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Victor Wong

Highest Rated: 89% The Last Emperor (1987)

Lowest Rated: Not Available

Birthday: Jul 30, 1927

Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA

Heavy-lidded Chinese-American character actor who brought his slightly puffy features and an assured, amiable playing style to a series of wizened film roles in the 1980s and 90s. Born in San Francisco's Chinatown to immigrant parents, Wong went to college originally intending to follow in his father's footsteps and enter politics, possibly back in China. When China became Communist, though, he moved back to San Francisco and fell in with the "Beat" movement of the early 60s. (He was one of Ken Kesey's "Merry Pranksters" and Jack Kerouac even wrote about Wong in "Big Sun.") Wong later became one of TV's first Chinese-American reporters when he worked for PBS Channel 9 from 1968 to 1974. A bout with the face-paralyzing Bell's palsy made him leave TV, though, and he went into stage acting instead.

Highest rated movies

The Last Emperor
Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart
The Joy Luck Club
Big Trouble in Little China
Seven Years in Tibet
Prince of Darkness
Year of the Dragon




0% 29% 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain Grandpa Mori (Character) $308.1K 1998
60% 73% Seven Years in Tibet Chinese 'Amban' (Character) $37.9M 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Paper Dragons Master Chang (Character) - 1996
No Score Yet 40% 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up Grandpa (Character) $67.8K 1995
No Score Yet 41% The Adventurers Uncle Nine (Character) - 1995
15% 40% 3 Ninjas Kick Back Grandpa Mori Shintaro (Character) $10.1M 1994
86% 89% The Joy Luck Club Old Chong the Piano Teacher (Character) $32.8M 1993
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Ice Runner Fyodor (Character) - 1993
32% 53% 3 Ninjas Grandpa (Character) $29.0M 1992
87% 75% Tremors Walter Chang (Character) $15.5M 1990
No Score Yet No Score Yet Forbidden Nights Ho (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet 47% Eat a Bowl of Tea Wah Gay (Character) $95.2K 1989
No Score Yet No Score Yet Life Is Cheap Blind Man (Character) - 1989
89% 88% The Last Emperor Chen Pao Shen (Character) $43.0M 1987
58% 61% Prince of Darkness Prof. Howard Birack (Character) $12.9M 1987
22% 47% The Golden Child The Old Man (Character) $78.1M 1986
11% 15% Shanghai Surprise Ho Chong (Character) $2.2M 1986
75% 82% Big Trouble in Little China Egg Shen (Character) $11.0M 1986
88% 48% Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart Uncle Tam (Character) - 1985
56% 52% Year of the Dragon Harry Yung (Character) $18.6M 1985
No Score Yet No Score Yet Nightsongs Fung Leung (Character) - 1984


No Score Yet No Score Yet Poltergeist: The Legacy Unknown (Guest Star) 1996