Nancy Olson

Nancy Olson

Highest Rated: 98% Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Lowest Rated: 14% Dumbbells (2014)

Birthday: Jul 14, 1928

Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The daughter of a Milwaukee physician, Nancy Olson attended UCLA, then briefly acted on stage before signing a Paramount Pictures contract in 1949. Her best screen assignment at Paramount was as self-effacing script clerk Betty Schaffer in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard. She went on to be teamed with her Boulevard co-star William Holden in Union Station (1950), Force of Arms (1951) and Submarine Command (1951). Olson briefly retired in the mid-1950s when she married songwriter Alan Jay Lerner (they later divorced; her second husband was record executive Alan Livingston). In 1960, Olson went back before the cameras as Betty Carlisle, ever-patient fiance of would-be inventor Ned Brainard (Fred MacMurray) in Disney's The Absent Minded Professor; she repeated this characterization in the 1963 sequel Son of Flubber. She went on to do a smattering of TV films, including the 1967 pilot of the Darren McGavin private eye series The Outsider. Nancy Olson also played continuing roles in the 1977 weekly Kingston: Confidential and the 1984 prime-time soaper Paper Dolls.


Highest Rated Movies



14% Dumbbells Bianca 2014
39% Making Love Christine 1982
25% Airport 1975 Abbott's Mother 1974
No Score Yet Snowball Express Sue Baxter 1972
No Score Yet Smith! Norah Smith 1969
86% Son of Flubber Betsy Brainard 1963
83% The Absent-Minded Professor Betsy 1961
86% Pollyanna Nancy Furman 1960
No Score Yet Battle Cry Mrs. Pat Rogers 1955
No Score Yet So Big Dallas O'Mara 1953
No Score Yet Big Jim McLain Nancy Vallon 1952
No Score Yet Submarine Command (The Submarine Story) Carol 1951
No Score Yet Force Of Arms Eleanor 1951
No Score Yet Mr. Music Katherine Holbrook 1950
98% Sunset Boulevard Betty Schaefer 1950
No Score Yet Union Station Joyce Willecombe 1950
No Score Yet Canadian Pacific Cecille Gautier 1949


80% Big Love
No Score Yet The Streets of San Francisco
Jeannie Morris 1975
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Henrietta Donavan 1972
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Jan Manning 1959


Pollyanna says: Well, I suppose I could be glad because...

Nancy Furman says: Yes, go ahead, darling.

Pollyanna says: No! It was a silly game! I hate it! I'll never want to play it again! Leave me alone!

Nancy Furman says: What did we bring her today?

Pollyanna says: Umm, calf's foot jelly.

Nancy Furman says: You wait and see. She's bound to wish she had chicken, and if we brought her chicken, she'd want she had lamb broth. She's just cantankerous!

Nancy Furman says: Just this one, Mrs. Snow, and I wish this were over with.

Pollyanna says: What's wrong with her?

Nancy Furman says: She's just plain crabby that's what's wrong with her. You never met anyone so cantankerous. If it was Friday, she'd wish it was Tuesday.

Pollyanna says: I like your cousin, Fred, very much.

Nancy Furman says: Oh, he's alright, I guess.

Pollyanna says: He's very handsome and he has a nice smile, but there's something sort of, I don't know, funny about him.

Nancy Furman says: What do you mean "funny?"

Nancy Furman says: What do you mean 'funny?'

Nancy Furman says: What do you mean 'funny'?

Pollyanna says: I know what it is! It's his name. He doesn't look at all like a Fred.

Nancy Furman says: What?!

Pollyanna says: He looks more like a George, to me! [Pollyanna runs off]

Nancy Furman says: Pollyanna! [Nancy chases after her] Wait a minute!

Tillie Lagerlof says: Who's gonna marry her?!

Nancy Furman says: She means Doctor Chilton.

Angelica says: Ha! Fat chance. Who'd wanna marry old pickled-face Harrington?