Luis Guzman

Luis Guzman

Highest Rated: 95% True Believer (1989)

Lowest Rated: 0% Reclaim (2014)

Birthday: Aug 28, 1956

Birthplace: Cayey, Puerto Rico

A well-respected character actor who specializes in playing tough guys with a heart, Luis Guzman has appeared in a dizzying array of film and television productions since he began his professional acting career in the early 1980s.Born August 28, 1956, Guzman graduated from City College and worked for some years as a youth counselor at the Henry Street Settlement House. During his time as a social worker, he began performing in street theatre and independent films. Guzman got his first big break in the early '80s with a role on the popular TV series Miami Vice. He went on to work sporadically in film and television throughout the rest of the decade, appearing in such films as Sidney Lumet's Family Business and Ridley Scott's Black Rain (both 1989).Guzman's work schedule grew increasingly crowded as the 1990s progressed; kicking off the decade with an appearance in another Lumet piece, Q & A (1990), the actor began popping up in films ranging from romantic comedy (Anthony Minghella's Mr. Wonderful, 1993) to crime drama (Brian De Palma's Carlito's Way, 1993) to gay and lesbian historical docudrama (Nigel Finch's Stonewall, 1995). Thanks to directors Steven Soderbergh and Paul Thomas Anderson, Guzman became more readily recognizable in the late 1990s. For Soderbergh, he had substantial roles in Out of Sight (1998), which cast him as a prisoner whose planned escape is ruined by George Clooney; and The Limey (1999), in which he played Terence Stamp's gruff but good-hearted partner in revenge. For Anderson, Guzman appeared in both Boogie Nights (1997) and Magnolia (1999), playing a wannabe porn star in the former and a game show contestant in the latter. 2002 proved Guzman's busiest year to date as the increasingly visible actor appeared in no less than five films, including a prominant role in the caper comedy Welcome to Collinwood and a re-teaming with director Anderson with Punch-Drunk Love. On television, Guzman became a regular presence thanks to a recurring role on the HBO prison drama Oz, as well as appearances on such shows as Law and Order, NYPD Blue, and Walker, Texas Ranger.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Hold On Actor 2019
No Score Yet Belleville Cop (Le Flic de Belleville) Ricardo Garcia Ricardo 2018
25% Literally, Right Before Aaron Federico 2017
11% 9/11 Eddie $0.2M 2017
36% Puerto Ricans In Paris Luis Executive Producer $91.4K 2016
77% Keanu Bacon 2016
10% The Do-Over Jorge The Shooter Boy 2016
47% Two Men in Town Terence 2015
50% Ana Maria in Novela Land Schmidt 2015
No Score Yet Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha Famer 2015
20% The Lookalike Vincent 2014
0% Reclaim Detective 2014
37% In the Blood Chief Ramon Garza 2014
80% Henry & Me Actor 2014
47% We're The Millers Mexican Cop $145M 2013
67% Turbo Angelo $81.2M 2013
61% The Last Stand Mike Figuerola $12.1M 2013
No Score Yet Aztec Warrior Executive Producer The Aztec Warrior 2013
44% Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Gabato $103.9M 2012
29% The Caller George 2011
26% Arthur Bitterman $29.3M 2011
51% The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 Phil Ramos $65.5M 2009
40% Fighting Martinez $23.1M 2009
No Score Yet Starz Inside Actor 2009
46% Yes Man Jumper $97.7M 2008
53% Nothing Like the Holidays Johnny $7.5M 2008
41% Beverly Hills Chihuahua Chucho $94.5M 2008
17% Cleaner Det. Jim Vargas 2008
No Score Yet Maldeamores (Lovesickness) (Maladies of Love) Ismael 2008
No Score Yet Still Waiting... Raddimus 2008
No Score Yet Jorge, El Monito Ciclista... Y Cinco Cuentos Mas Actor 2008
14% War (Rogue Assassin) Benny $22.4M 2007
50% Disappearances Brother St. Hillaire 2007
50% Fast Food Nation Benny $1M 2006
No Score Yet Hard Luck Mendez 2006
26% School for Scoundrels Sgt. Moorehead $17.8M 2006
64% Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story Balon $33.1M 2005
31% Waiting Raddimus $16.2M 2005
33% Carlito's Way: Rise to Power Nacho Reyes 2005
No Score Yet Sam the Man Murray 2005
72% Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Bald Henchman $118.5M 2004
74% Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Actor $18.3M 2004
73% Runaway Jury Jerry Fernandez $49.3M 2003
10% Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd Ray $26.1M 2003
69% Confidence Manzano $12.2M 2003
42% Anger Management Lou $133.8M 2003
36% Double Whammy Juan Benitez 2002
79% Punch-Drunk Love Lance $17.9M 2002
55% Welcome to Collinwood Cosimo $75.7K 2002
4% The Adventures of Pluto Nash Felix $4.4M 2002
64% The Salton Sea Quincy $0.7M 2002
73% The Count of Monte Cristo Jacopo $54.2M 2002
No Score Yet Luckytown Jimmy 2001
93% Traffic Ray $123.9M 2000
No Score Yet Table One Xavier 2000
83% Magnolia Luis 1999
28% The Bone Collector Eddie Ortiz 1999
93% The Limey Ed 1999
No Score Yet John Sandford's Mind Prey Det. Black 1999
24% One Tough Cop Gunman Popi 1998
40% Snake Eyes Cyrus 1998
93% Out of Sight Chino 1998
93% Boogie Nights Maurice T. Rodriguez 1997
No Score Yet Pronto Torres 1997
33% The Brave Luis 1997
63% Stonewall Vito 1996
No Score Yet Lotto Land Ricki 1996
41% The Substitute Rem 1995
No Score Yet The Burning Season Estate Boss 1994
15% The Cowboy Way Chango 1994
52% Mr. Wonderful Juice 1993
38% Guilty as Sin Lt. Bernard Martinez 1993
No Score Yet Hand Gun Rick 1993
81% Carlito's Way Pachanga 1993
39% Innocent Blood Morales 1992
No Score Yet McBain Papo 1992
No Score Yet Jumpin' at the Boneyard Taxi Driver 1992
No Score Yet In the Shadow of a Killer Louis Velazquez 1992
75% The Hard Way Pooley 1991
No Score Yet Empire City Actor 1991
87% Q & A Detective Luis Valentin 1990
38% Family Business Torres 1989
0% Rooftops Martinez 1989
95% True Believer Ortega 1989
52% Black Rain Frankie 1989
11% Crocodile Dundee II Jose 1988
No Score Yet No Picnic Actor 1987
No Score Yet Variety Jose 1983


85% Shameless
88% Perpetual Grace LTD
Hector Contreras 2019
No Score Yet Drop the Mic
Guest 2019
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Guest 2018
No Score Yet Code Black
Jesse Sallander Jose Santiago 2018
89% Narcos
Gacha 2017
35% Roadies
Gooch 2016
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Guest 2015
No Score Yet The Wendy Williams Show
Guest 2013
66% How to Make It in America
Rene Calderon Rene 2012
88% Community
Himself 2011
58% John From Cincinnati
Ramon 2007
23% Luis
Luis 2003
94% Frasier
George 2002
89% Oz
Hernandez Raoul `El Cid' Hernandez Raoul Hernandez 2000
No Score Yet New York Undercover
Joaquin Det. Lopez 1996
91% Homicide: Life on the Street
Larry Madera 1993
84% NYPD Blue
Hector "Poppy" Martinez 1993
No Score Yet Walker, Texas Ranger
No Score Yet Law & Order
Pescador Cesar Pescador 1991
No Score Yet Miami Vice
Revilla 1985
20% House of Buggin'


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Gabato says: My severed fooooooot... and it's MOVING!

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