Tom Araya

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Birthday: Jun 6, 1961
Birthplace: Valparaíso, Chile
Tom Araya is best known as the vocalist and bassist of the thrash metal band Slayer.Araya has written lyrics for a number of Slayer songs since 1988's South of Heaven, including those for Seasons in the Abyss, Dead Skin Mask, South of Heaven, War Ensemble, Desire, and Jihad. His lyrics tend to be mostly about death, murder, and serial killers, obviously a subject Araya finds most interesting. Tom Araya has two children, a boy and a girl. He has been married since 1995 and lives in Buffalo, Texas, with his wife, whom he met at a Slayer show some time ago.Araya has provided guest vocals to recordings by other artists, including "Iron Gland", a bonus track from Alice in Chains's album Dirt, and "Terrorist" from Soulfly's album Primitive.Araya is left handed, but plays bass right handed.Araya had surgery on his gall bladder in early May 2006, which made alterations to the Unholy Alliance Tour. Because of this surgery, Araya was also unable to finish the vocals for a song entitled "Final Six", which was meant to be included on the 2006 Slayer album, Christ Illusion. Despite the anti-Christian and pseudo-Satanic nature of many of Slayer's songs, Araya has stated that he frequently attended church when he was younger. According to an interview he did, Tom believes that "...Christ came and taught us about love. About doing unto others. That was his preach: Accept each other for who we are. Live peacefully, and love one another. Period." And his response to the question "Do you believe in God?" is: "I believe in a supreme being, yeah. But He's an all-loving God." In an interview on, Araya explained that he has a "really strong belief system," and Slayer's words and images will "never interfere with what I believe and how I feel.... People are not in good shape to where they have to question their own belief system because of a book or a story somebody wrote, or a Slayer song."During an interview in the 2006 documentary Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, Araya shares his personal views on the album title God Hates Us All and the lyrics in "Disciple", which he states that God doesn't hate, but it was just a "cool album title".




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