Trevor Howard

Trevor Howard

Highest Rated: 100% The Missionary (1982)

Lowest Rated: 5% Meteor (1979)

Birthday: Sep 29, 1913

Birthplace: Cliftonville, Kent, England, UK

British actor Trevor Howard trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and while there he made his London stage debut in 1934; however, his subsequent work onstage gained little attention until the mid-'40s. While fighting World War II with the Royal Artillery, he was injured and discharged. Howard made his feature film debut in 1944; soon he attained star status as the result of playing the romantic lead in David Lean's Brief Encounter (1945). Thus began a long and consistently successful film career. At first, Howard was cast in romantic leads, but then began playing more heroic leads before eventually moving into character roles. Regardless of his role, he was known as a consistent, polished actor with an understated, true-to-life style. At first appearing exclusively in British films, he began appearing occasionally in Hollywood productions in the mid-'50s. For his performance as the father in Sons and Lovers (1960) he received a Best Actor Oscar nomination. He was married to actress Helen Cherry, with whom he appeared in A Soldier for Christmas (1944).

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Les amants du Tage (The Lovers of Lisbon) Actor 2012
No Score Yet The Dawning Grandfather 1988
80% White Mischief Jack Soames 1988
33% The Unholy Father Silva 1988
No Score Yet Dust The Father 1986
No Score Yet Foreign Body Dr. Stirrup 1986
No Score Yet Shaka Zulu Lord Somerset 1986
No Score Yet Christmas Eve Maitland 1986
No Score Yet Peter the Great Sir Isaac Newton 1986
No Score Yet Tony Palmer's Film of God Rot Tunbridge Wells Actor 1985
No Score Yet This Lightning Always Strikes Twice Actor 1985
No Score Yet Sword of the Valiant King Arthur 1984
No Score Yet George Washington Lord Fairfax 1984
No Score Yet Flashpoint Africa Programmes controller 1984
84% Gandhi Judge Broomfield 1982
100% The Missionary Lord Henry Ames 1982
No Score Yet Deadly Game Actor 1982
No Score Yet Inside the Third Reich Prof. Tessenow 1982
No Score Yet The Deadly Game Actor 1982
67% Stevie Man 1981
No Score Yet The Sea Wolves Jack Cartwright 1981
No Score Yet Windwalker Windwalker 1981
76% The Great Muppet Caper Actor 1981
No Score Yet Sir Henry at Rawlinson End Sir Henry Rawlinson 1980
No Score Yet ...and The Band Played On (The Shillingbury Blowers) Actor 1980
No Score Yet Staying On Actor 1980
No Score Yet Light Years Away (les Annees Lumiere) Yoshka Poliakeff 1980
5% Meteor Sir Michael Hughes 1979
38% Hurricane Father Malone 1979
94% Superman 1st Elder 1978
No Score Yet Slavers Actor 1978
45% The Last Remake of Beau Geste Sir Hector Geste 1977
No Score Yet Slavers Alec Mackenzie 1977
No Score Yet Aces High Lt. Col. Silkin 1976
No Score Yet The Bawdy Adventures Of Tom Jones Squire Western 1976
No Score Yet Albino Johannes 1976
60% Conduct Unbecoming Col. Benjamin Strang 1975
No Score Yet Who? Col. Azarin 1975
No Score Yet Hennessy Commander Rice 1975
No Score Yet The Count of Monte Cristo Abbe Faria 1975
No Score Yet 11 Harrowhouse Clyde Massey 1974
No Score Yet Craze, (Demon Master) Supt. Bellamy 1974
No Score Yet Persecution Paul Bellamy 1974
No Score Yet Catholics The Abbot 1973
71% The Offence Lt. Cartwright 1973
No Score Yet Kidnapped Lord Advocate 1973
40% Ludwig Richard Wagner 1973
No Score Yet Lola (Twinky) Grandfather 1972
No Score Yet Mary, Queen of Scots William Cecil 1972
No Score Yet Pope Joan Pope Leo 1972
No Score Yet Catch Me a Spy Sir Trevor Dawson 1971
13% The Night Visitor Inspector 1971
47% Ryan's Daughter Father Collins 1970
20% Girly Sonny 1970
67% Battle of Britain Air Vice Marshal Keith Park 1969
No Score Yet Charge of the Light Brigade Lord Cardigan 1968
No Score Yet Pretty Polly (A Matter of Innocence) Robert Hook 1968
No Score Yet Triple Cross Freddie Young 1967
No Score Yet The Liquidator Mostyn 1966
No Score Yet The Poppy Is Also a Flower Sam Lincoln 1966
89% Von Ryan's Express Maj. Eric Fincham 1965
71% Operation Crossbow Prof. Lindemann 1965
71% Morituri Col. Statler 1965
79% Father Goose Commander Frank Houghton 1964
No Score Yet The Winston Affair (Man in the Middle) Maj. Kensington 1964
No Score Yet Hedda Gabler Actor 1963
68% Mutiny on the Bounty Captain Bligh 1962
No Score Yet The Lion John Bullit 1962
67% Sons and Lovers Walter Morel 1960
No Score Yet The Roots of Heaven Morel 1958
No Score Yet The Key Chris Ford 1958
No Score Yet Pickup Alley Frank McNally 1957
71% Around the World in 80 Days Falletin 1956
No Score Yet Run for the Sun Browne 1956
No Score Yet Cockleshell Heroes Captain Thompson 1955
No Score Yet The Heart of the Matter Harry Scobie 1953
No Score Yet Gift Horse (Glory at Sea) Lt. Cmdr Hugh Alginon Fraser 1952
No Score Yet Outcast of the Islands Peter Willems 1952
No Score Yet Lady Godiva Rides Again Guest 1951
No Score Yet The Clouded Yellow Maj. David Somers 1951
No Score Yet Golden Salamander David Redfern 1950
No Score Yet Odette Capt. Peter Churchill 1950
99% The Third Man Maj. Calloway 1949
No Score Yet They Made Me a Fugitive (I Became a Criminal) Clem Morgan 1948
73% The Passionate Friends Professor Steven Stratton 1948
No Score Yet So Well Remembered Dr. Whiteside 1947
73% Green for Danger Dr. Barney Barnes 1947
80% I See a Dark Stranger (The Adventuress) Lt. David Baynes 1947
91% Brief Encounter Alec Harvey 1945
100% The Way Ahead (The Immortal Battalion) Officer 1945
No Score Yet The Way to the Stars Squadron Leader Carter 1945


No Score Yet Frontline


Mary Justin says: I'm not a very good person, Steven. I wanted your love - and I wanted Howard's affection and the security he could give me.

Steven Stratton says: I can give you security too, and more than affection.

Mary Justin says: You don't really know me at all. My love isn't worth very much.

Steven Stratton says: I see your point of view; but it's a cold, bloodless bankers point of view and I don't believe a word of it.

Lois Lane says: Easy, Miss. I've got you.

First Elder says: You've got me, who's got you?