Sean Young

Sean Young

Highest Rated: 100% Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time Volume 2: Horror and Sci-Fi (2020)

Lowest Rated: 0% Living the Dream (2006)

Birthday: Nov 20, 1955

Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Tall, slender, and graceful brunette actress Sean Young has had a busy film career, but has yet to make it past mid-range stardom. This may be partially due to some of the negative publicity generated through her personal life. Before coming to Hollywood in 1980 to perform in Jane Austen in Manhattan, Young had been a New York model and a dancer. Fans of the sci-fi epic Blade Runner (1982) remember Young for playing the sympathetic "replicant" Rachael. Although she appeared in several major features by 1987, Young didn't get much notice as a potential star until after she co-starred with Kevin Costner in the thriller No Way Out (1987). Her love scenes with Costner generated considerable heat on and off the screen. In 1989, Young made entertainment news when her former co-star from The Boost (1988), James Woods, filed a harassment suit against her claiming that she had repeatedly threatened him after their affair soured. Young retaliated by hitting the talk show circuit to deny the claims, all the while continuing her acting career. That year, she was scheduled to play Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's Batman, but broke her collarbone during a riding scene with Michael Keaton and was replaced by Kim Bassinger, something she publicly disputed with Burton. Through the '90s, Young continued to appear regularly onscreen.


Highest Rated Movies



100% Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time Volume 2: Horror and Sci-Fi Actor 2020
No Score Yet Axcellerator Actor 2019
No Score Yet Lost Cat Corona Roxie 2017
75% Future '38 Mabel 2017
No Score Yet Escape Room Ramona 2017
No Score Yet Leaves of the Tree Actor 2016
No Score Yet The Black Dove Bonnie $11.7K 2016
71% Darling Madame 2016
91% Bone Tomahawk Mrs. Porter 2015
No Score Yet The Networker Margie Mangano 2015
No Score Yet My Man Is a Loser Therapist 2014
No Score Yet Random Encounters Actor 2013
76% Jug Face Loris 2013
No Score Yet Gingerclown Nelly the Spiderwoman 2013
No Score Yet Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader Actor 2012
No Score Yet Painful Secrets Actor 2009
No Score Yet The Man Who Came Back Kate 2008
No Score Yet Haunted Echoes Laura Dykstra 2008
No Score Yet Parasomnia Madeline Volpe 2008
No Score Yet Jesse Stone: Sea Change Sybil Martin 2007
0% Living the Dream Brenda 2006
No Score Yet Ghosts Never Sleep Rebecca Dolan 2006
No Score Yet The Drop Actor 2006
No Score Yet The Garden Miss Grace Chapman 2006
50% Headspace Mother 2005
No Score Yet Confessions of an Action Star Actor 2005
No Score Yet Until the Night Cosma 2004
No Score Yet A Killer Within Becky Terrill 2004
No Score Yet The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay Sandy 2003
No Score Yet James Patterson's '1st to Die' Joanna Wade 2003
No Score Yet Mary Higgins Clark's 'Before I Say Goodbye' Nell MacDermott 2003
No Score Yet The Drop Actor 2003
No Score Yet Threat of Exposure Actor 2002
No Score Yet Control Dr. Daryl Sheleigh 2002
No Score Yet The House Next Door Monica 2002
No Score Yet Complicity Cynthia Tapple 2002
No Score Yet Mockingbird Don't Sing Dr. Bingham 2001
28% Sugar & Spice Mrs. Hill $12.4M 2001
46% The Amati Girls Christine 2001
60% Poor White Trash Linda Bronco 2000
No Score Yet Secret Cutting (Painful Secrets) Joyce 2000
No Score Yet Men Stella 1998
No Score Yet Out Of Control Actor 1998
No Score Yet The Invader Annie 1997
No Score Yet Exception to the Rule Angela 1997
No Score Yet Motel Blue Lana Hawking 1997
No Score Yet The Proprietor Virginia Kelly 1996
No Score Yet Evil Has a Face Gwen McGerrall 1996
14% Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Helen Hyde 1995
No Score Yet Mirage Jennifer Gale/Shannon 1995
No Score Yet Rebel Run Sally 1994
No Score Yet Witness To The Execution Jessica Traynor 1994
19% Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Marie Barth 1994
No Score Yet Model by Day Mercedes 1994
18% Fatal Instinct Lola 1993
No Score Yet Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Twinkle 1993
48% Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Lt. Lois Einhorn 1993
No Score Yet Blue Ice Stacy Mansdorf 1993
No Score Yet Forever Mary Miles Minter 1993
No Score Yet Sketch Artist Rayanne Whitfield 1992
No Score Yet Love Crimes Dana Greenway 1992
0% Once Upon a Crime Phoebe 1991
31% A Kiss Before Dying Ellen Carlsson 1991
10% Fire Birds Billie Lee Guthrie 1990
50% Cousins Tish 1989
38% The Boost Linda Brown 1988
78% Wall Street Kate Gekko 1987
91% No Way Out Susan Atwell 1987
No Score Yet Under the Biltmore Clock Myra Harper 1986
13% Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Susan Matthews-Loomis 1985
52% Dune Chani 1984
29% Young Doctors in Love Stephanie Brody 1982
90% Blade Runner Rachael 1982
92% Blade Runner (The Final Cut) Rachael $0.3M 1982
86% Stripes Louise 1981
No Score Yet Jane Austen in Manhattan Ariadne 1980


No Score Yet Rehab with Dr. Drew
Reality cast member 2011
No Score Yet Masterpiece
Gary 2010
No Score Yet Skating With the Stars
Reality cast member 2010
No Score Yet One Tree Hill
Hope Brown 2007
No Score Yet CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Dusty 2006
No Score Yet Boston Public
Candy Sobel 2003
No Score Yet Third Watch
Nancy Nancy Drummond 2002
57% Gun
No Score Yet American Playhouse
Myra 1985


Lois Einhorn says: Listen, Pet Dick. How would you like me to make your life a living hell?

Ace Ventura says: Well, I am not really ready for a relationship now, Lois. But thank you for asking.

Rachael says: Like our owl?

Rick Deckard says: It's artificial.

Rachael says: Of course it is.

Rick Deckard says: Must be expensive.

Rachael says: Very. I'm Rachael.

Rick Deckard says: Deckard.

Lois Einhorn says: How would you like me to make your life a living hell?

Ace Ventura says: Well Lois, I'm not really ready for a relationship yet, but thank you for asking.