Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane

Highest Rated: 93% Boogie Nights (1997)

Lowest Rated: 4% Vice (2015)

Birthday: Jan 29, 1969

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

An actor with handsome, everyman good looks and undeniable screen presence, Thomas Jane has turned up in everything from low-budget indies to sprawling, big-budget Hollywood action spectacles. Born January 29th, 1969, the Baltimore native's unusual entry into show business found him cast in a Romeo and Juliet-inspired Bollywood musical while still in high school. At just 17 years old, Jane was spotted by a pair of Indian producers looking to cast a young, fair-haired American to act as Romeo to a young Indian actress' Juliet. Alas, the lure of Bollywood weighed heavier than the prospect of another year in high school, so Jane soon dropped out to film Padamati Sandhya Ragam in Madras, India. When filming wrapped, he quickly returned stateside despite some tempting offers in India, and a year later, the struggling actor was making the move to Los Angeles. Finding work in L.A. didn't prove easy, but thanks to persistence and hard work, Jane eventually made his way into the local theater scene. A small role in the gay-themed drama I'll Love You Forever...Tonight was followed by a small part in the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Two short years later, Jane stepped into the lead for the quirky crime comedy At Ground Zero, and a role in the ill-fated Crow sequel The Crow: City of Angels followed in 1996. The next year, Jane was cast in the major starring role of real-life beatnik Neal Cassady for the independent film The Last Time I Committed Suicide with Keanu Reeves. By late 1997, Jane's star was steadily rising thanks to supporting parts in Face/Off and Boogie Nights. In 1998, he went indie once again with a role as a former heroin dealer looking to go straight in Thursday and then took a small part in the all-star ensemble cast of the war drama The Thin Red Line.With his role as a shark wrangler in the open-water thriller Deep Blue Sea in 1999, Jane graduated to full-on Hollywood action hero. After returning to Paul Thomas Anderson's fold for Magnolia later that year, he portrayed baseball legend Mickey Mantle in the acclaimed, made-for-HBO feature 61* (2001). His role as a quick-tempered detective working alongside Morgan Freeman's character in Under Suspicion (2000) found Jane at the top of his game, and though performances in The Sweetest Thing (2002) and Dreamcatcher (2003) went largely unseen due to poor box-office performances, audiences could rest assured that they would see plenty of the newly buff actor when he donned the famous skull T-shirt and loaded up to rid the streets of crime in the eagerly anticipated comic book adaptation The Punisher (2004). Two years later Jane would continue his onscreen love-affair with firearms as a Federal Witness Protection program particpant whose cover is dangerously blown in the Elemore Leonard adaptation Killshot. While Jane's performance as an infamous gangster was solid in the action thriller Give 'Em Hell Malone, he wouldn't find true success with mainstream audiences until he took on the leading role in HBO's Hung (2009-2012), a dark comedy following a history teacher (Jane) who moonlights as a prostitute.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Hunter's Moon Actor 2020
61% Crown Vic Ray Mandel 2019
32% The Predator Military Veteran 2018
27% A.X.L. Actor 2018
43% Hot Summer Nights Actor 2018
63% Before I Wake Mark 2018
No Score Yet Deep Blue Sea 2 - Double Feature Carter Blake 2018
91% 1922 Wilfred James 2017
17% USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage Adrian Marks 2016
56% Standoff Producer Executive Producer Carter 2016
No Score Yet The Veil Jim Jacobs 2016
36% Into The Grizzly Maze Beckett 2015
25% Broken Horses Gabriel Heckum 2015
4% Vice Roy 2015
No Score Yet Actor 2015
4% Reach Me Wolfie 2014
54% White Bird in a Blizzard Detective Scieziesciez 2014
8% Drive Hard Peter Roberts 2014
No Score Yet Buttwhistle Actor 2014
No Score Yet Heavenly Sword Loki 2014
50% Drew: The Man Behind The Poster Actor $3.6K 2013
13% Hustlers The Man $5.4K 2013
No Score Yet Sirius Actor 2013
17% LOL Alan 2012
16% I Melt with You Richard Executive Producer $4.7K 2011
No Score Yet DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection Actor 2010
No Score Yet DC Showcase: Jonah Hex Jonah Hex 2010
No Score Yet Give 'em Hell Malone Malone 2010
No Score Yet The Job Actor 2010
No Score Yet Dark Country Dick Director 2009
33% Killshot Wayne Colson 2008
18% Mutant Chronicles Mitch Hunter 2008
72% The Mist David Drayton $25.5M 2007
38% The Tripper Buzz Hall Executive Producer 2007
29% The Punisher Frank Castle $33.7M 2004
73% Stander Andre Stander 2004
28% Dreamcatcher Henry $33.8M 2003
27% The Sweetest Thing Peter Donahue $24.5M 2002
12% Original Sin Billy/Walter Downs $15.2M 2001
85% 61* Mickey Mantle 2001
49% Under Suspicion Det. Felix Owens 2000
83% Magnolia Young Jimmy Gator 1999
14% Molly Sam 1999
60% Deep Blue Sea Carter Blake 1999
22% The Velocity of Gary Gary 1999
No Score Yet Junked Switch 1999
80% The Thin Red Line Pvt. Ash 1998
33% Thursday Casey 1998
No Score Yet Zack and Reba Actor 1998
93% Boogie Nights Todd Parker 1997
92% Face/Off Burke Hicks 1997
No Score Yet Hollywood Confidential V Phree 1997
No Score Yet The Whole of the Moon Actor 1997
12% The Crow: City of Angels Nemo 1996
No Score Yet The Last Time I Committed Suicide Neal 1996
No Score Yet Nemesis Billy 1993
35% Buffy the Vampire Slayer Zeph 1992
No Score Yet Padamati Sandhya Ragam Actor 1987


No Score Yet Conan
Guest 2018
93% The Expanse
Det. Joe Miller Detective Miller 2018
19% Texas Rising
71% Hung
Ray Drecker 2011
No Score Yet Medium
Clay Bicks 2006
75% Arrested Development
Himself 2004
No Score Yet Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Parnassa 1996
No Score Yet Hung
Ray Drecker
No Score Yet Superdotado
Ray Drecker


Frank Castle/The Punisher says: "...thanks for dinner."

Frank Castle/The Punisher says: Thanks for dinner.

David Drayton says: You don't happen to have a gun in here by any chance?

Brent Norton says: This isn't New Jerzy

Brent Norton says: This isn't New Jersey.

David Drayton says: Are you going to let this kid die over something that dosen't matter

David Drayton says: Are you going to let this kid die over something that dosen't matter?

Norm says: Would you just shut the fuck up

Norm says: Would you just shut the fuck up.

Ollie says: Be nice

Ollie says: Be nice.

Jim Grondin says: I'll do it then

Jim Grondin says: I'll do it then.

David Drayton says: It dosen't matter who dose it, it-

David Drayton says: It dosen't matter who dose it.

Jim Grondin says: What? You don't think I could do it?

Norm says: Hey. I want to it, it was my idea

Norm says: Hey. I want to it, it was my idea.

Frank Castle/The Punisher says: Upset? Is that the word? I used to get upset. When I got a flat tire, when a plane was delayed. I used to get *upset* when the Yankees won the series. So if that's what upset means, what am I feeling now? If you know the word, tell me because I don't.

Frank Castle/The Punisher says: In certain extreme situations the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy it is necessary to act outside the law to pursue natural justice.

Joan "The Mouse" says: Good memories can save your life.

Ollie says: [Ollie just fired 2 shots] I killed her.

David Drayton says: Thank you Ollie.

Ollie says: I killed her. I wouldn't have done that if there had been any other way.

David Drayton says: That's why I said thank you.

Frank Castle/The Punisher says: God's going to sit this one out.

Frank Castle/The Punisher says: God is going to sit this one out.

David Drayton says: Sure there's no way I can talk you out of this?

Brent Norton says: David, there's nothing out there. Nothing in the mist.

David Drayton says: What if you're wrong?

Brent Norton says: Then, I guess... the joke will be on me afterall.