Jeff Corey

Highest Rated: 100% 14 Hours (1951)
Lowest Rated: 20% Lady in a Cage (1964)
Birthday: Aug 10, 1914
Birthplace: Not Available
American actor Jeff Corey forsook a job as sewing-machine salesman for the less stable world of New York theatre in the 1930s. The 26-year-old Corey was regarded as a valuable character-actor commodity when he arrived in Hollywood in 1940. Perhaps the best of his many early unbilled appearances was in the Kay Kyser film You'll Find Out (40), in which Corey, playing a game-show contestant (conveniently named Jeff Corey), was required to sing a song while stuffing his mouth full of crackers. The actor was busiest during the "film noir" mid-to-late 1940s, playing several weasely villain roles; it is hard to forget the image of Corey, in the role of a slimy stoolie in Burt Lancaster's Brute Force, being tied to the front of a truck and pushed directly into a hail of police bullets. Corey's film career ended abruptly in 1952 when he was unfairly blacklisted for his left-leaning political beliefs. To keep food on the table, Corey became an acting coach, eventually running one of the top training schools in the business (among his more famous pupils was Jack Nicholson). He was permitted to return to films in the 1960s, essaying such roles as a wild-eyed wino in Lady in a Cage (64), the louse who kills Kim Darby's father in True Grit (68), and a sympathetic sheriff in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (68). In addition to his film work, Jeff Corey has acted in and directed numerous TV series; he was seen as a regular on the 1985 Robert Blake series Hell Town and the 1986 Earl Hamner Jr. production Morningstar/Eveningstar. The following decade found Corey appearing in such films as Sinatra (1992), Beethoven's 2nd (1993) and the action thriller Surviving the Game (1994). Shortly after suffering a fall at his Malibu home in August of 2002, Corey died in Santa Monica due to complications resulting from the accident. He was 88.

Highest Rated Movies



21% Color of Night Ashland 1994
23% Beethoven's 2nd Janitor 1994
25% Surviving the Game Hank 1994
No Score Yet Deception Joe 1993
No Score Yet Judas Project Poneras 1993
No Score Yet Sinatra John Quinlan 1992
No Score Yet The Pay Off Don Anzia 1991
32% Bird on a Wire Lou Baird 1990
No Score Yet The Rose and the Jackal Actor 1990
No Score Yet Messenger of Death Willis Beecham 1988
No Score Yet Secret Ingredient Colonel Frazier 1988
No Score Yet Kidnapped Shuan 1987
No Score Yet Second Serve Actor 1986
33% Creator Dean Harrington 1985
No Score Yet Final Jeopardy Actor 1985
26% Conan the Destroyer Grand Vizier 1984
No Score Yet Spurs of Death! Actor 1983
67% The Sword and the Sorcerer Craccus 1982
No Score Yet Cry for the Strangers Riley 1982
45% Battle Beyond the Stars Zed 1980
No Score Yet Homeward Bound Actor 1980
No Score Yet Up River Bagshaw 1979
63% The Wild Geese Mr. Martin 1978
No Score Yet Jennifer (Jennifer the Snake Goddess) (Jennifer Power) Luke 1978
72% Oh, God! Rabbi 1977
No Score Yet Moonshine County Express Preacher Hagen 1977
No Score Yet Curse of the Black Widow Actor 1977
44% The Last Tycoon Doctor 1976
No Score Yet The Premonition Det. Lt. Mark Denver 1976
No Score Yet Banjo Hackett Judge Janeway 1976
No Score Yet Paper Tiger Mr. King 1975
No Score Yet Butch and Sundance: The Early Days Sheriff Ray Bledsoe 1972
No Score Yet Something Evil Gehrmann 1972
No Score Yet Catlow Merridew 1971
No Score Yet Shoot Out Trooper 1971
No Score Yet Clay Pigeon Clinic Doctor 1971
96% Little Big Man Wild Bill Hickok 1970
60% They Call Me Mister Tibbs Capt. Marden 1970
38% Beneath The Planet Of The Apes Caspay 1970
25% Getting Straight Dr. Edward Willhunt 1970
No Score Yet Cover Me Babe Paul 1970
90% Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Sheriff Bledsoe 1969
88% True Grit Tom Chaney 1969
No Score Yet Impasse Wombat 1969
86% The Boston Strangler John Asgeirsson 1968
84% In Cold Blood Hickock's Father 1967
91% Seconds Mr. Ruby 1966
85% The Cincinnati Kid Hoban 1965
67% Mickey One Fryer 1965
No Score Yet Once a Thief Lt. Kebner 1965
20% Lady in a Cage George L. Brady Jr. 1964
60% The Balcony Bishop 1963
No Score Yet Superman and the Mole-Men Actor 1951
No Score Yet Red Mountain Skee 1951
No Score Yet Only the Valiant Joe Harmony 1951
100% 14 Hours Sgt. Farley 1951
No Score Yet Rawhide Luke Davis 1951
No Score Yet New Mexico Coyote 1951
No Score Yet Superman and the Mole Men Luke Benson 1951
No Score Yet The Next Voice You Hear Freddie 1950
No Score Yet The Nevadan Bart 1950
No Score Yet Bright Leaf John Barton 1950
No Score Yet The Outriders Keeley 1950
No Score Yet Follow Me Quietly Sgt. Art Collins 1949
83% Home of the Brave Doctor 1949
No Score Yet Roughshod Jed Graham 1949
No Score Yet City Across the River Police Lieutenant Louie Macon 1949
No Score Yet Wake of the Red Witch Mr. Loring 1949
No Score Yet Bagdad Mohammad Jad 1949
No Score Yet Kidnapped Shuan 1948
100% Joan of Arc Prison Guard 1948
No Score Yet Canon City Schwaertmiller 1948
No Score Yet Homecoming Cigarette Smoker 1948
No Score Yet A Southern Yankee Union Cavalry Sergeant 1948
No Score Yet The Gangster Brother-in-law 1947
80% Unconquered Trapper 1947
91% Brute Force Freshman 1947
96% Miracle on 34th Street Reporter 1947
No Score Yet Hoppy's Holiday Jed 1947
No Score Yet California Man 1946
100% The Killers Blinky 1946
89% Somewhere in the Night Bank Teller 1946
86% My Friend Flicka Tim Murphy 1944
No Score Yet The Moon Is Down Albert 1943
25% Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Crypt Keeper 1943
No Score Yet The Man Who Wouldn't Die Coroner Larson 1942
80% Roxie Hart Orderly 1942
100% The Devil and Daniel Webster Tom Sharp 1941
No Score Yet You Belong to Me Mr. Greener 1941
No Score Yet The Reluctant Dragon Animator 1941
No Score Yet Third Finger, Left Hand Johann 1940
No Score Yet Bitter Sweet Border 1940
No Score Yet Ramrod Bice 1930


No Score Yet Murphy Brown
Elderly Man
  • 1997
No Score Yet Babylon 5
  • 1996
82% Picket Fences
Cancer Patient
  • 1995
No Score Yet Spider-Man
  • 1995
No Score Yet Beauty and the Beast
Winston Burke
  • 1990
76% Roseanne
  • 1989
No Score Yet The A-Team
  • 1986
  • 1985
No Score Yet Night Court
Santa Judge
  • 1986
  • 1984
No Score Yet Newhart
  • 1984
No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie
Judge Parker Edgar Mills
  • 1981
  • 1979
No Score Yet Quincy, M.E.
  • 1979
No Score Yet Barney Miller
Ralph Victim
  • 1979
  • 1978
No Score Yet The Bionic Woman
  • 1977
No Score Yet Kojak
Frank Raynor
  • 1975
No Score Yet Starsky & Hutch
  • 1975
No Score Yet The Bob Newhart Show
Dr. Scott Rivers
  • 1973
No Score Yet Night Gallery
Director Dr. Miles Talmadge
  • 1972
  • 1971
  • 1970
No Score Yet Bonanza
Frank Brennan Tuck
  • 1971
  • 1966
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Judge Proctor
  • 1969
80% Star Trek
  • 1969
No Score Yet The Wild Wild West
Coffin Mosely
  • 1968
  • 1965
No Score Yet Rawhide
  • 1965
No Score Yet The Adventures of Superman
Luke Benson
  • 1953