Samantha Morton

Samantha Morton

Highest Rated: 100% Longford (2006)

Lowest Rated: 10% Free Jimmy (2006)

Birthday: May 13, 1977

Birthplace: Nottingham, England, UK

Born and raised in Nottingham, England, Samantha Morton had a tumultuous childhood. Separated from her parents by social services, Morton was raised in the English foster care system. At a young age, she found acting as an outlet, enrolling in the Central Junior Television Workshop when she was 13, and soon after began appearing on screen. Her first credits came in 1991 in supporting roles on the series' "Soldier Soldier" (ITV, 1991-97) and "Boon" (ITV, 1986-1992). Morton began to come into her own in the mid 1990s when she landed her first series leading role on "Band of Gold" (ITV, 1995-1997), played the title role in "Jane Eyre" (ITV, 1997), and the lead female role in the adaptation of "The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling" (BBC, 1997). In 1999, Morton broke through to international audiences with her role as a mute woman opposite Sean Penn in the Woody Allen film "Sweet and Lowdown" (1999). The film earned her universal accolades and a Best Supporting Actress nomination for an Academy Award® as well as a Golden Globe, among others. 2002 was another landmark year for the actress, earning further praise for her roles as the crucial 'precog' in "Minority Report" (2002), starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg, as well as a leading role in "In America" (2002), which earned her an Oscar nomination, this one for Best Actress. Morton continued to work in supporting roles, but also found time to direct her first film "Unloved" (2009), a semi-autobiographical story that she also wrote. In 2016, Morton earned accolades as one of the chief antagonists in "Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them" (2016). The next year she began a series regular role, playing a madam on the period show "Harlots" (Hulu, 2017-).


Highest Rated Movies



100% 62% Two for Joy Aisha (Character) - 2018
74% 79% Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Mary Lou (Character) $234M 2016
52% 25% Miss Julie Kathleen (Character) - 2014
56% 41% Decoding Annie Parker Annie Parker (Character) $39.9K 2013
72% 42% The Harvest Katherine (Character) - 2013
65% 31% Cosmopolis Vija Kinsky (Character) $743.6K 2012
52% 60% John Carter Sola (Character) $73.1M 2012
94% 67% The Unloved Director,
- 2009
90% 75% The Messenger Olivia Pitterson (Character) $1.1M 2009
No Score Yet 83% Shadow Play: The Making of Anton Corbijn Unknown (Character) - 2009
No Score Yet 17% The Daisy Chain Martha McMahon (Character) - 2008
69% 71% Synecdoche, New York Hazal (Character) $3.1M 2008
59% 45% Expired Claire (Character) - 2007
47% 57% Mister Lonely Marilyn Monroe (Character) $165.8K 2007
34% 59% Elizabeth: The Golden Age Mary Stuart (Character) $16.3M 2007
88% 89% Control Debbie Curtis (Character) $871.6K 2007
10% 55% Free Jimmy Sonia (Voice) - 2006
100% 86% Longford Myra Hindley (Character) - 2006
33% 58% The Libertine Elizabeth Barry (Character) $4.8M 2005
40% 47% River Queen Sarah (Character) - 2005
93% 64% Lassie Sarah Carraclough (Character) $651.4K 2005
59% 60% Enduring Love Claire (Character) $358.3K 2004
51% 59% Code 46 Maria Gonzales (Character) $197.1K 2003
84% 74% Morvern Callar Morvern Callar (Character) $267.2K 2002
90% 80% Minority Report Agatha (Character) $132M 2002
89% 91% In America Sarah (Character) $15.5M 2002
No Score Yet No Score Yet Eden Sam (Character) - 2001
58% 75% Pandaemonium Sara Coleridge (Character) - 2000
36% 54% Dreaming of Joseph Lees Eva (Character) $7.7K 1999
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Last Yellow Jackie (Character) - 1999
77% 82% Sweet and Lowdown Hattie (Character) $4.2M 1999
80% 83% Jesus' Son Michelle (Character) $1.3M 1999
No Score Yet 67% Jane Eyre Jane Eyre (Character) - 1997
88% 62% Under the Skin Iris Kelly (Character) $81K 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet This Is the Sea Hazel Stokes (Character) - 1997
88% 73% Jane Austen's Emma Mrs. Weston (Character) - 1996


81% 78% The Walking Dead Alpha (Character) 2019-2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet Friday Night In with The Morgans Guest 2020
97% 92% Harlots Margaret Wells (Character) 2017-2019
No Score Yet No Score Yet Kathy Burke's All Woman Guest 2019
No Score Yet No Score Yet Rillington Place Ethel Christie (Character) 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Last Panthers Naomi (Character) 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Max & Ruby Ruby (Character),
Unknown (Voice)
2012 2007 2002-2004
No Score Yet No Score Yet Masterpiece Classic Unknown (Character) 2008
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Graham Norton Show Unknown (Guest Star) 2007
No Score Yet No Score Yet Band of Gold Tracy Richards (Character) 1995-1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet Cracker Unknown (Guest Star) 1994
No Score Yet No Score Yet Soldier, Soldier Unknown (Guest Star) 1991


Annie Parker says: No Breast, No Hair. They all want you but they can't have you.

Agatha says: You can choose.

Hazel says: The end is built into the beginning.

John Wilmot Second Earl of Rochester says: Ask yourself what you want from the theatre.

Elizabeth Berry says: I want the passionate love of my audience. I want when I make a sweep of my arm to carry their hearts away and for when I die for them to sigh for never seeing me again, until the next afternoon.

John Wilmot Second Earl of Rochester says: There is your answer - I want to be one with that multitude, I wish to be moved. I cannot feel in life. I must have others do it for me here in the theatre.

Agatha says: Can you see?

Sir Amyas Paulet says: The Queen orders these measures for your protection.

Mary Stuart says: The Queen? I am a Queen.

Ian Brady says: How could you not love a girl like that?

Myra Hindley says: Evil can be a spiritual experience too.

Agatha says: (To passing woman) He knows. Don't go home.

Agatha says: [to passing woman] He knows. Don't go home.

Tars Tarkas says: Sola, are you mad?

Sola says: No. The blood of my father drives me.

Vija Kinski says: Destroy the past, make the future.

Vija Kinski says: The future becomes insistent.

Vija Kinski says: This is a protest against the future. They want to hold off the future.

Sola says: Woola will follow you anywhere

Sola says: Woola will follow you anywhere.

Sola says: Dotar Sojat!