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4/5 90% The Old Man & the Gun (2018) Lyrically and lovingly shot on 16 mm, it's an endearing tale -- part crime thriller, part light comedy, part love story -- that makes full use of Redford's significant charm.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Oct 9, 2018
3/5 87% Love, Gilda (2018) A full, vibrant portrait of a lovely spirit with a simple but deeply rooted desire to give people a good laugh. By the time it's done, you'll just want to hug somebody.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Sep 28, 2018
2/5 28% Night School (2018) Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart are without question the reason the film works to the extent it does. One might argue they're the reason it is even watchable.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Sep 26, 2018
2/5 64% Lizzie (2018) Despite the darkly alluring subject matter, it ends up as a confused psychosexual snoozer more interested in titillating its audience than weaving a compelling, cohesive tale.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Sep 19, 2018
3/5 59% White Boy Rick (2018) It's not the searing indictment of the justice system Demange seems to be aiming for, but McConaughey -- all greasy mullet and greasier smiles -- helps charm it to life.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Sep 12, 2018
3/5 83% Juliet, Naked (2018) It's not without its contrivances and predictabilities. But like any good rom-com, it has a way of charming its audience into overlooking them.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Aug 29, 2018
3/5 96% Rodents of Unusual Size (2018) Ostensibly, it's about nutria, but the real stars are the South Louisiana faces who help it become as much an ethnography as an environmental call-to-arms.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Aug 22, 2018
4/5 95% BlacKkKlansman (2018) Lee plays Stallworth's story largely for laughs. How could he not? It's a true but utterly ridiculous tale. Still, make no mistake: BlacKkKlansman matters.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Aug 7, 2018
2/5 72% Christopher Robin (2018) Despite the fetching visuals and the charm of Jim Cummings as Pooh, there's nothing here that will make anyone forget the loveliness of Disney's original Pooh films.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Aug 3, 2018
4/5 99% Eighth Grade (2018) An astutely observed film built around honesty and genuine emotion, it's smart, funny and heartbreaking -- and it shouldn't be missed.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jul 31, 2018
3/5 76% Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (2018) An appealingly odd blend of farce and philosophy, Van Sant's at-times gangly film is at its root a character study, propelled by its fascinating subject and an effective cast.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jul 25, 2018
2/5 80% Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) It's easy to overlook the cornball cheesiness of such a fun and joyous film. It's much harder to overlook the glaring lie around which Universal's marketing strategy is built.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Jul 18, 2018
3/5 51% Equalizer 2 (2018) Despite deeply flawed storytelling, it demonstrates how a great actor in a great role can turn an otherwise mediocre story into a satisfyingly visceral, cathartic thrill ride.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jul 18, 2018
4/5 100% Leave No Trace (2018) You can't say enough about 18-year-old Thomasin McKenzie, whose nuanced performance here burnishes Granik's reputation as a discoverer and molder of exciting young talent.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jul 11, 2018
4/5 88% Whitney (2018) What McDonald ends up with is a film that serves both as tribute and as cautionary tale, and one that functions well as both.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jul 6, 2018
2/5 48% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) A handsome but ridiculous film built around hollow and moronic human characters who demonstrate once and for all that natural selection does not apply to Hollywood.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jun 22, 2018
5/5 99% Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018) First off, yes, he really was like that. And he was so much more. Sigh. Where's Mr. Rogers when you need him?‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jun 20, 2018
2/5 93% First Reformed (2018) While it invites viewers to ruminate over any number of big ideas, it boasts no crystallizing moment to tie all those ideas together in a satisfying way.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jun 13, 2018
1/5 49% Superfly (2018) It might have been intended to be guilty-pleasure romp. Instead, it's a shameful reinforcement of negative racial stereotypes and a gross glorification of street violence.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Jun 12, 2018
3/5 89% Hereditary (2018) Yes, there's a certain familiarity to its general horror notes -- but only until those daring, shattering moments in which Hereditary erupts insanely and reveals itself as a thing all its own. ‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jun 8, 2018
3/5 57% Hotel Artemis (2018) Yes, it's a shameless ripoff of John Wick. But you know what? It's a pretty darn fun one, with a firm grip on what kind of movie it is: a violent, guilty-pleasure romp.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jun 6, 2018
4/5 97% The Rider (2018) It's a small movie about a small-time rodeo rider. But emotionally, it stands taller than any blockbuster about spandex-wearing superheroes or wisecracking space smugglers.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted May 23, 2018
5/5 86% Tully (2018) It is brutally, hilariously honest about motherhood -- which will make it an important film for the many women who see it and think with relief, "My god, it's not just me."‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted May 1, 2018
3/5 94% Loveless (Nelyubov) (2018) An unapologetic lamentation, not just over the state of its leading characters' lives but also -- like Leviathan -- over the state of life today in Vladimir Putin's deeply apathetic Russia.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Apr 18, 2018
5/5 89% Isle of Dogs (2018) An artful and entertaining gem that is at turns whimsical and thoughtful, humorous and heartfelt, silly and sweet -- and an artistic masterpiece, to boot.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Apr 4, 2018
5/5 96% The Death of Stalin (2018) Blend The West Wing with Fawlty Towers and add a smidge of Dr. Strangelove, and you're getting close to the feel of The Death of Stalin.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Mar 21, 2018
2/5 25% 7 Days in Entebbe (2018) There's plenty of drama there to be mined, and a reasonable amount of tension, but it falters when it comes to zeroing in on an emotional component to set it apart.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Mar 16, 2018
3/5 60% Benji (2018) It is cute without seeming desperate, nostalgic without feeling dated, values-based without being preachy, and sweet without being (too) cloying. ‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Mar 13, 2018
3/5 94% A Fantastic Woman (Una mujer fantástica) (2018) A humorless sense of melodrama helps keep it from becoming unassailably fantastic as a whole, but there's no denying that it is fantastically timely, and touching to boot.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Mar 7, 2018
1/5 38% When We First Met (2018) Adam DeVine's doofy charm helps, but it's not enough to save this Groundhog Day-ish exercise that works hard to put every romantic-comedy genre contrivance into play.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Feb 7, 2018
3/5 51% Freak Show (2018) John Hughes died in 2009, but if he were alive today and still making movies, one has to think he would probably be making movies like Freak Show.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Jan 30, 2018
2/5 72% Hostiles (2018) Hostiles is a very serious film, relentlessly grim and unapologetically grave. It also seems to want badly for people to recognize that it's serious, grim and grave. Like, really, really badly.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jan 24, 2018
3/5 75% Mom and Dad (2018) Think "Home Alone" meets "Straw Dogs" -- with a crazed Nicolas Cage thrown in -- and you've got an idea of the lunacy in store.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jan 17, 2018
5/5 87% The Post (2018) This is movie for its time, one that -- armed with an Oscar-rich cast and crew -- manages to deliver its messages without climbing onto a soapbox and lecturing.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Jan 9, 2018
4/5 90% I, Tonya (2018) Built on superb performances from Margot Robbie and Allison Janney, it's a warts-and-all portrait of Harding, but one that is also disarmingly sympathetic and revealing.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Jan 3, 2018
5/5 92% The Shape of Water (2017) A wonderfully weird love story that plays like an adult fairy tale, it's a fantastical delight, one of those rare start-to-finish treats that succeeds on every level.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Dec 20, 2017
3/5 76% Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) It's pure formula, but Kasdan and company fill in the blanks well in what ends up as a funny and highly entertaining pleasant surprise of a family adventure.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Dec 19, 2017
4/5 84% Darkest Hour (2017) It scores on any number of technical levels, but it's Oldman's award-worthy performance as Churchill more than anything that proves to be the linchpin to the whole exercise.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Dec 18, 2017
2/5 30% Wonder Wheel (2017) Like the attraction in the film's title, the wheel turn but it rarely feels like anybody's really going anywhere. ‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Dec 14, 2017
3/5 91% The Disaster Artist (2017) Franco gets credit for focusing every bit as much on the artist as the disaster - and for taking something most saw as trash and spinning it into something close to treasure.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Dec 4, 2017
3/5 78% Sweet Virginia (2017) A taut and twisting bit of atmospheric suspense, it sinks its hooks into its audience early and keeps them on the line for the rest of its affecting and briskly paced story.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Nov 29, 2017
5/5 92% Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) A meticulously shot and sharply written character study, it plays like a blend of the Coen brothers and Quentin Tarantino.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Nov 21, 2017
3/5 51% Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017) We all know Denzel Washington is among the best in the business. We expect excellence from him. But that doesn't make it any less enjoyable when he delivers, as he does here.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Nov 21, 2017
3/5 99% Lady Bird (2017) With a delightful lead performance from Ronan and a breezy script built on universal themes, it effortlessly takes wing to become an embraceable exploration of growing up.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Nov 16, 2017
4/5 89% 78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene (2017) A fascinating look at the most fascinating moment in what is arguably the most fascinating movie in the Hitchcock catalog.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Nov 7, 2017
4/5 79% The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) While a bit of a slow-starter, when the dam bursts, it bursts, delivering a film that is both darkly comic and deadly serious -- and very weird. (That's a good thing.)‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Nov 3, 2017
2/5 63% Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017) Unlike Milne's Pooh stories, which are cuddly, effortless and embraceable, it is unwieldy and awkward. To borrow a phrase from a certain fluff-stuffed bear: Oh, bother.‐ Times-Picayune
Read More | Posted Nov 2, 2017
4/5 96% The Florida Project (2017) It is at turns charming but unsettling, amusing but poignant, care-free but thought-provoking. But the real story here is Brooklynn Prince, a 6-year-old star in the making.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Oct 27, 2017
1/5 29% All I See Is You (2017) After a promising start, it fritters away any emotional connection with its audience early on, becoming a cold, meandering and tiresome exercise.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Oct 26, 2017
1/5 6% Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017) Sometimes it's stupid-funny, but mostly it's just plain stupid. And sloppy. And that won't matter one bit to fans of Tyler Perry's films.‐ Times-Picayune
Posted Oct 20, 2017