Mikhail Gorevoy

Mikhail Gorevoy

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38% Skiptrace Dima 2016
91% Bridge of Spies Ivan Schischkin 2015
No Score Yet Solovey-Razboynik Actor 2012
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57% Die Another Day Vlad $160.3M 2002


Ivan Schischkin
This is not an equitable trade, sir.
James Donovan
But what you're saying is, if Powers has given up everything he knows then Moscow would trade? Why wouldn't they? As for Abel, if he dies in an American prison, the next Russian operative who gets caught might think twice about keeping his mouth shut. And you never know, Abel might want to see the sky again and decide to trade Russian secrets for small American favours.
Ivan Schischkin
How can we know this? We little men. We just do our jobs.
James Donovan
Like Lieutenant Powers. He's just a pilot.
Ivan Schischkin
He was making photographs from 70,000 feet when he was shot from the sky. People in my country consider this an act of war.
James Donovan
We have to get off this merry-go-round, sir. The next mistake our countries make could be last one. We need to have the conversation our governments can't.
Ivan Schischkin
I will ask Moscow. Who knows what they will say. There are a lot of people, Mr. Donovan, who doesn't want this exchange to ever take place.