Tcheky Karyo

Tcheky Karyo

Highest Rated: 100% The Gravedancers (2006)

Lowest Rated: 0% Requiem for a Killer (Requiem pour une Tueuse) (2011)

Birthday: Oct 4, 1953

Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey

Memorable to fans of international cinema as the spy recruiter who schooled Nikita in the fine art of assassination, international actor Tchéky Karyo has been racking up memorable screen credits for over 20 years. Whether a fan of mainstream American action movies or obscure foreign arthouse fare, many viewers have likely seen the versatile Karyo and likely remember the characters he portrayed. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1953 and raised in Paris, Karyo studied drama at the Cyrano Theater before moving on to essay numerous classical stage roles at the Daniel Sorano Company. Upon joining the National Theater of Strasbourg, Karyo refined his versatility by alternating between contemporary fare and such classical Shakespearian works as Macbeth and Othello. Soon becoming one of France's most popular actors, Karyo, with over 50 film and television credits to his name, found that his popularity wasn't limited by international borders through roles in such films as The Return of Martin Guerre (1982), The Bear (1988), and director Luc Besson's influential La Femme Nikita (1990). Fans of historical film may recognize Karyo from his roles as Vincent Van Gogh (Vincent and Me) and famed prophet Nostradamus (Nostradamus) in addition to roles in such historical films as 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) and The Patriot (2000).Becoming a familiar face to American filmgoers in the 1990s, Karyo could play everything from low-key and comically philosophical (Addicted to Love [1997]) to an over-the-top bad guy (Bad Boys [1995]) to a Russian defense minister (GoldenEye [1995]) with equal conviction no matter how large, small, or varied the role might be. After an audacious turn as a loose-hinged policeman in the hyperkinetically tasteless Dobermann (1997), Karyo appeared frequently in such English-language films as Wing Commander (1999), The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999, re-teaming the actor with Nikita helmer Besson), Saving Grace (2000), and Kiss of the Dragon (2001). In addition to his nomination for a César for his role in La Balance (1982), Karyo was the recipient of the Jean Gabin Prize in recognition of his talent in 1986.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Daydreams (L'indomptée) Actor 2016
75% Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues Actor 2015
No Score Yet De Guerre Lasse Actor 2014
91% Belle & Sebastian Actor 2013
No Score Yet Jappeloup Actor 2013
No Score Yet L'étoile du jour Heroy 2013
No Score Yet L'unique Actor 2013
15% Special Forces l'Amiral Guezennec $11.3K 2012
No Score Yet Des Morceaux De Moi Actor 2012
83% The Way Captain Henri $4.4M 2011
No Score Yet Coup D'eclat Actor 2011
0% Requiem for a Killer (Requiem pour une Tueuse) The Armenian 2011
No Score Yet L'affût (On Guard) Actor 2011
50% Les Lyonnais (A Gang Story) Serge Suttel 2011
No Score Yet Änglavakt (Among Us) Walter 2010
No Score Yet Man and His Dog (Un homme et son chien) Guitar Player in Park 2008
No Score Yet Les Dents de la nuit (Vampire Party) Le Duc de Journiac 2008
33% A Previous Engagement Alex Belmont 2008
No Score Yet The Lark Farm Aram Avakian 2007
No Score Yet Jacquou le croquant Actor 2007
100% The Gravedancers Vincent 2006
No Score Yet D'Artagnan et les trois mousquetaires (D'Artagnan and The Three Musketeers) Actor 2005
No Score Yet The 4 Musketeers Richelieu 2005
78% A Very Long Engagement Captain Favourier $6.3M 2004
22% Taking Lives Leclair $32.7M 2004
22% Renegade Uncle 2004
No Score Yet Local Call (Ne Quittez Pas!) Actor 2004
No Score Yet Old Goriot (Le père Goriot) Actor 2004
77% The Good Thief Roger $3.5M 2003
40% The Core Serge $31.1M 2003
No Score Yet Utopía Actor 2003
51% Kiss of the Dragon Insp. Richard $34.8M 2001
No Score Yet Le roi danse (The King Is Dancing) Moliere 2000
63% Saving Grace Jacques $11.5M 2000
61% The Patriot Jean Villeneuve $2.4M 2000
67% Arabian Nights Actor 2000
30% The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc Dunois 1999
70% My Life So Far Gabriel Chenoux 1999
No Score Yet Babel Nemrod 1999
10% Wing Commander Commander Taggart 1999
No Score Yet Like a Fish Out of Water B.B. 1999
No Score Yet In and Out of Fashion Actor 1998
No Score Yet Dobermann Christini 1997
55% Addicted to Love Anton Depeaux 1997
No Score Yet Habitat Hank Symes 1997
No Score Yet Tykho Moon Actor 1996
No Score Yet To Have and to Hold Jack 1996
No Score Yet Foreign Land (Terra Estrangeira) Kraft 1996
20% Of Love and Shadows Actor 1996
No Score Yet Và Dove Ti Porta Il Cuore Ernesto 1996
78% GoldenEye Dimitri Mishkin 1995
31% Operation Dumbo Drop Goddard 1995
43% Bad Boys Fouchet 1995
No Score Yet Crying Freeman Detective Nitta 1995
No Score Yet Colpo Di Luna Lorenzo 1995
No Score Yet L'ange noir (The Black Angel) Paul Delorme 1994
No Score Yet La Cité de la Peur Actor 1994
100% And the Band Played On Dr. Willy Rozenbaum 1993
38% Nostradamus Nostradamus 1993
32% 1492: Conquest of Paradise Pinzon 1992
No Score Yet Sketch Artist Paul Korbel 1992
No Score Yet L'atlantide Actor 1992
No Score Yet Husbands And Lovers (la Villa Del Venerdì) Paolo 1991
No Score Yet Exposure Hermes 1991
88% La Femme Nikita (Nikita) Bob 1990
No Score Yet Vincent and Me (Vincent et moi) Vincent Van Gogh 1990
93% The Bear Tom 1989
No Score Yet Le moine et la sorcière (Sorceress) Etienne de Bourbon 1988
No Score Yet L'amour braque Mickey 1985
100% Les Nuits de la pleine lune (Full Moon in Paris) Remi 1984
No Score Yet La Balance Petrovic 1982
100% The Return of Martin Guerre (Le Retour de Martin Guerre) Augustin 1982
No Score Yet All Night Long Actor 1982


88% ZeroZeroZero
Italo Curtiga 2020
83% Baptiste
93% The Missing
Julien Baptiste 2017
No Score Yet Red Shoe Diaries
No Score Yet Section zéro


Gabriel Martin says: These men where about to surrender!

Major Jean Villeneuve says: Perhaps? We will never know.

Rev. Oliver says: This is murder!

John Billings says: Hell, Reverend. They're redcoats, they've earned it.

Major Jean Villeneuve says: Are you sure this is the right place to recruit for a militia?

Benjamin Martin says: God save King George!

Benjamin Martin says: I think we came to the right place

Benjamin Martin says: I think we came to the right place.

Joan of Arc says: [voice-over] This is the third and last time I will write to you... If you are still here at noon, I warn you that you will hear from me to your very great destruction. Please give me your answer speedily.

Dunois says: [yells from the tower over Aulon] Go fuck yourselves!

Joan of Arc says: [Aulon returns] What did he say?

Aulon says: He said he'd think about it.

Benjamin Martin says: Vive le france?

Major Jean Villeneuve says: Vive le liberte

Major Jean Villeneuve says: Vive le liberte.