Peppino De Filippo

Peppino De Filippo

Highest Rated: 100% Variety Lights (1965)

Lowest Rated: 50% Boccaccio '70 (1962)

Birthday: Aug 24, 1903

Birthplace: Naples, Italy

Born in Naples in 1903, Peppino De Filippo debuted at the age of 6 in Scarpetta's 'Miseria e Nobilta' in Rome. He studied the piano and went away to college for two years. During WWI, back in Naples, he joined Scarpetta's company 'Molinari', and it was here that he met Totò. At 22, he joined the company of Salvatore De Muto, but had to return to the Scarpetta company after his estranged father, Vincenzo Scarpetta, passed away. Thus he, his brother Eduardo and their sister Titina, started work. In 1929 Peppino married Adela Carloni and their son, Luigi was born the year after. The three staged their own brand of comedy and worked alongside the likes of Tina Pica, Carlo Pisacane, Agostino Salvietti and Giovanni Berardi. In 1932 Peppino starred in his first film, "Tre Uomini in Frak". Success in all Italian theatres followed until 1945, when due to 'differences' between the two brothers led to the dissolution of the company. In 1945, Peppino separated from his wife of 16 years and he debuted with his new company with "I Casi Sono Due" at the Teatro Olimpia in Milan. From 1959 to 1969 he managed the Teatro delle Arti in Rome, and had worldwide success internationally during those years. In 1977 he married Clelia Mangano, his business partner. He died on 26 January 1980.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Oh! Sabella (La Nonna Sabella) Actor 2012
No Score Yet Rita la zanzara (Rita the Mosquito) Actor 1966
100% Variety Lights Checco Dal Monte 1965
No Score Yet Made in Italy Actor 1965
50% Boccaccio '70 Dr. Antonio 1962
No Score Yet Il mattatore (Love and Larceny) Chinotto 1960
No Score Yet Letto a tre piazze Actor 1960
No Score Yet You're on Your Own (Arrangiatevi!) Peppino Armentano 1959
No Score Yet Totò, Peppino e... la malafemmina (Toto, Peppino and the Wicked City Woman) Actor 1956
No Score Yet La banda degli onesti (The Band of Honest Men) Lo Turco 1956
No Score Yet Toto, Peppino And The Hussy (Totò, Peppino E... La Malafemmina) Actor 1956


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