Michel Piccoli

Highest Rated: 100% La Belle Noiseuse (1991)
Lowest Rated: 29% Lady L (1965)
Birthday: Dec 27, 1925
Birthplace: Paris, France
French leading man Michel Piccoli spent most of his time from 1945 through 1955 on the French stage, primarily with Theatre Babylone and the Reynauld-Barrault Company. He enjoyed nominal film stardom from 1955 onward, though it was not until 1961's Le Doulos that he truly became "box office," specializing in worldly, cynical roles. Like Hollywood's Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Gary Cooper, Piccoli was possessed of that rare gift of being able to adapt himself to virtually any kind of material without altering his essential screen persona. And like those aforementioned actors, Piccoli's talents suited the prerequisites of a wide variety of directors: not many contemporary performers can claim to have worked with Alfred Hitchcock, Jean-Luc Godard, Costa-Gavras, Luis Bunuel, and Louis Malle. Piccoli's acting awards include a Cannes Festival prize for 1979's Salto nel Vuoto and a 1982 Berlin Festival honor for Une Etrange Affaire. In 1991, Piccoli once again won international acclaim for his portrayal of an artist suffering from a creative block in La belle noiseuse. He subseqently continued to do steady work in pictures of varying quality, one highlight being Raul Ruiz's 1997 Généalogies d'une Crime, which cast Piccoli as a doctor caught up in a murder mystery. In 1976, Piccoli recorded his remarkable career on the page when he co-wrote a semi-autobiography, Dialogue Egoistes.

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100% La Guerre Est Finie (The War is Over) 1st Customs Inspector 1966
29% Lady L Lecoeur 1965
No Score Yet Masquerade (A Shabby Tiger) (Operation Masquerade ) Sarrassin 1965
86% Diary of a Chambermaid (Le journal d'une femme de chambre) Monteil 1965
No Score Yet The Sleeping Car Murder Cabourg 1965
94% Contempt Paul Javal $39.7K 1964
No Score Yet Amazons of Rome (Le vergini di Roma) Publius Valerius Publicola 1963
No Score Yet The Day and the Hour Antoine 1963
No Score Yet Rafles sur la ville (Sinners of Paris) Actor 1958
No Score Yet Witches of Salem Actor 1957
92% Death in the Garden (La Mort en ce jardin) Father Lisardi 1956
100% French Cancan Valorgueil 1956
No Score Yet Les Mauvaises Rencontres (Bad Liaisons) Actor 1955
No Score Yet Sans laisser d'adresse Actor 1950
No Score Yet The Woman in Blue (La femme en bleu) Actor
No Score Yet La Chevelure Actor


No Score Yet POV
  • 2010