Madge Sinclair

Madge Sinclair

Highest Rated: 93% The Lion King (1994)

Lowest Rated: 43% Convoy (1978)

Birthday: Apr 28, 1938

Birthplace: Not Available

Actress Madge Sinclair was born and raised in Jamaica. A bright and ambitious student, Sinclair excelled in speech and drama, winning several awards. She put her theatrical aspirations on hold when she married a Jamaican policeman, working for several years as a schoolteacher. In 1968, she moved to New York with her two sons in tow, hoping to launch an acting career. While opportunities were still rather limited for black performers in the late 1960s, she managed to find good, solid stage work with producer Joseph Papp, the Public Theatre and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. She made her film debut as Mrs. Scott in Conrack (1974), then went on to earn an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Bell in the 1977 TV miniseries Roots. After a brief fling at series TV with the 1978 Jack Albertson sitcom Grandpa Goes to Washington, Sinclair enjoyed a six-season (1980-86) run as Nurse Ernestine Shoop on Trapper John MD. Her later weekly TV stints included Ohara (1987) and Me and the Boys (1994). Busy though she was on television, Sinclair always managed to find time for theatrical and film work (in the 1986 Eddie Murphy comedy Coming to America, for example, she was seen as Eddie's royal mamma). Madge Sinclair died of leukemia at the age of 57, not long after completing work on the TV special A Century of Women.

Highest Rated Movies



93% The Lion King Sarabi $94.3M 1994
No Score Yet The Man with Three Wives Margaret 1993
No Score Yet Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted Faye Lincoln 1992
No Score Yet The End of Innocence Nurse Bowlin 1990
67% Coming to America Queen Aoleon 1988
85% Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home Captain of the Saratoga 1986
No Score Yet Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones Actor 1980
No Score Yet High Ice Dr. Pittman 1980
No Score Yet I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Miss Flowers 1979
No Score Yet Uncle Joe Shannon Margaret 1978
No Score Yet One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story Georgia LeFlore 1978
43% Convoy Widow Woman 1978
No Score Yet Leadbelly Miss Eula 1976
No Score Yet Almos' a Man Actor 1976
No Score Yet I Will, I Will...For Now Dr. Williams 1975
No Score Yet Cornbread, Earl and Me Leona 1975
67% Conrack Mrs. Scott 1974


76% Roseanne
Muriel 1995
89% Star Trek: The Next Generation
Capt. Silva La Forge 1993
82% Tales from the Crypt
71% Gabriel's Fire
Empress Josephine Austin 1991
No Score Yet Trapper John, M.D.
Nurse Ernestine Shoop 1989
88% Roots
Bell 1977
No Score Yet All in the Family
Helen 1975
No Score Yet The Waltons
Minnie 1974
40% Me and the Boys


Sarabi says: Your son is awake... (Talking in her sleep)

Sarabi says: Your son is awake. [talking in her sleep]

Mufasa says: Before sunrise, he's your son...(Talking in his sleep)

Mufasa says: Before sunrise, he's your son. [talking in his sleep]

Sarabi says: Then you have sentenced us to death!

Scar says: Then so be it!

Sarabi says: You can't do that!

Scar says: I'm the king. I can do whatever I want.

Sarabi says: If you were half the king Mufasa was...

Sarabi says: If you were half the king Mufasa was.

Scar says: (Hits Sarabi) I'm *ten* times the king Mufasa was! (Simba standing, growling, running to Sarabi) Mufasa?! No, you're dead!

Scar says: [hits Sarabi] I'm *ten* times the king Mufasa was! [Simba standing, growling, running to Sarabi] Mufasa?! No, you're dead!

Scar says: Sarabi!!!!

Scar says: Sarabi!

Sarabi says: Yes, Scar?

Scar says: Where is your hunting party? They are not doing their jobs.

Sarabi says: Scar, there is no food. The herds have moved on.

Scar says: No, you are just not looking hard enough!

Sarabi says: It's over. There is nothing left. We have only one choice. We *must* leave Pride Rock.

Scar says: We are not going anywhere!