Kelly Jo Minter

Kelly Jo Minter

Highest Rated: 100% Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror (2019)

Lowest Rated: 14% The Rich Man's Wife (1996)

Birthday: Sep 24, 1966

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



100% Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror Actor 2019
100% Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy Actor 2010
No Score Yet Dead Men Can't Dance Sgt. Chrissie Brooks 1997
14% The Rich Man's Wife Cursing Hooker 1996
No Score Yet A Face to Die For Rita 1996
No Score Yet Sunset Grill Joann Ramirez 1993
No Score Yet Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story Sharanda 1992
63% The People Under The Stairs Ruby 1991
67% Doc Hollywood Mulready 1991
77% New Jack City Recovering Addict 1991
93% House Party La Donna 1990
32% A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child Yvonne 1989
37% Popcorn Cheryl 1989
90% Miracle Mile Charlotta 1989
40% Cat Chaser Loret 1989
50% The Principal Treena Lester 1987
74% The Lost Boys Maria 1987
62% Summer School Denise Green 1987
No Score Yet Charley Hannah Toni 1986
No Score Yet Badge of the Assassin Rachel Torres 1985
93% Mask Lorrie 1985


No Score Yet Judging Amy
Joyce Ingram 2002
No Score Yet ER
Tina 1997
No Score Yet Martin
Rhodesia 1993
No Score Yet A Different World
Charisse 1988
No Score Yet Fame
Angel 1983


Denise Green says: Whatever that files says... its a lie.

Robin Bishop History Teacher says: Do you all think you could concentrate on some obscene gestures once in a while?

Yvonne says: Girl, what's wrong? Let's see a smile on your face.

Alice says: I had kind of a long night.

Yvonne says: Dan keeping you up again? Girl, you better put a lock on that window.

Alice says: The Dan part was nice.

Alice says: What's wrong with me?

Yvonne says: Nothing. You're just a little pregnant.

Greta says: The bottom line, Alice, if anybody's trying to hurt you, supernatural or not, they're going to have to go through us first.

Yvonne says: All of us...Right?

Yvonne says: All of us. Right?

Alice says: That's what I'm afraid of.

Mark says: He found a lot more people before he found us.

Yvonne says: You, too?

Mark says: He invited me to his house last night.

Yvonne says: (to Alice; about Freddy) - Just don't ask me to take a Jacuzzi with that guy again.

Yvonne says: (to Alice; about Freddy) Just don't ask me to take a Jacuzzi with that guy again.

Mommy says: Get off my property!

Grandpa Booker says: Just want to finish saying our piece, ma'am.

Ruby says: Not only are you bad landlords but 10 times worse. You've stolen all the children from our community for your own sick needs!

Mommy says: There's no community here, all I see are a couple of-- (the whole neighborhood shows up behind Ruby and Grandpa Booker)

Ruby says: What are you gonna do...shoot us all?

Ruby says: What are you gonna do, shoot us all?

Ruby says: My name is Ruby Williams and I represent the association of people who have been unjustly evicted, exploited and generally fu**ed over.

Mommy says: What?

Ruby says: You and your brother are landlords of over 50 buildings in this city, ALL of which you've allowed to deteriorate into rat infested hellholes while you guys get rich charging ridiculous rents. THEN, you evict anyone the minute they can't pay rent so you can tear down their homes and build some more office buildings, isn't that about right?