Muse Watson

Muse Watson

Highest Rated: 86% Rosewood (1997)

Lowest Rated: 7% I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

Birthday: Jul 20, 1948

Birthplace: Alexandria, Louisiana, USA

Played clarinet in his high school band and sang in the choir. Theater debut was in a 1970 college production of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Taught an acting class at the Georgia State Penitentiary in the early 1970s. Made his big-screen debut in the 1989 thriller Black Rainbow. Has had recurring roles as an inmate on Prison Break and a former Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent on NCIS.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Valley of Bones Terry $0.2M 2017
64% Suburban Gothic Ambrose 2015
No Score Yet Compound Fracture Gary Woolffsen 2014
No Score Yet Of Silence Actor 2014
15% The Last Exorcism Part II Frank Merle $15.3M 2013
22% Meeting Evil Frank $181 2012
No Score Yet The Lamp Actor 2011
64% TiMER Rick 2010
No Score Yet A Christmas Snow Sam 2010
No Score Yet Christmas Snow Sam 2010
No Score Yet Small Town Saturday Night Charlie 2010
No Score Yet The Presence Mr. Browman 2010
81% White Lightnin' D. Ray White 2009
No Score Yet Stellina Blue Peter 2009
52% Down in the Valley Bill Sr. $0.5M 2006
No Score Yet Jane Doe: The Harder They Fall Capt. Barnes 2006
15% Iowa Sheriff Walker 2005
No Score Yet Christmas Child Jimmy-James 2004
No Score Yet Frankenfish Actor 2004
27% A Day Without a Mexican Louis McClaire $4.1M 2004
No Score Yet The Last Summer Actor 2004
50% Dead Birds Father 2004
No Score Yet The Last Cowboy Otis 2003
No Score Yet Season of the Hunted Actor 2003
No Score Yet Hollywood Vampyr Professor Fulton 2002
14% American Outlaws Burly Detective $11.9M 2001
74% Songcatcher Parley $1.7M 2001
50% If I Die Before I Wake Daryl 2000
27% It's the Rage Todd 2000
No Score Yet Black Rainbow Police Officer 2000
9% From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money C.W. 1999
52% Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Klansman 1999
No Score Yet Morgan's Ferry Sheriff Billy Ray Barnwell 1999
No Score Yet Heartwood Actor 1998
7% I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Benjamin Willis/Fisherman 1998
50% Shadrach Captain 1998
No Score Yet Acts of Betrayal Trenton Fraser / Mars 1998
No Score Yet The Break Up Baker Cop No. 1 1998
42% I Know What You Did Last Summer Benjamin Willis 1997
86% Rosewood Henry Andrews 1997
57% The Journey of August King Zimmer 1996
15% Assassins Ketcham 1995
39% Something to Talk About Hank Corrigan 1995
No Score Yet Tecumseh: The Last Warrior Whitley 1995
No Score Yet The Birds II: Land's End Bartender 1994
62% Sommersby Drifter #1 1993
28% The Handmaid's Tale Guardian 1990


No Score Yet NCIS
Guest Mike Franks 2017
60% Prison Break
Charles Westmoreland Westmoreland/D.B. Cooper 2017
97% Justified
Elmont Swain 2014
No Score Yet Cold Case
John 'The Doctor' Norwood 2009
No Score Yet iCarly
No Score Yet The Mentalist
Jake Cooby 2009
No Score Yet CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Station Yard Controller 2007
No Score Yet Ghost Whisperer
Milt Charles 2007
65% Close to Home
Bob Peters 2006
No Score Yet Walker, Texas Ranger
Forbes Freddy Forbes 1999


Ben Willis says: [the killer once again threatens Julie with a hook] Hush, child. No more screaming, no more running, it's time to die!

Ray Bronson says: [Ray appears pointing a gun at Ben Willis who's holding Julie hostage] Let her go.

Will Benson says: Oh God, you've got to be shitting me!

Ray Bronson says: Let her go, Willis!

Ben Willis says: Or what? What are you gonna do, boy? Call us names?

Ray Bronson says: Let her go NOW!

Ben Willis says: Think about it, boy. You're no killer. That's my job! You don't have it in you!

Benjamin Willis says: [the killer threatens Julie with his ice hook] Happy Fourth of July, Julie!

Julie James says: [Terrified] Please... it was an accident!

Benjamin Willis says: I know all about accidents, and let me give you some advice: Next time you leave a man for dead, make sure he's REALLY dead!

Ben Willis says: Hush, child. No more screaming, no more running, it's time to die!

Benjamin Willis says: I know all about accidents and let me give you some advice, when you leave a man for dead, make sure he's really dead.

Julie James says: You? Ben Willis?

Benjamin Willis says: Good, I see you've been doing your homework too.