Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton

Highest Rated: 100% Liyana (2018)

Lowest Rated: 9% Norbit (2007)

Birthday: Nov 6, 1972

Birthplace: London, England, UK

Fine-boned and soft-spoken, Thandie Newton displays a deceptive fragility that is betrayed by the strong, resilient characters she often portrays. The actress was born in London in 1972 to a Zimbabwean mother and British father. It was while a student at a private school in North London that the actress met Australian director John Duigan, who was casting his coming-of-age tale Flirting (1991). Newton won a leading role as the smart, worldly girlfriend of the film's protagonist and starred alongside a then-relatively unknown Nicole Kidman. Her next film of any significance was 1994's Interview With the Vampire, in which she had a minor role alongside Kidman's then-husband, Tom Cruise.The same year, Newton acted as part of an ensemble cast in Loaded, a fairly obscure film directed by Anna Campion, sister of The Piano's Jane Campion. She was then reunited with Flirting director Duigan in 1995 for The Journey of August King, a little-seen feature in which she starred with Jason Patric. Greater recognition came in the form of the same year's Jefferson in Paris, a critically maligned but impressively cast film, in which Newton played Sally Hemings, slave and lover of Nick Nolte's Thomas Jefferson. Acting alongside individuals such as Nolte, James Earl Jones, and Gwyneth Paltrow certainly did little to hurt Newton's reputation and the next year she had yet another starring role, this time opposite Jon Bon Jovi in her third film with director Duigan, The Leading Man.Despite her leading status, Newton still hovered on the border of relative obscurity, something that finally began to change with three 1998 films in which she had major roles. The first was Vondie Curtis-Hall's Gridlock'd, a film that won Newton raves for her turn as a heroine-addicted jazz singer opposite Tim Roth and Tupac Shakur. Beloved, Newton's second film that year, won her further recognition, both for her mere presence in the highly anticipated adaptation of Toni Morrison's novel, and for her portrayal of the mysterious, ghostly girl who torments Oprah Winfrey's Sethe. Finally, it was with her third film of 1998, Besieged, that Newton graduated from relative obscurity to the rank of Hollywood Up and Comer. The film, which was directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and co-starred David Thewlis, received stellar reviews, many of which singled out Newton's performance for particular praise. This, along with a coveted spot on the April 1999 cover of Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood Issue, further cemented the actress' well-deserved status as one of the industry's latest Forces to Be Reckoned With.In 2000, Newton further ascended the ranks of recognition when she starred opposite former Interview With the Vampire co-star Tom Cruise in John Woo's Mission: Impossible II; although the film received mixed reviews, Newton earned almost unanimous approval from critics, who praised her strong, dynamic performance.Over the coming decade, Newton would remain a charismatic and beloved force on screen, appearing in films like Crash, The Pursuit of Happyness, W., and Retreat.


Highest Rated Movies



21% The Death and Life of John F. Donovan Actor 2019
100% Liyana Executive Producer 2018
70% Solo: A Star Wars Story Val 2018
40% Gringo Bonnie Soyinka 2018
94% Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema Narrator 2018
51% Half of a Yellow Sun Olanna $54.1K 2014
34% Tyler Perry's Good Deeds Lindsey Wakefield $35.1M 2012
80% The Prophet Actor 2011
62% Retreat Kate 2011
48% Vanishing On 7th Street Rosemary $22.7K 2011
14% Huge Actor 2011
32% For Colored Girls Tangie/Orange $37.8M 2010
39% 2012 Laura Wilson $166.2M 2009
58% W. Condoleezza Rice $25.6M 2008
60% RocknRolla Stella $5.7M 2008
47% Run Fatboy Run Elizabeth Olivia 'Libby' Odell $6M 2007
9% Norbit Kate Thomas $95.4M 2007
67% The Pursuit of Happyness Linda $162.6M 2006
74% Crash Christine $55.4M 2004
29% The Chronicles of Riddick Dame Vaako $56.9M 2004
67% Shade Tiffany 2003
33% The Truth About Charlie Regina Lambert $5.3M 2002
57% Mission: Impossible 2 Nyah 2000
No Score Yet Behind the Mission: The Making of 'M:I-2' Actor 2000
No Score Yet It Was an Accident Actor 2000
75% Besieged Shandurai 1999
78% Beloved Beloved 1998
69% The Leading Man Hilary Rule 1998
88% Gridlock'd Cookie 1997
57% The Journey of August King Annalees Williamsburg 1996
17% Loaded Zita 1996
31% Jefferson in Paris Sally Hemings 1995
62% Interview with the Vampire Yvette 1994
33% The Young Americans Rachael 1993
96% Flirting Thandiwe Adjewa 1992


83% Westworld
Maeve Millay 2020
97% Line of Duty
Roz 2019
No Score Yet Close Up With the Hollywood Reporter
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Kem 2005


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Laura Wilson says: If my father were here, he would open the gates.

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German Chancellor says: The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Canada, Germany and I believe I may also speak for the Italian Prime Minister we vote to let these people come in.

August King says: Why'd you run away?

Annalees Williamsburg says: To keep him from taking my soul.

Rosemary says: Why is this one working and the others don't?

Luke says: It's a Chevy.

Lindsey says: I'm not talking to you midget! I'm talking to this ass!

Lindsey says: You should never apoligize for sayin what you feel.

Norbit Albert Rice says: This wedding is a sham, and I'm here to stop it!

Kate says: Norbit, what are you doing?!

Norbit Albert Rice says: I'm being a man for the first time in my life. Kate... Kate I love you!

Kate says: [Gasps; the doors then burst open and Rasputia and two of her brothers rush in]

Rasputia says: [To Norbit] What the hell did you just say?! [Everyone gasps in surprise]

Mr. Wong says: [In disgust] Ick...

Norbit Albert Rice says: You heard what I said, strumpet! [Rasputia has a shocked look on her face] I love Kate! That's right! I love you, Kate! And the last 2 weeks I spent with you have meant more to me than my whole entire miserable life with you Rasputia! It's over! Norbit Albert Rice is no longer your BITCH! [Everyone gasps while Kate smiles]

Rasputia says: AAAAAAAAAHHH!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!!

Kate says: NO!

Preacher says: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today--

Norbit Albert Rice says: I OBJECT!

Preacher says: [Agitated] Oh, for Christ's sake!

Mr. Wong says: [Glad] Norbit.

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Kate says: [Astonished] Norbit!

Choir Member says: [Singing] NORBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

Kate says: I'm so sorry, Norbit. I just don't trust you anymore.

Rasputia says: [Laughs] Well, well, well, Norbit! Ya lose again! Once a loser, always a loser, huh?! Now come on! Let's go!

Lindsey Wakefield says: "A lot of times in relationships, people don't say what they feel cos they're afraid of being hurt or let down."

Lindsey Wakefield says: A lot of times in relationships, people don't say what they feel cos they're afraid of being hurt or let down.

Lindsey says: Tell me how much a gallon of milk costs.

Tangie says: Being alive and being a woman is all I got, but being colored is a metaphysical dilemma I haven't conquered yet.