Lukas Haas

Lukas Haas

Highest Rated: 100% Rambling Rose (1991)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll (2011)

Birthday: Apr 16, 1976

Birthplace: West Hollywood, California

Born April 16, 1976, to a painter father and singer/screenwriter mother, actor Lukas Haas was discovered at age four in his West Hollywood, CA, elementary school. Haas' kindergarten principal spotted acting potential in the young student and encouraged his parents to set their sights on a movie career for the boy. They did so and Haas got his first film role in 1983's Testament, in which he played the youngest of the doomed children of post-apocalyptic housewife Jane Alexander. In 1985, Haas got his big break in the title role of Witness (1985), playing an Amish boy who witnesses a murder and must accept the protection of cop Harrison Ford. Haas received positive reviews for his performance in the widely lauded film and went on to further raves -- and an Emmy nomination -- four years later for his TV portrayal of AIDS victim Ryan White in The Ryan White Story. In-between came roles in such high-grade, sensitive teen fare as The Lady in White and The Wizard of Loneliness (both 1988).Haas then disappeared for awhile, making occasional appearances in films such as Rambling Rose (1991), which cast him as a sweet, sexually inquisitive adolescent. 1996 marked the beginning of a new stage in his career, when he appeared in four very different films. No longer the cute little Amish boy in Witness, the now tall, gawky actor showcased his talents in Woody Allen's musical comedy Everyone Says I Love You, Tim Burton's Mars Attacks!, the coming-of-age Boys (in which he co-starred with Winona Ryder), and Johns, in which he and David Arquette played down-and-out prostitutes in Los Angeles.In 1998, the indignity of having his scenes deleted from Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line was partially allayed by the praise Haas received for his lead role in David and Lisa, a made-for-TV movie co-produced by Oprah Winfrey. He went on to star as Bunny Hoover in the screen adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions, a role which put him in the company of such actors as Albert Finney, Bruce Willis, Nick Nolte, and Barbara Hershey.After a smattering of minor roles -- and a stint in a band with Vincent Gallo -- Haas was very much in demand as an edgy supporting player as he approached his 30th birthday. Festival audiences got a double-dose of the actor in two high-profile 2005 indies: First as the gang kingpin known simply as Pin in the high-school noir Brick, then in a minor but memorable part as a friend to Michael Pitt's doomed rock star in Gus Van Sant's Last Days. Two higher-profile films of wildly different stripes followed: 2006's gritty crime drama Alpha Dog and the Duff sisters' bubblegum flop Material Girls.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The Violent Heart Actor 2020
20% Browse Actor 2020
91% Widows David 2018
86% First Man Mike Collins 2018
No Score Yet Frank and Ava Officer Josenhans 2018
78% The Revenant Jones 2015
52% Dark Was The Night Donny Saunders 2015
No Score Yet Tooken Raymond Deluco 2015
No Score Yet Always Worthy Breck 2015
19% Transcendence James Thomas $23.1M 2014
28% Jobs Daniel Kottke $16.2M 2013
18% Hustlers Vernon $5.4K 2013
No Score Yet Meth Head Actor 2013
89% Lincoln First White Soldier $129.5M 2012
25% Crazy Eyes Zach $6.6K 2012
52% Contraband Danny Raymer $66.5M 2012
0% The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll Clifton Hangar 2011
10% Red Riding Hood Father Auguste $37.3M 2011
87% Inception Nash $292.6M 2010
No Score Yet Bastard Driver 2010
45% Death in Love Youngest Son 2009
31% While She Was Out Chuckie 2008
No Score Yet The Cradle Frank 2007
No Score Yet The Gardener of Eden Adam Harris 2007
38% The Tripper Ivan 2007
No Score Yet Who Loves the Sun Will Morrison 2007
54% Alpha Dog Buzz Fecske $15.2M 2007
4% Material Girls Henry $11.4M 2006
25% The Darwin Awards Farley 2006
No Score Yet Swedish Auto Carter 2006
80% Brick The Pin $2M 2006
No Score Yet Dingle, Barry Matt 2005
58% Last Days Luke $0.4M 2005
67% Bookies Casey 2004
No Score Yet The Pearl Kino 2004
18% Long Time Dead Webster 2003
No Score Yet Lathe of Heaven George Orr 2002
No Score Yet Heavy Gear: The Dragon's Shadow Actor 2002
No Score Yet Lathe of Heaven Actor 2002
64% Zoolander Himself $44.8M 2001
No Score Yet Pearl Actor 2001
27% Running Free Narrator 2000
No Score Yet Child Stars: Their Story Actor 2000
26% Breakfast of Champions Bunny Hoover 1999
No Score Yet The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Passion for Life Actor 1999
No Score Yet David y Lisa David 1998
54% Johns Donner 1997
54% Mars Attacks! Richie Norris 1996
79% Everyone Says I Love You Scott 1996
15% Boys John Baker Jr 1996
No Score Yet Warrior Spirit Rod 1994
64% Leap of Faith Boyd 1992
No Score Yet Alan and Naomi Alan Silverman 1992
100% Rambling Rose Buddy 1991
No Score Yet Convicts Horace Robedaux 1990
55% See You in the Morning Petey Goodwin 1989
No Score Yet The Ryan White Story Actor 1989
72% Music Box Michael `Mikey' Talbot 1989
No Score Yet The Wizard of Loneliness Wendall 1988
69% Lady in White Frankie Scarlatti 1988
No Score Yet Shattered Spirits Actor 1987
0% Solarbabies Daniel 1986
93% Witness Samuel 1985
No Score Yet Love Thy Neighbor Bobby 1984
82% Testament Scottie Wetherly 1983


68% Touch
Calvin Norburg 2013
66% Entourage
LB 2008
37% Dirt
Guest Marqui Jackson 2007
87% 24
Andrew Paige 2005
47% The Twilight Zone
Cory Williams 2002
No Score Yet Son of the Beach
Biker No. 2 2001
No Score Yet The Twilight Zone
Mike 1986
No Score Yet Amazing Stories (1985)
Brian Globe 1985
No Score Yet Trapper John, M.D.


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Spyder says: Please, she was just another hot piece of ass... don't print that.

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