John Miljan

John Miljan

  • Highest Rated: 100% The Killers (1946)
  • Lowest Rated: 60% The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold (1958)
  • Birthday: Nov 9, 1892
  • Birthplace: Not Available
  • An actor since the age of 15, John Miljan entered films in 1923. Miljan was handsome enough for leading roles, but realized early on that he'd have a longer screen career as a villain, usually an oily "other man" type. The archetypal Miljan performance can be seen in 1927's The Yankee Clipper. In the course of that film, he (a) feigned an injury to avoid heavy work on board ship, (b) fomented a mutiny, then pretended to fight off the mutineers, and (c) hoarded water for himself while the rest of the crew was dying of thirst--and all the while he pledged undying love for the heroine, who stupidly swallowed his line until the last reel. He made his talkie debut in the promotional trailer for The Jazz Singer (1927), ingratiatingly inviting the audience to see the upcoming landmark production. While he continued playing bad guys in the sound era, he was just as often seen as military officers and police inspectors. His slender frame and authoritative air enabled him to play such roles as General Custer in DeMille's The Plainsman (1936) and a character based on General Wainwright in Back to Bataan (1945). John Miljan remained in harness until 1958, two years before his death.

Highest Rated Movies








No Score Yet Speedway Lee Renny 2001
60% The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold Tomache 1958
97% The Ten Commandments The Blind One 1956
No Score Yet Pirates of Tripoli Malek 1955
No Score Yet Run for Cover (Colorado) Mayor Walsh 1955
No Score Yet The Savage White Thunder 1952
No Score Yet M Blind Man 1951
No Score Yet Mule Train Judd Holbrook 1950
63% Samson and Delilah Lesh Lakish 1949
80% Unconquered Prosecutor 1947
80% Sinbad the Sailor Moga 1947
No Score Yet That's My Man Secretary 1947
No Score Yet Queen of the Amazons Narrator 1947
100% The Killers Jake the Rake 1946
No Score Yet The Last Crooked Mile Lt. Mayrin 1946
No Score Yet Lost City of the Jungle Actor 1946
No Score Yet Wildfire Pete Fanning 1945
No Score Yet Back to Bataan Gen. Jonathan M. `Skinny' Wainwright 1945
No Score Yet It's in the Bag Arnold 1945
No Score Yet I Accuse My Parents Dan Wilson 1944
No Score Yet The Merry Monahans Arnold Pembroke 1944
No Score Yet The Iron Major Oregon Coach 1943
No Score Yet Submarine Alert Mr. Bambridge/Capt. Hargas 1943
No Score Yet Bombardier Chaplain Craig 1943
No Score Yet The Fallen Sparrow Insp. Tobin 1943
No Score Yet Boss of Big Town Craig 1942
No Score Yet The Big Street McWhirter 1942
No Score Yet Riot Squad Jim Grosso, Golden Slipper Owner 1941
No Score Yet Double Cross Nick Taggart 1941
No Score Yet Young Bill Hickok Nicholas Tower 1940
No Score Yet New Moon Pierre Brugnon, Overseer 1940
No Score Yet Texas Rangers Ride Again Carter Dangerfield 1940
No Score Yet Juarez Mariano Escobedo 1939
No Score Yet The Oklahoma Kid Ringo 1939
No Score Yet Land of Liberty Actor 1939
No Score Yet Ride a Crooked Mile Lt. Col. Stuart 1938
No Score Yet If I Were King Thibaut d'Aussigny 1938
No Score Yet Of Human Hearts Capt. Griggs 1938
No Score Yet Man-Proof Tommy Gaunt 1938
No Score Yet Motorcycle Squad Actor 1937
No Score Yet Arizona Mahoney Cameron Lloyd 1936
No Score Yet The Plainsman Gen. George Armstrong Custer 1936
No Score Yet Private Number Stapp 1936
No Score Yet Murder at Glen Athol Bill Holt 1936
No Score Yet Charlie Chan in Paris Albert Dufresne 1935
No Score Yet Mississippi Maj. Patterson 1935
No Score Yet Under the Pampas Moon Graham Scott 1935
No Score Yet Three Kids and a Queen 'Boss' Benton 1935
No Score Yet The Ghost Walks Prescott Ames 1934
80% Belle of the Nineties Ace Lamont 1934
No Score Yet The Sin of Norma Moran Paulino 1933
No Score Yet Twin Husbands Jerry Van Trevor and Jerry Werrenden 1933
No Score Yet The Nuisance Calhoun 1933
No Score Yet What! No Beer? Butch Lorado 1933
No Score Yet Blind Adventure Regan 1933
No Score Yet Flesh Joe Willard 1932
No Score Yet The Kid from Spain Pancho 1932
No Score Yet Unashamed District Attorney Harris 1932
No Score Yet Night Court Crawford 1932
No Score Yet The Rich Are Always with Us Greg 1932
No Score Yet Are You Listening? Russell 1932
No Score Yet The Wet Parade Maj. Doleshal 1932
No Score Yet Arsene Lupin Prefect of Police 1932
No Score Yet The Beast of the City District Attorney 1932
No Score Yet Emma District Attorney 1932
No Score Yet Prosperity Holland 1932
No Score Yet Possessed John Driscoll 1931
No Score Yet Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise Burlingham 1931
No Score Yet The Secret Six Smiling Joe Colimo 1931
No Score Yet Gentleman's Fate Florio 1931
No Score Yet Inspiration Coutant 1931
No Score Yet Iron Man Paul H. Lewis 1931
No Score Yet Politics Curango 1931
No Score Yet Remote Control Professor Leonard T. Kruger 1930
No Score Yet Our Blushing Brides Martin W. Sanderson 1930
No Score Yet The Unholy Three Prosecuting Attorney 1930
No Score Yet The Sea Bat Juan 1930
No Score Yet Free and Easy (Easy Go) Himself 1930
No Score Yet Show Girl in Hollywood Frank Buelow 1930
No Score Yet Paid Insp. Burke 1930
No Score Yet Devil May Care DeGrignon 1929
No Score Yet Old San Francisco Don Luis 1927
No Score Yet The Yankee Clipper Richard 1927
No Score Yet The Final Extra Actor 1927
No Score Yet Devil's Island Andre LeFevier 1926
91% Phantom Of The Opera Valentine 1925
No Score Yet Unchastened Woman Lawrence Sanbury 1925


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