest 2017
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2017
No Score Yet CBS This Morning
Guest 2012
No Score Yet Colbert Report
Guest 2012
No Score Yet MythBusters
Guest 2012
No Score Yet 60 Minutes
Appearing 2009
31% The Jay Leno Show
Appearing 2009
85% Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Screenwriter 2009
No Score Yet The Bonnie Hunt Show
Guest 2009
66% Entourage
Guest Himself 2006
65% Dark Angel
Executive Producer Director 2002
No Score Yet Mad About You
James Cameron 1998


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