Mary Carr

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Before finally settling on Mary Carr, the actress was billed as Mary Kennevan, Mary Kennevean, Mrs. William Carr and Mrs. Carr. On stage since the early 1890s, Mary entered films in 1916, spending the next four decades portraying kindly, self-sacrificing mothers and grandmothers. Her best-known roles of this ilk were the title character in Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1919) and the careworn matriarch in Over the Hill to the Poorhouse (1920). Offscreen, Mrs. Carr was described as a "brisk young matron" who lived and dressed fashionably and approached each role with girlish enthusiasm. Her lampoonish performance as the tremulous victim of villainous mortgage-holder Jimmy Finlayson in the 1931 Laurel and Hardy 2-reeler One Good Turn revealed a hitherto untapped sense of sly humor. After turning sixty, Mrs. Carr appeared in only a handful of films, usually in fleeting bits (her name appears in the "list of casualties" scene in Gone With the Wind [1939]). Her last performance was a one-scene cameo in the 1956 historical drama Friendly Persuasion. Mary Carr was the mother of prolific film and TV director Thomas Carr.

Highest Rated Movies



88% Friendly Persuasion Emma, Quaker Woman 1956
100% The Shop Around the Corner Grandmother 1940
No Score Yet East Side of Heaven Mrs. Travers 1939
No Score Yet Land of Liberty Actor 1939
No Score Yet Music for Madame Bit 1937
No Score Yet The World Accuses Mrs. Warren 1935
No Score Yet The Gay Bride Mrs. Bartlett 1934
No Score Yet Change of Heart Mrs. Rountree 1934
No Score Yet The Loudspeaker Grandma 1934
No Score Yet Gun Law Mother Andrews 1933
No Score Yet Pack Up Your Troubles Woman 1932
No Score Yet One Good Turn Old Lady 1931
No Score Yet Kept Husbands Mrs. Brunton 1931
No Score Yet Just Imagine Choru 1930
No Score Yet Lights of New York Mrs. Morgan 1928
No Score Yet The Night Patrol Mrs. Hollister 1926
No Score Yet The Red Kimono Prison Matron 1925
No Score Yet The Wizard of Oz Dorothy's Mother 1925
No Score Yet The Wizard of Oz (Silent Version and Extras) Actor 1925
No Score Yet His Master's Voice Mrs. Henley 1925
No Score Yet Three Women His mother 1924


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