Patrick Bergin

Patrick Bergin

Highest Rated: 80% Silent Grace (2002)

Lowest Rated: 0% Age Of Kill (2015)

Birthday: Feb 4, 1951

Birthplace: Not Available

Patrick Bergin is a versatile actor who has yet to make it big in Hollywood. The son a trade union activist and founder of a political theater, Bergin was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, but left for London when he was only 17. There he worked at different jobs and eventually set up an experimental theater group. Originally a high-school drop out, Bergin returned to night school and by his early 20s had become a school teacher. He worked as an educator for five years and then quit to go on an extensive tour of Europe. Upon his return to Britain, he began working in repertory theater, and occasionally on television before appearing in a short British Film School production. Bergin made his feature-film debut in 1988 with The Courier; that year he also won acclaim for his role as an IRA informer in the TV movie Act of Betrayal. His success with the latter film lead director Bob Rafelson to cast him as Sir Richard Burton in his epic Mountains of the Moon (1990). While in Britain, Bergin typically played heroes, but in Hollywood he is usually cast as a villainous lowlife. He was particularly nasty as the obsessed, abusive husband in Sleeping with the Enemy (1991).

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No Score Yet Grindhouse Nightmares Actor 2017
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No Score Yet Dance of the Steel Bars Frank 2013
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No Score Yet Durango (A Rose for Annie) Fergus Mullaney 1999
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67% Mountains of the Moon Richard Burton 1990
No Score Yet Act of Betrayal Michael McGurk 1988
No Score Yet The Courier Christy 1988
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Guest 2014
78% Smallville
Morgan Edge 2003
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Toby Baxter


Avik says: Why do you want to bomb Dresden?

Walter Russell says: There's a monster in a room. Once that room was filled with everything that was valuable to him. His train sets, his puppet theatre, his model planes. They're all broken now. All that's left untouched is his beautiful collection of Dresden China. You go into that room, you smash all his crockery, and you have broken his spirit.