Tyler Labine

Tyler Labine

Highest Rated: 92% Little Evil (2017)

Lowest Rated: 8% My Boss's Daughter (2003)

Birthday: Apr 30, 1978

Birthplace: Not Available

Burly and heavyset American character actor Tyler Labine began his career with guest-oriented bit parts on television series during the early '90s, and ultimately parlayed this success into occasional, low-key film appearances. Though Labine's parts frequently took advantage of his build -- for example, his portrayal of Little John in the 1996 picture Robin of Locksley, and his evocation of the late John Belushi in the telemovie Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Mork & Mindy (2005) -- he also demonstrated an adeptness for sinking into "everyman" roles -- such as his slicked-back fighter pilot Briggs Lowry in Tony Bill's period epic Flyboys (2006). Labine also lent supporting roles to the 2002 series That Was Then (as Donnie Pinkus) and the 2005 series Invasion (as conspiracy theorist and UFO expert Dave Groves). In 2006, he could be seen on the hit legal dramedy Boston Legal as an assistant district attorney, and the next year he was cast on the quirky supernatural drama Reaper. He was Dale in the well-regarded horror comedy film Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and had a part in 2011's hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes.


Highest Rated Movies



50% Escape Room Mike 2019
No Score Yet Broken Star Daryl 2018
No Score Yet Funeral Day Chuck 2018
No Score Yet Big Bear Nick 2017
92% Little Evil Karl C. Miller 2017
63% Zoom Bob 2016
21% The Boss Mike $54.5M 2016
80% Mountain Men Toph 2016
No Score Yet Weepah Way for Now Record Executive 2015
No Score Yet Someone Marry Barry Barry 2014
31% Best Man Down Lumpy $2.3K 2013
80% Monsters University Greek Council VP $260.4M 2013
25% Rapture-Palooza Shorter Wraith 2013
No Score Yet That Burning Feeling Frank Purdy 2013
20% Cottage Country Todd 2013
85% Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Dale $0.2M 2011
35% A Good Old Fashioned Orgy McCrudden $0.2M 2011
82% Rise of the Planet of the Apes Robert Franklin $175.4M 2011
No Score Yet Sisters & Brothers Sean 2011
No Score Yet Badass Thieves Actor 2010
No Score Yet Fathers & Sons Sean 2010
No Score Yet The Zero Sum (Letters) Actor 2009
No Score Yet Control Alt Delete Lewis Henderson 2008
No Score Yet Control Alt Delete Actor 2008
33% Flyboys Briggs Lowry $13.1M 2006
68% Aurora Borealis Finn 2006
No Score Yet Like Cats and Dogs Actor 2004
8% My Boss's Daughter Spike 2003
No Score Yet Evil Alien Conquerors Croker 2002
No Score Yet 2Gether Noel Andrew Davies 2001
24% Antitrust Redmond $11M 2001
No Score Yet Marine Life Ray 2000
28% Trixie Gang Member 2000
No Score Yet By Dawn's Early Light Ox 2000
50% Mr. Rice's Secret Percy 2000
No Score Yet Here's to Life Actor 2000
No Score Yet H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! Mark 1999
No Score Yet Sabrina the Teenage Witch Mark 1996
No Score Yet Robin of Locksley Little John 1995


34% New Amsterdam
Dr. Iggy Frome 2020
63% Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
Sock 2018
No Score Yet StartUp
95% Voltron: Legendary Defender
Voice 2018
No Score Yet @midnight With Chris Hardwick
Panelist 2016
No Score Yet Deadbeat
Kevin Pacalioglu 2016
74% The X-Files
Stoner Stoner No. 1 2016
No Score Yet Last Call With Carson Daly
Guest 2015
17% Animal Practice
Dr. Doug Jackson 2012
43% Mad Love
Larry Munsch 2011
25% Sons of Tucson
Ron Snuffkin 2010
80% Reaper
Bert 2009
44% Traveler
Eddie Hahn 2007
86% Boston Legal
Jonathan Winant 2006
100% Invasion
Dave Groves 2006
44% The Twilight Zone
Wes 2003
31% That Was Then
Donnie Pinkus 2002
65% Dark Angel
Messenger #2 Cyril Ellroy 2001
No Score Yet Breaker High
Jimmy Farrell Jimmy 1998


Dale says: They cut off his bowling fingers...

Dale says: If you kill my dog I'm gonna.. I'm gonna be really mad!

Dale says: Bring it frat bitch

Dale says: Bring it frat bitch.

Dale says: Your a good looking guy...more or less

Dale says: Your a good looking guy...more or less.

Dale says: They chopped off his bowling fingers!

McCrudden says: Endurance training. For Labor Day.

McCrudden says: I'm wearing this thing called 'The Yank,' got it from the Adam & Eve catalog. One end straps around your leg and the other around your wang. Like the brochure says, 'with every stride, it gives your member a gentle tug.'

Dale says: I should have known, a guy like me, talking to a girl like you, it would end at somebody being dead

Dale says: I should have known, a guy like me, talking to a girl like you, it would end at somebody being dead.

Tucker says: "Alright, I know what this is."

Tucker says: This is a suicide pact!

Dale says: "What?"

Tucker says: These kids are coming out here and killing themselves all over the woods!

Tucker says: "This is a suicide pact!"

Dale says: Oh my God that makes so much sense!

Dale says: "It's a what?"

Tucker says: We've got to hide all of the sharp objects!

Tucker says: "These kids are coming out here and killing themselves all over the woods!"

Dale says: "Oh my God that makes so much sense!"

Tucker says: "We've got to hide all of the sharp objects!"

McCrudden says: Commemorative Labor Day orgy t-shirts.

Dale says: Hey how about I help you and pull those stingers out of your face?

Dale says: Tuck what happened to your face?

Dale says: Tuck, what happened to your face?

Tucker says: I sawed into a bee's nest.

Dale says: Pshhh. Why?