Valerie Hobson

Valerie Hobson

  • Highest Rated: 100% Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949)
  • Lowest Rated: 56% Promoter (1952)
  • Birthday: Apr 14, 1917
  • Birthplace: Not Available
  • British actress Valerie Hobson had barely begun her studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts when, at 16, she was discovered for the movies. In 1934, Hobson was signed to a Hollywood contract by Universal pictures, where for a frustrating 12 months she served as a Fay Wray substitute in roles calling for wide-eyed terror and little else. During this period, she played the title role in The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) -- not the monstrosity portrayed by Elsa Lanchester, of course, but the imperiled missus of Colin Clive -- and was equally unhappily married to "The Werewolf of London" in the picture of the same name. Returning to the British film industry in 1936, Hobson developed into one of the most popular and versatile leading ladies in the business. She was a delightful "Nora Charles" type in the 1938 murder mystery This Man is News (1938), and was both sexy and resourceful opposite Conrad Veidt in a brace of espionage thrillers, The Spy in Black (1939) and Contraband (1940). Hobson was seen at her best in her postwar films, notably as the demure lady love of homicidal Dennis Price in Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), the selfish mother of John Howard Davies in The Rocking Horse Winner (1950), and the screwball "professional guest" in the "Ways and Means" episode of the Noel Coward omnibus Tonight at 8:30 (1952). In 1946, Hobson offered an exquisite performance as Estella in David Lean's adaptation of Dickens' Great Expectations; ironically, she had played a smaller role in the 1934 Universal version of the same Dickens novel, but her part had wound up on the cutting room floor. Previously wed to producer Anthony Havelock-Allen, Hobson retired from films in 1954 to marry future British Minister of War John Profumo. Valerie Hobson was reluctantly thrust back into the public eye during the Christine Keeler sex scandal of 1963, faithfully and courageously standing by her disgraced husband as Profumo and several other members of the British cabinet were forced to resign.

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No Score Yet Monsieur Ripois (Lovers, Happy Lovers!) Actor 2011
No Score Yet Clouds Over Europe Actor 2000
No Score Yet Background Barbie Lomax 1953
No Score Yet Murder Will Out (The Voice of Merrill) Alycia Roche 1953
No Score Yet Train Of Events Stella 1952
56% Promoter Countess of Chell 1952
No Score Yet Meet Me Tonight (Tonight at 8:30) Stella Cartwright 1952
No Score Yet The Interrupted Journey Carol North 1949
100% Kind Hearts and Coronets Edith D'Ascoyne 1949
83% The Rocking Horse Winner Hester 1949
No Score Yet The Hideout (The Small Voice) Eleanor Byrne 1948
No Score Yet Blanche Fury Blanche Fury 1948
100% Great Expectations Estella 1947
No Score Yet The Years Between Diana Wentworth 1946
No Score Yet The Adventures of Tartu Maruschuka Lanova 1943
No Score Yet Unpublished Story Carol Bennett 1942
No Score Yet Sons of the Sea Mary Ann Morison 1941
100% Contraband Mrs.Sorensen 1940
100% The Spy in Black Frau Tiel / Jill Blacklock 1939
No Score Yet Q Planes Actor 1939
No Score Yet Sons of the Sea Actor 1939
80% The Drum (Drums) Mrs. Carruthers 1938
No Score Yet When Thief Meets Thief Glory Fane 1937
No Score Yet August Week-End Claire Barry 1936
77% Werewolf of London Lisa 1935
100% The Bride of Frankenstein Elizabeth 1935
No Score Yet Life Returns Actor 1935
No Score Yet The Mystery of Edwin Drood Helena Landless 1935
No Score Yet The Man Who Reclaimed His Head Mimi, Carnival Girl 1934
No Score Yet Great Expectations Biddy 1934


Edith D'Ascoyne
Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
Edith D'Ascoyne
Kind hearts are more than coronets, and simple faith than Norman blood.