Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Highest Rated: 92% Kickboxer: Retaliation (2018)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Order (2001)

Birthday: Oct 18, 1960

Birthplace: Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Brussels, Belgium

An action movie hero and world-renowned martial artist hailing from Belgium, Jean-Claude Van Damme burst onto the Hollywood scene with classic martial arts films "Bloodsport" (1988) and "Kickboxer" (1989). Van Damme was suddenly a star and broadened his fan base from fight film fanatics to general action film fans with critically panned, but commercially successful blockbusters like "Universal Soldier" (1992) and "Time Cop" (1994). Unlike his more popular counterparts, Van Damme projected a softer character who was not as invincible as Schwarzenegger nor as unrefined as Stallone. Van Damme's vehicles in the 1990s like "Sudden Death" (1995), "Maximum Risk" (1996) and "Double Team" (1997) were fairly formulaic, requiring him to speak little but display as much of his muscular physique as possible - all of which eventually turned the actor into a caricature of himself and demoted the actor to the straight-to-video bin. Meanwhile, Van Damme hit rock bottom in his personal life when he sought help for his cocaine addiction and was diagnosed with manic depression, which he began talking about openly in 1998. Though he was able to resurrect himself in private, Van Damme continued to struggle on the screen until he surprised everyone with a critically hailed performance as a fictional version of himself in the art house showbiz satire "JCVD" (2008). In the end, however, his appeal rarely went beyond his impressive physicality, as Van Damme continued trying to cross over to mainstream thrillers and dramas with little avail.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet No Score Yet Minions: The Rise of Gru Jean Clawed (Voice) - 2021
No Score Yet 45% We Die Young Daniel (Character) - 2019
0% 26% Black Water Wheeler (Character) - 2018
80% 46% The Bouncer Lukas (Character) - 2018
92% 70% Kickboxer: Retaliation Master Durand (Character) - 2018
No Score Yet 14% Kill'em All Unknown (Character) - 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet Kill 'Em All Philip (Character) - 2017
41% 43% Kickboxer: Vengeance Master Durand (Character) - 2016
No Score Yet 54% Jian Bing Man Unknown (Character) $300K 2015
15% 20% Pound of Flesh Deacon (Character),
Executive Producer
- 2015
No Score Yet 57% The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films Unknown (Character) - 2014
No Score Yet 23% Swelter Stillman (Character) - 2014
22% 20% Welcome to the Jungle Storm (Character) - 2013
79% 29% Enemies Closer Xander (Character) - 2013
No Score Yet 42% 6 Bullets Samson Gaul (Character) - 2012
57% 34% Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning Luc Devereaux (Character) $5.2K 2012
No Score Yet 18% Dragon Eyes Tiano (Character) - 2012
68% 67% The Expendables 2 Jean Vilain (Character) $85M 2012
No Score Yet 8% U.F.O. George (Character) - 2012
81% 74% Kung Fu Panda 2 Master Croc (Voice) - 2011
No Score Yet 45% Assassination Games Vincent Brazil (Character) - 2011
No Score Yet 64% The Eagle Path Frenchy (Character),
- 2010
No Score Yet 34% Universal Soldier: Regeneration Luc Deveraux (Character) - 2009
84% 74% JCVD J.C.V.D. (Character) - 2008
No Score Yet 26% The Shepherd: Border Patrol Jack Robideaux (Character) - 2008
No Score Yet 39% Until Death Anthony Stowe (Character) - 2007
No Score Yet 33% Second in Command Cmdr. Samuel "Sam" Keenan (Character) - 2006
No Score Yet 33% The Hard Corps Philippe Sauvage (Character) - 2006
No Score Yet 43% Wake of Death Ben Archer (Character) - 2004
No Score Yet 54% In Hell Kyle LeBlanc (Character) - 2003
0% 21% Derailed Jacques Kristoff (Character) - 2002
0% 28% The Order Rudy Cafmeyer/Charles Le Vaillant (Character),
- 2001
27% 37% Replicant Replicant/Edward Garrotte (Character) - 2001
No Score Yet No Score Yet Coyote Moon Eddie Lomax (Character) - 1999
0% 35% Desert Heat Eddie Lomax (Character),
- 1999
5% 24% Universal Soldier: The Return Luc Deveraux (Character),
$10.4M 1999
8% 25% Knock Off Marcus Ray (Character) $10.1M 1998
29% 30% Legionnaire Alain Lefevre (Character),
- 1998
11% 25% Double Team Jack Quinn (Character) $11.3M 1997
31% 34% Maximum Risk Alain Moreau/Mikhail Suverov (Character) $14.1M 1996
14% 36% The Quest Christopher Dubois (Character),
$21.6M 1996
50% 39% Sudden Death Darren McCord (Character) $20.2M 1995
10% 20% Street Fighter Colonel William F. Guile (Character) $33.2M 1994
45% 36% Timecop Walker (Character) $44.3M 1994
57% 49% Hard Target Chance Boudreaux (Character) $31.5M 1993
30% 32% Nowhere to Run Sam Gillen (Character) $21.9M 1993
33% 46% Universal Soldier Luc Deveraux / GR44 (Character) $35.4M 1992
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Best of the Martial Arts Films Unknown (Character) - 1991
35% 42% Double Impact Alex/Chad Wagner (Character),
$28.6M 1991
31% 52% Lionheart Léon Gaultier (Character),
$22.5M 1990
No Score Yet 35% Death Warrant Louis Burke (Character) $15.1M 1990
36% 65% Kickboxer Kurt Sloane (Character) $13.2M 1989
19% 30% Cyborg Gibson Rickenbacker (Character) $9.3M 1989
No Score Yet 16% Black Eagle Andrei (Character) - 1988
40% 74% Bloodsport Frank Dux (Character) $10.8M 1988
No Score Yet 53% No Retreat No Surrender Ivan Kraschinsky the Russian (Character) $1.5M 1986


No Score Yet No Score Yet Conan Guest 2019 2017 2015
70% 97% Jean-Claude Van Johnson Jean-Claude Van Johnson (Character),
Executive Producer
No Score Yet 91% Robot Chicken Unknown (Guest Voice) 2009
No Score Yet No Score Yet Las Vegas Unknown (Guest Star) 2004
78% 95% Friends Himself (Guest Star) 1996


Walker says: He messed up my apartment, you can kill him.

Karl Sloane says: Watch your wallet.

Eric Sloane says: She doesn't want my wallet. She wants to make it with the champ!

Sen. Aaron McComb says: Agent Walker, do you realize how inappropriate that is? Do I look frozen to you?

Walker says: You look like shit to me.

Bison says: You've made me a happy man.

Col. Guile says: Next, I'll make you a dead one.

Col. Guile says: Bison, you're off the air!

Chun-Li says: How about an interview for my network.

Col. Guile says: Yeah, sure. But only if you wear that dress.

Jean Vilain says: What's it going to be? Man or sheep?

Barney Ross says: You wanna man up? I'll man you up.

Jean Vilain says: Will you fight like a man? Or will you fight like a sheep?

Jean Vilain says: Don't challenge me.

Frank Dux says: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Frank Dux says: NOOOOOOOOO!

Walker says: Don't argue amongst yourself.

Karl Sloane says: [looking up at Freddy Lee] I want Tong Po! Give me Tong Po!

Victor says: I'm Lin. You Jackson? You look like a Jackson. That must make you Frank Ducks.

Frank Dux says: No, it's DUX.

Victor says: Oh, right, like put up your dukes.

McComb Man says: You see, I'm an ambitious Harvard-educated visionary who deserves to be the most powerful man in the world and you... you're a fucking idiot who never figured out that the only way to make anything of himself with all that fancy kicking was on Broadway.

Walker says: Thanks for clearing that up.

Chad/Alex says: Big surprise. HUGE surprise.

Chad/Alex says: Look like me? You, of all people, should know I would never in my life wear black-silk underwear!

Ray Jackson says: Aren't you a little young for full-contact?

Frank Dux says: Aren't you a little old for videogames?

Walker says: I'm still kicking. I must be on Broadway!

Col. Guile says: Well I'm gonna get on my boat and I'm gonna kick that son-of-a-bitch Bison's ass so hard that the next Bison wannabe is gonna feel it. Now who wants to go home and WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME?!

Col. Guile says: You lost your balls.

Col. Guile says: Anytime dickhead!

Master Croc says: VENGEANCE is SERVED

Master Croc says: Vengeance is served!

Col. Guile says: Your weapon...Bison. What happen to the purity of unarmed combat?

Col. Guile says: No weapon, Bison? What happened to the purity of unarmed combat?

Bison says: This is merely superconductor electromagnetism. Surely you've heard of it. It levitates bullet trains from Tokyo to Osaka. It levitates my desk, where I ride the saddle of the world. And it!

Bison says: This is merely superconductor electromagnetism. Surely you've heard of it. It levitates bullet trains from Tokyo to Osaka. It levitates my desk, where I ride the saddle of the world. And it levitates... me!