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3/10 No Score Yet On Again Off Again (2016) Inauthentic and unnuanced, On Again Off Again feels like a Hallmark card come to life.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Oct 15, 2018
6/10 65% Galveston (2018) Galveston can't help but feel like a compilation of cover songs, which, while listenable, are stilted and perfunctory. Even so, there's enough stark photography, impassioned performances and uncompromising brutality to satiate viewers...‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Sep 24, 2018
2/10 0% American Dresser (2018) American Dresser bludgeons your chest open and clumsily strums your heartstrings with a camel's hoof.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Sep 20, 2018
7/10 No Score Yet Human Tornado (1984) The Human Tornado is basically a variety show. Spliced into the plot are stand-up routines, belly dancers, fire swallowers and musicians. This format fits the Dolemite character perfectly, as it keeps the film within the appropriate context.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Sep 20, 2018
8/10 No Score Yet Petey Wheatstraw (1978) In this modern age of conceited comedy that values applause breaks over laughs-willfully homogenizing itself to refrain from stepping on a single toe-Moore's unashamed brand of buffoonery is like a cool, refreshing pie in the face.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Sep 17, 2018
89% The Old Man & the Gun (2018) If you feared [it] would be just another farce where old people engage in shenanigans unbecoming of their age, rest easy...It distills a movie veteran's record into one last story.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Sep 11, 2018
5/10 83% Disco Godfather (1979) While the hilarious karate and hallucinations that close the film are worth the wait, they don't justify the gleeful submission to the era's fads or the preachy, anti-drug crusade, both of which make Disco Godfather too inhibited for its own good.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Aug 2, 2018
8/10 64% Dolemite (1975) Even with its amateurish presentation and off-kilter action, Dolemite is far more fun than a good many of the high-stakes, high-budget films that the big studios roll out every month or so. ‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Aug 1, 2018
5/10 No Score Yet Pickings (2018) Pickings might have two left feet, but it's not without its temporary pleasures. There are occasional moments of inspiration.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jul 31, 2018
3/10 No Score Yet Blackenstein (Black Frankenstein)(Return of Blackenstein) (1973) As slow, lifeless and sloppily stitched together as its monster, this movie is a massive dud, undeserving of its goofy name.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jul 30, 2018
8/10 No Score Yet Black Canaries (2014) Its abstract story structure and unkempt appearance might initially seem off-putting but wipe away the dirt and you find a story that's been told many times over, but rarely with this much consideration.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jul 2, 2018
9/10 63% Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) Sicario: Day of the Soldado feels fully developed and sure of itself. When it finally releases its grasp, you feel the drop back into your seat.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jun 29, 2018
4/10 No Score Yet Funeral Day (2018) Funeral Day has its head in the right place, but it simply isn't able to extract the comedy from its concept, no matter how conducive to comedy that concept is.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jun 25, 2018
7/10 No Score Yet The Lower Rooms (2015) If observing curious characters interact with one another in living rooms is enough for you, then make no mistake, the film is highly watchable as a collection of character moments, just don't expect them to add up to anything.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Jun 19, 2018
2.5/5 42% In Darkness (2018) In Darkness is certainly watchable and, as dull as the proceedings might be, checks many of the boxes that one looks for when trying to ignore turbulence on an airplane. It's fast-paced, good-looking and Dormer has the ability to carry a movie.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted May 25, 2018
1.5/4 No Score Yet Tormenting the Hen (2017) Tormenting the Hen plays with these expectations in an occasionally tense manner, but ends up being a movie of vague, ethereal ideas that don't hold as much dramatic weight as intended.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted May 21, 2018
2.5/5 89% Escapes (2017) Watching the film is often frustrating, but only because it surrounds its interesting subject with half-baked narrative devices, none of which accentuate his story, so much as they drown it out.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted May 9, 2018
4/5 60% Flock of Four (2018) I found Flock of Four to be an emotionally honest portrait of hero worship.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 11, 2018
3/4 No Score Yet Nobody Dies Here (2017) By way of its cinematography, Nobody Dies Here places the viewer in a distinct environment, unlike anything else.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 9, 2018
2/4 No Score Yet Underbelly Blues (2012) It's a losing battle to spoof something that's already funny...If only Phil Messerer and Seamus Reed, the director, and writer, had taken their anarchic sensibilities and applied them to a world all their own. That's something I would like to see.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Apr 2, 2018
3.5/5 No Score Yet Living Room Coffin (2018) Considering the absurdity of its set-up, the story unfolds with an unwarranted amount of logic...I can't say I was completely content with the conclusion of the coffin conundrum, but Living Room Coffin has a good time getting there.‐ Film Threat
Read More | Posted Mar 26, 2018