Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Highest Rated: 100% Bastard out of Carolina (1996)

Lowest Rated: 11% The Moment (2014)

Birthday: Feb 5, 1962

Birthplace: Hollywood, California, USA

A professional actor since the age of nine, Jennifer Jason Leigh earned her Screen Actors Guild card at 16 and dropped out of high school to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute and star in seedy made-for-TV movies. Born to actor Vic Morrow and writer/actress Barbara Turner in Hollywood, CA, Jennifer picked up the middle name Jason from family friend Jason Robards Jr. Throughout her career, she has made a name for herself portraying helpless, damaged, or mentally unsound characters, often performing at a higher level than the material. Also known for extensively researching her roles, Leigh dropped down to less than 90 pounds for one of her first features as an anorexic teenager in the TV-movie The Best Little Girl in the World. Never one to shy away from touchy subject matter, her breakthrough role came in 1982 as the naïve high school girl who gets an abortion in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. After a decade of developing a repertoire of various troubled characters, she was nominated for two Critics Circle awards in 1990 for playing prostitutes in both Miami Blues and Last Exit to Brooklyn. She would continue to play vulnerable characters in dangerous situations as the rookie narcotics officer-turned-drug addict in Rush. This was followed by her notorious role as the psycho roommate Hedra who tries to steal the identity of her roommate (Bridget Fonda) in Single White Female. She played a phone sex worker in the ensemble film Short Cuts, her first of three projects involving director Robert Altman. Leigh occasionally stepped out of her down-and-out roles, and in 1994 she shined as Amy Archer in The Hudsucker Proxy. Her comic turn as a plucky undercover journalist was said to recall the work of legendary actresses like Katharine Hepburn and Barbara Stanwyck. She delivered critically acclaimed performances in her next two films, with a Golden Globe nomination for Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle and an Independent Spirit nomination for Georgia. After playing an angry daughter in Dolores Claiborne, a spitfire kidnapper in Kansas City, and a domestic violence survivor in Bastard out of Carolina, she took another dramatic turn toward a period film. In Agnieszka Holland's Washington Square, Leigh proved her range by portraying a shy, clumsy girl as she evolves into adulthood. She returned to more showy roles for two films dealing with Shakespeare's King Lear: A Thousand Acres with Jason Robards Jr. and the fourth Dogme 95 film, The King Is Alive. Not limiting herself to dramas, Leigh appeared as an isolated computer programmer in David Cronenberg's thriller eXistenZ and as an over-the-top mom in the comedy Skipped Parts. Around that time, she also appeared on-stage in Broadway and off-Broadway plays, most notably as dancer Sally Bowles in Cabaret. Testing out new ground in 2001, she and fellow Cabaret star Alan Cumming wrote, directed, and starred in the ensemble comedy The Anniversary Party, a digital video project inspired by Dogme 95. Continuing to evolve as a respected actress, she went on to work in the crime genre, first as a hitman's wife in Road to Perdition, and then in Jane Campion's thriller In the Cut. In the several years to come, Leigh would remain an active force on screen, appearing most memorably in films like Margot at the Wedding, Synecdoche, New York, and on the series Weeds. After several years of quiet films, she made a splash in 2015 with two very different movies - the stop-motion film Anomalisa (directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson) and The Hateful Eight, a western homage by Quentin Tarantino. Leigh nabbed an Oscar nomination for her work The Hateful Eight, the first in her career.


Highest Rated Movies



93% Possessor Girder 2020
91% QT8: The First Eight Actor 2019
58% White Boy Rick Actor 2018
88% Annihilation Dr. Ventress $20.7M 2018
57% LBJ Lady Bird Johnson $2.4M 2017
30% Amityville: The Awakening Joan 2017
92% Good Time Corey Ellman $2M 2017
38% Morgan Dr. Kathy Grieff $4M 2016
No Score Yet 21 Years: Quentin Tarantino Actor 2016
92% Anomalisa Lisa 2015
75% The Hateful Eight Daisy Domergue $54.2M 2015
74% Welcome to Me Deb 2015
22% Jake Squared Sheryl $2.2K 2014
11% The Moment Lee 2014
50% Hateship Loveship Chloe 2014
No Score Yet Me Jennifer 2014
77% Kill Your Darlings Naomi Ginsberg $0.7M 2013
91% The Spectacular Now Sara 2013
No Score Yet Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver Country Actor 2011
76% Greenberg Screenwriter Beth Producer $2.3M 2010
68% Synecdoche, New York Maria $3.1M 2008
52% Margot at the Wedding Pauline $2M 2007
No Score Yet Hubert Selby Jr.: It'll Be Better Tomorrow Actor 2006
29% Rag Tale Actor 2005
78% Childstar Suzanne Burns 2005
44% The Jacket Dr. Lorenson $6.3M 2005
77% The Machinist Stevie $1M 2004
43% Palindromes `Mark' Aviva $0.5M 2004
32% In the Cut Pauline $4.8M 2003
81% Road to Perdition Annie $104.1M 2002
29% Hey Arnold! The Movie Bridget $13.6M 2002
No Score Yet Crossed Over Karla Faye Tucker 2002
No Score Yet The Quickie Lisa 2001
61% The Anniversary Party Director Screenwriter Sally Nash Producer $3M 2001
60% The King Is Alive Gina 2001
No Score Yet Skipped Parts Producer Lydia Callahan 2000
No Score Yet Spawn 3: The Ultimate Battle Director Actor 1999
74% Existenz Allegra Geller 1999
No Score Yet The Love Letter Elizabeth Whitcomb 1998
81% Washington Square Catherine Sloper 1997
24% A Thousand Acres Caroline Cook 1997
No Score Yet Matter of Trust Actor 1997
100% Bastard out of Carolina Anney 1996
62% Kansas City Blondie O'Hara 1996
80% Georgia Sadie Producer 1995
84% Dolores Claiborne Selena St. George 1995
75% Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (Mrs. Parker and the Round Table) Dorothy Parker 1994
58% The Hudsucker Proxy Amy Archer 1994
95% Short Cuts Lois Kaiser 1993
54% Single White Female Hedra Carlson 1992
71% Rush Kristen Cates 1991
74% Backdraft Jennifer Vaitkus 1991
No Score Yet Crooked Hearts Marriet Hoffman 1991
No Score Yet Buried Alive Joanna Goodman 1990
81% Miami Blues Susie "Pepper" Waggoner 1990
87% The Big Picture Lydia Johnson 1989
74% Last Exit to Brooklyn Tralala 1989
No Score Yet Heart of Midnight Carol Rivers 1988
No Score Yet Hermana, Hermana Lucy Bonnard 1988
No Score Yet Under Cover Tanille Laroux 1987
No Score Yet The Men's Club Teensy 1986
61% The Hitcher Nash 1986
85% Flesh & Blood (Flesh+Blood) (The Rose and the Sword) Agnes 1985
No Score Yet Grandview U.S.A. Candy 1984
No Score Yet Beyond the Darkness (Buio Omega) Actor 1984
No Score Yet Death Ride to Osaka Carol Heath 1983
60% Easy Money Allison Capuletti 1983
No Score Yet Just Like Us Actor 1983
No Score Yet The First Time Actor 1982
78% Fast Times At Ridgemont High Stacy Hamilton 1982
30% Wrong Is Right Young Girl 1982
No Score Yet Eyes of a Stranger Tracy 1981
No Score Yet The Best Little Girl in the World Casey Powell 1981
No Score Yet The Killing of Randy Webster Actor 1981
No Score Yet Angel City Kristy Teeter 1980


87% Atypical
Elsa Producer 2019
90% Patrick Melrose
Eleanor Melrose 2018
No Score Yet The Talk
Guest 2018
No Score Yet Conan
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Tavis Smiley
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Sunday Morning
Appearing 2016
No Score Yet The Late Late Show With James Corden
Guest 2016
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Charlie Rose
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Variety Studio: Actors on Actors
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Jimmy Kimmel Live
Guest 2015
69% Revenge
Kara Wallace Clarke 2015
70% Weeds
Jill Price-Gray Jill 2012
93% Frasier
Guest 2001
No Score Yet Hercules
Voice 1999
No Score Yet King of the Hill
Voice 1998
No Score Yet Tracey Takes On...
No Score Yet Trapper John, M.D.
No Score Yet The Waltons
No Score Yet Revenge
Kara Wallace Clarke


Joan says: Hi honey, come sit down, we are just about to start dinner.

Joan says: I love you more than anything in the world.

Daisy Domergue says: John Ruth!

John "The Hangman" Ruth says: Yeah?

Daisy Domergue says: Can I play that guitar over there ?

John "The Hangman" Ruth says: Yeah. You come back with anything else but a guitar, my pistol plays a tune; Domergue's Death March. You got it?

Daisy Domergue says: Yeah-yeah-yeah. I got it.

Daisy Domergue says: That nigger like to bust my jaw..

Daisy Domergue says: When you get to hell, tell them Daisy sent you

Daisy Domergue says: When you get to hell, tell them Daisy sent you.

Jody says: How ya doin', dummy?

Daisy Domergue says: Better now I see your ugly face.

John "The Hangman" Ruth says: One of them fellas, is NOT what he-says-he-is.

O.B. Jackson says: What is he?

John "The Hangman" Ruth says: He's in cahoots with this one, that's what he is. One of them.. or maybe even two of them is here to see Domergue goes free.

Maj. Marquis Warren says: Are you sure you ain't just being paranoid?

John "The Hangman" Ruth says: Our best bet is this duplicitous fella ain't as cool a customer as Daisy here. He won't have the leather patience it takes to just sit here and wait. If he can't handle it, he'll stop waiting. He'll try and create his opportunity.. And that's when Mr.Jumpy reveals hisself!

Maj. Marquis Warren says: What do you got to say about all this?

Daisy Domergue says: What do I got to say? About John Ruth's ravings? He's ABSOLUTELY right! Me and one of them fellas is in cahoots! And we're just waitin' for everybody to go to sleep; that's when we gonna kill y'all.

Tralala says: Best tits in the western world!

Glen says: Bone, what are you doin' up here? How many times you gonna make me call you, girl?

Bone says: I didn't hear you.

Glen says: Didn't hear you? I've been callin' you for five minutes. Your mama needs your help down there.

Glen says: Don't you sass me. Don't you dare sass me. You think just because your aunt died, you can talk to me like that? You're in my house, now. I am the boss of my house. Do you understand that?

Anney says: Glen! Of all days, Jesus! Glen!

Glen says: Annie! Annie!, let me handle this! Please, let me handle this!

Anney says: No, Glen! No, Glen! Glen! Glen!

Anney says: Hey, Bone. You sleepin'? You startin' to look like me, Bone. You're growin' up. What do you think, honey? You think I'm doin' the right thing?

Bone says: I don't know.

Anney says: I think I am. I hope I am? Sometimes I just get so tired, you know? Sometimes I just want somebody strong to stand by me. To stay with me.

Bone says: I'll stay with you.

Anney says: I know you will, Bone.

Anney says: Glen's not like that.

Granny says: You don't know what that boy's like.

Anney says: I know he loves me.

Granny says: Love. Can't even hold a job for more than a month.

Anney says: That's not true.

Granny says: Ruth Anne's all right, but Mattie Raylene would've been better. Of course that nobody bothered to ask me.

Anney says: Nobody bothered to ask you? Nobody bothered to ask me. It's my baby.

Granny says: That's your own damn fault for sleepin' three whole days.

Anney says: I had a concussion, Mama!

Granny says: How many babies that I had, and did I sleep any through of them? I don't think so.

Anney says: Oh, Jesus, Glen. You don't know your own strength.

Glen says: I guess I don't. But Bone knows that I'd never mean to hurt her. Bone knows that I love her. Hell, Annie, I love all of you. You know that

Narrator says: No, he never meant to hurt me. Not really, I told myself. But more and more those hands seemed to move before he could think.

Anney says: I don't care what they say, Bone. I won't have anybody call you trash.

Anney says: Let me have my girl!

Anney says: What are you sayin'? What are you sayin'?

Anney says: Her what?

Glen says: We're movin'.

Anney says: What? Where?

Glen says: Found us a new place over by the JC Penny mill.

Ruth says: Why? What's wrong with this place?

Alma says: Damn you, Glen Waddell. Don't you take Annie so far away.

Anney says: (talking to Glen) Not my kids. I was never gonna have my girls know what it was like. I was never gonna have them go hungry or cold or scared. Never, you hear me? Never!

Anney says: Not my kids. I was never gonna have my girls know what it was like. I was never gonna have them go hungry or cold or scared. Never, you hear me? Never!

Trevor Reznik says: Stevie, I haven't slept in a year.

Stevie says: Jesus Christ!

Trevor Reznik says: I tried him too.

Dolores Claiborne says: Are you saying there's nobody?

Selena St. George says: No, I'm saying there's a whole lot of nobodys!

Amy Archer says: I used to think you were a swell guy. Well, to be honest, I thought you were an imbecile. But then I figured out you WERE a swell guy... A little slow, maybe, but a swell guy. Well, maybe you're not so slow, But you're not so swell either. And it looks like you're an imbecile after all!

Amy Archer says: Norville Barnes, you don't know a thing about that woman. You don't know who she really is. Only a numbskull thinks he knows things about things he knows nothing about.

Anney says: Bone, I got somebody who wants to meet you. Bone, this is Glen Waddell. Say hey!.

Anney says: Bone, I got somebody who wants to meet you. Bone, this is Glen Waddell. Say hey.

Bone says: Hey!.

Bone says: Hey!

Glen says: Hey, Bone, how you doin'.

Glen says: Hey, Bone. How you doin'?

Bone says: Fine.

Glen says: You sit out here every night.

Glen says: You sit out here every night?

Bone says: After school.

Dorothy Parker says: Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live.

Dorothy Parker says: "What fresh hell is this?...

Dorothy Parker says: What fresh hell is this?

Nash says: Why didn't he kill us?

Jim Halsey says: Let's go.

Jim Halsey says: Let's go!

Trooper Hancock says: (talking about Jim) - Don't you know who he is?

Nash says: You got the wrong man, Lyle.

Trooper Hancock says: Like hell we do!

Trooper Hancock says: You just threw your life down the toilet, girl.

Nash says: When the truth comes down, I'll be just fine.

Nash says: Actually we're all from Mars around here; we keep our spaceship out back. So...what planet are you from?

Nash says: Actually we're all from Mars around here, we keep our spaceship out back. So, what planet are you from?

Stevie says: Well, don't look so surprised. Even a call girl can scramble an egg.