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7/10 89% 20th Century Women (2017) Dorothea's swirling mix of worry and resilience forms the film's center. It also makes 20th Century Women, a movie detailing history, an oddly perfect movie for the present. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jan 20, 2017
4/10 22% The Bye Bye Man (2017) Most everything about The Bye Bye Man is familiar. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jan 19, 2017
8/10 No Score Yet The Crossing (2015) The film shows this challenging transition in different locations and for different individuals. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jan 18, 2017
10/10 100% Starless Dreams (Royahaye dame sobh) (2017) Brilliant. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jan 17, 2017
3/10 17% Assassin's Creed (2016) The movie spirals into the elaborate illogic of the videogame on which it's based. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jan 6, 2017
7/10 92% Hidden Figures (2017) Smart and sweet, the movie doesn't so much press viewers to examine their own potential prejudices as it assumes the persuasive power of its own vision. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jan 6, 2017
3/10 78% Patriots Day (2017) Tommy's movie-magical appearances in so many places are less an emotional through-line than a mechanical contrivance, as you wonder, more than once, how does he happen to be on that street in his cruiser, right at that moment? ‐ PopMatters
Posted Dec 22, 2016
5/10 70% Miss Sloane (2016) You might have prepared for a gaudy twist of a finalé, but no, the finalé you get is the one you might have expected from another movie, a movie that doesn't begin with the promise of something different. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Dec 8, 2016
5/10 95% The Edge of Seventeen (2016) [While] Kelly Fremon Craig's first feature updates some old plot points by wrapping them up in current references -- a text message precipitates Nadine's first scene crisis -- it tends to be pretty much what you expect. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Nov 29, 2016
10/10 96% I Am Not Your Negro (2017) The jarring, seemingly inevitable transition from Baldwin to today makes clear that for all the progress anyone imagines has been made, "What's going to happen in this country" remains exactly the real question. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Nov 17, 2016
7/10 94% Arrival (2016) The movie insists on conversation, on communication, on sharing experience. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Nov 17, 2016
3/10 19% Inferno (2016) That Langdon likes to issue such explanations and annotations while on the run, sometimes reading text as you see it on screen, with highlighting to guide your eye, can't help but slow down the action. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Nov 3, 2016
4/10 72% The Birth of a Nation (2016) Such focus on Nat Turner's experience at the expense of others creates a set of common representational problems, not least being the use of women's bodies to drive yet another man's plot. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Oct 11, 2016
7/10 92% Queen of Katwe (2016) If that story here sometimes lapses into formula, the dazzling color (oranges and yellows and magentas) and thrilling energy and sheer art of each scene help to make that formula less burdensome, to make these places vibrant and marvelous. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Sep 30, 2016
4/10 61% Snowden (2016) As much as Snowden is overstated and underwhelming, it can't undercut the crucial importance of Snowden's ongoing story. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Sep 16, 2016
9/10 93% Under The Sun (2016) These layers are visible especially because the film is so intently focused on Zin-mi, her fascinating face, her restrained gestures, her openness and also her caution, her obvious effort to please and her occasional and barely discernible frustration. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Aug 2, 2016
4/10 66% Nerve (2016) The movie never makes your choices difficult or challenges your role as a consumer, indicting consumers of violence in a way that's simultaneously obvious and pleasurable, and not at all your problem. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jul 28, 2016
5/10 56% Jason Bourne (2016) This is the Bourne repetition. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jul 28, 2016
4/10 57% The Neon Demon (2016) Predictable and sensationalistic, the story in The Neon Demon is delivered with exclamation points. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 30, 2016
4/10 47% Free State of Jones (2016) Whatever principles Newton Knight once pursued, and however noble Gary Ross' revisionist history might be, Free State of Jones leaves unresolved-and worse, unasked-a series of vital questions. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 30, 2016
8/10 91% Zero Days (2016) [Gibney] takes up the strategies he's used so skillfully in Taxi to the Dark Side... These back-and-forths are fun and energetic, the stories they reveal at once transfixing, preposterous, and melodramatic. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 30, 2016
8/10 95% Tickled (2016) On its surface, Tickled is about Farrier and Reeve's search for a truth about who's behind these tickle cells... But it's also, at another level, about how such a search becomes a truth of its own, documented and disseminated. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 30, 2016
2/10 69% Central Intelligence (2016) The relentlessness here is daunting, its returns diminishing. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 23, 2016
9/10 100% O.J.: Made in America (2016) Juxtaposing images and interviews, revelations and old news, the film makes clear repeatedly that people base their beliefs on what they see, but what they see is inevitably framed by experiences and expectations. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 23, 2016
5/10 80% The Conjuring 2 (2016) Then the movie kicks back into gear, a series of regular horror movie mechanics, with people walking into rooms they shouldn't and doors banging and figures slamming into walls. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 15, 2016
6/10 89% The World's End (2013) [The World's End] soon turns from this not-quite-nostalgic focus to one more like Pegg and Edgar Wright's first two Cornetto movies, which is to say, a melding of well-known genres in order to spoof them. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 14, 2016
9/10 97% The Fits (2016) In Toni, a girl who comes of age, who comes into herself, the movie offers a brilliant, new, and sensory experience. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 10, 2016
4/10 58% Me Before You (2016) This question of who comes "before" is likely unanswerable. In another movie, that might be a grand, provocative notion... But this movie does answer it, makes clear whose before matters. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 10, 2016
9/10 100% Of Men And War (2015) For all the individual horrors it documents, Of Men and War... is organized as a collective experience, following multiple, mostly unnamed veterans as they share in group or in pairs, expressing rage and fear, frustration, and small pleasures. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 1, 2016
8/10 95% Presenting Princess Shaw (2016) [Documentaries] impose order on chaotic experience, structure narratives, conjure viewing pleasures. Presenting Princess Shaw simultaneously exposes and obscures this process. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Jun 1, 2016
4/10 48% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Watching the same origins, the same conflicts, the same struggles, you could describe it as more, but you also call it the same. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 26, 2016
9/10 97% Weiner (2016) You can't look away. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 25, 2016
8/10 98% The Babadook (2014) This isn't to say it's only about how disturbing it can be to be a mom; it's also not only about how difficult it can be to be a mom to a child who reminds you each day of your most dire trauma... The film is also about institutions that fail to serve. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 23, 2016
5/10 75% Last Days In The Desert (2016) Yet another meditation on the Jesus story. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 18, 2016
4/10 57% Money Monster (2016) The movie is stuck between indictments, making cases against the makers and the consumers, the cheaters and the cheated. ‐ PopMatters
Posted May 13, 2016
4/10 77% Elvis & Nixon (2016) That Elvis or Nixon might believe his own mythology, the stories told him by his yes men, can't be surprising. Neither is the movie's underlining of their hypocrisies. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 27, 2016
4/10 30% Criminal (2016) In any other universe, Jerico's story would be ludicrous. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 21, 2016
8/10 90% Green Room (2016) It's a genre picture and also a sly dissection of a genre picture. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 14, 2016
10/10 75% Counting (2015) In Counting, observation is transformed into a set of questions, ethical and aesthetic, political and practical. What's at stake for whom in recording and reproducing, in accumulating data, in making art? ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 13, 2016
4/10 52% Demolition (2016) If you want to build your movie on a metaphor, you don't have to explain everything. Demolition bulldozes ahead. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 13, 2016
7/10 73% Miles Ahead (2016) As glad as fans might have been to have access to another decade's worth of innovations, still many people wonder to this day, what was [Davis] doing?... Don Cheadle's movie, the not-a-biopic Miles Ahead, imagines answers to these questions. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Apr 6, 2016
4/10 27% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Alas, these boys like to over-share. You might take solace in Wonder Woman's enigma, amid all the boys' clunking assertions of need and self. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 23, 2016
6/10 95% Eye In The Sky (2016) Gavin Hood's movie provides you with more information than any of the participants might have, including glimpses of just who that collateral damage will be. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 18, 2016
3/10 12% The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016) A painfully mechanical exercise. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 18, 2016
8/10 83% Midnight Special (2016) Seeing Michael Shannon and Kirsten Dunst's faces here, shaped and reshaped by loss, longing, and overwhelming gentleness, is a revelation. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 18, 2016
8/10 90% 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Like Michelle, you're evaluating what Howard has to say, with little evidence one way or the other. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 18, 2016
3/10 25% London Has Fallen (2016) Mike's appeal -- if you can call it that -- is precisely his brutality, specifically, brutality wrapped up in the US flag. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 9, 2016
6/10 80% Eddie The Eagle (2016) The film does a couple of things right. One, it knows it's exactly that movie and never pretends to be otherwise. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Mar 3, 2016
4/10 61% Race (2016) It's not a biopic's job to be accurate, no matter this one's promotional effort to claim that it is. It's possible, however, for a film about history to represent the complications of doing so, to raise questions about what's visible and what's left out. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 24, 2016
8/10 79% The Other Side (Louisiana) (2016) The film resists naming, reading, and judging. It asks you to imagine an other, other side, a world that is abject, unmoored and frightening, one where your view is turned inside out, not fitted to what you see. ‐ PopMatters
Posted Feb 19, 2016