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3/5 33% Live By Night (2017) Though thriving in its set-up, Ben Affleck's return to the director's chair for the first time since the Oscar winning Argo, falls short in its pay-off, becoming needlessly convoluted as we progress throughout the narrative. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Jan 12, 2017
2/5 25% Marauders (2016) Meloni shines as the film's hardened protagonist, an archetypal detective, an anti-hero, stoic, flawed and complete with a murky past - but vitally, somebody we always root for. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 20, 2016
2/5 40% Why Him? (2016) While there are undoubtedly laughs to be had, here's a comedy suffocated by its very own sense of unoriginality. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 20, 2016
3/5 31% Passengers (2016) Passengers is perfectly enjoyable blockbuster fodder, with accomplished lead turns and a great simplistic set-up, albeit one that is let down by the needlessly convoluted pay-off. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 20, 2016
2/5 17% Assassin's Creed (2016) A disjointed affair that is absurd and irreverent without any self-awareness, taking itself far too seriously and lacking that vital injection of adventure. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 20, 2016
4/5 84% Silence (2017) A gloriously understated, muted production. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 19, 2016
1/5 33% Operation Chromite (2016) Unrelenting from the offset, Operation Chromite offers a pure sense of entertainment, but lacks heavily on the emotional front, and that's not for the want of trying, as profundity is vied for, and yet is hard to adhere to. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 19, 2016
1/5 12% Collateral Beauty (2016) Partly why you may struggle to feel emotionally invested in this narrative is because everybody out to "help" our protagonist, appear to be doing so for financial gain, and not out of any actual compassion. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 19, 2016
3/5 87% Leap! (Ballerina) (2017) As we progress the unwavering enthusiasm of the lead role becomes somewhat infectious, and as she grows on us, in turn so does the movie. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 16, 2016
2/5 No Score Yet Tschick (2016) Rather than feel circumstantial, every tedious situation our protagonists find themselves in feels more like the result of writers desperately vying to come up with ideas, rather than follow any real natural flow. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 11, 2016
4/5 93% The Eagle Huntress (2016) A captivating, rousing and profound piece of cinema. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 9, 2016
3/5 No Score Yet A Wedding (2016) The film survives primarily, however, off the lead turn by El Arabi, who shines as Zahira. It's a rather muted, understand performance, internalised and subtle, and one she pulls off with quite remarkable consequences. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 8, 2016
3/5 93% I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) An alternative, subversive thriller steeped in cinematic tradition. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 8, 2016
2/5 42% Office Christmas Party (2016) Office Christmas Party is frustratingly contrived, with an inclination to maintain a sense of immensity where on occasion a more understated approach would be beneficial. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 7, 2016
2/5 29% Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism (2015) Molly Moon follows all of the beats of the genre in an unapologetic manner, but what transpires is a film that feels more like an elongated episode of a programme on CBBC, which really, is where this project is more likely to have found its home. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Dec 2, 2016
3/5 95% Moana (2016) A film that while relevant and very modern, abides affectionately by the tropes of the genre at hand, depicting Polynesian culture with an air of enchantment and respect. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 28, 2016
4/5 95% The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Profoundly surprising the viewer every step of the way, all while following a tried, tested and triumphant formula. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 28, 2016
3/5 23% Bad Santa 2 (2016) Sequels comes the supposed benefit of knowing exactly what audiences responded too so fervently, but this can be detrimental as the inclination to appease that same crowd & attempt to emulate what worked in the past so rarely breeds the same results. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 23, 2016
3/5 86% The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (2016) The Music of Strangers serves as something of an important reminder of what cultures can achieve when collaborating. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 16, 2016
3/5 94% Gimme Danger (2016) Jim Jarmusch seeks to alter the portrayal of this eccentric, irrepressible individual and remind us quite how brilliant Iggy and the Stooges were as an outfit. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 14, 2016
3/5 73% Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them remains engaging, and the visual effects are mightily impressive, while some of the set-pieces are gloriously immersive. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 14, 2016
2/5 23% American Pastoral (2016) The core issue with American Pastoral is the inclination to cover so much ground, and scrutinise over a myriad of themes. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 10, 2016
2/5 41% 100 Streets (2017) More subtlety is required, as this annoying urge to tie up all loose ends makes for a distinctly cold conclusion, and one that sadly undoes much of the good work achieved in the opening act. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 8, 2016
3/5 45% Rupture (2016) Rupture makes for an immersive cinematic experience, for the viewer is placed in exactly the same shoes as the protagonist, as we know absolutely nothing. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 4, 2016
2/5 77% A Street Cat Named Bob (2016) A Street Cat Named Bob toes the line between mawkish and sincere sentimentality, carelessly falling into the former camp on occasion. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 3, 2016
4/5 83% The White Knights (Les Chevaliers Blancs) (2015) A feature that blurs the line between right and wrong, creating an internal conflict that makes for a hugely provocative production. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 2, 2016
2/5 51% The Accountant (2016) Any such understatement the character has is not in any way indicative of the film, which is far too unsubtle in its execution. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Nov 1, 2016
2/5 22% Let's Be Evil (2016) A film that is deserving of praise for its ambition, particularly on its modest resources - and yet too flawed a piece of cinema to earnestly recommend. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 27, 2016
4/5 90% Doctor Strange (2016) Fantastic and brilliant! The effects will blow your mind! ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 24, 2016
3/5 37% Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) It's a generic action thriller but still endearing, unashamedly entertaining cinema. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 19, 2016
3/5 63% City of Tiny Lights (2016) Though ineffably cinematic, here's a film that offers an authentic depiction of London. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 18, 2016
5/5 94% Ethel & Ernest (2016) The real accomplishment here is now having this beautiful affair immortalised through cinema. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 16, 2016
3/5 43% Dog Eat Dog (2016) Dog Eat Dog will not be for everybody, it's unforgiving in its commitment to violence and unconventional in its means of storytelling. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 16, 2016
3/5 60% Tiger Raid (2016) Dixon has presented a feature that could well signal the start of a prosperous career in film. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 14, 2016
3/5 99% Don't Think Twice (2016) With Birbiglia at the helm there are plenty of laugh out loud moments, while there remains a certain warmth to proceedings, as a writer who balances comedy and pathos remarkably well. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 14, 2016
3/5 93% The Innocents (Les innocentes) (2016) Far from an entertaining cinematic experience, but undoubtedly a rewarding one. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 14, 2016
4/5 93% Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (2016) It's incredibly easy to take for granted that the way we live has been so heavily informed, and dictated by a series of insanely intelligent people, as we're so consumed by actually using the internet we forget where it came from. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 13, 2016
3/5 95% After Love (L'économie du couple) (2016) The beauty to this film - and as is evident in the very title - is that we focus solely on the present, and future, not dwelling on the past, not even learning of why their marriage came to an end. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 13, 2016
3/5 60% Porto (2016) Klinger shoots the backstreets of Porto with a certain affection, a grainy aesthetic that evokes a sense of romanticism that derives from classic cinema, but this film deviates far off the typical Hollywood path. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 12, 2016
3/5 100% The Pass (2016) Though undoubtedly a flawed endeavour, it's imperative we add to the discussion of homosexuality in football, as a theme barely discussed in real life, never mind up on the big screen, as we scrutinise over the ugliest side of the beautiful game. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 12, 2016
2/5 19% Inferno (2016) This film very much remains in the same universe as what preceded it, on a similar level, both in terms of quality and tonally, to both of Langdon's previous two big screen outings. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 11, 2016
2/5 53% Mascots (2016) The mockumentary has been popularised and we've seen so many films and sitcoms thrive in this very capacity it's become rather tedious stomping ground that requires something truly unique to stand out from the crowd, and regrettably Mascots is not it. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 10, 2016
3/5 No Score Yet The Untamed (2016) A feature that demands a second viewing. That is, of course, if you're able to stomach it. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 10, 2016
3/5 63% Storks (2016) What Storks has in comedic value it lacks in pathos, not quite carrying the emotional punch to correspond with the humour. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 10, 2016
3/5 75% Trolls (2016) ntelligently devised in such a way that it's completely tongue-in-cheek and self-aware, managing to be both self-deprecating and self-referential throughout, and yet will be a huge hit amongst children who lap up the sparkly elements. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 8, 2016
3/5 No Score Yet Heal the Living (Reparer les vivants) (2016) As the tone changes and we start to appreciate life rather than dwelling on the loss of it, there is one thing that remains a constant within this indelible drama, and that's the series of wonderful performances. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 6, 2016
4/5 91% The Red Turtle (La tortue rouge) (2017) An enchanting, serene feature that makes for an ineffably moving, and truly engaging cinematic experience. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 5, 2016
3/5 43% The Girl on the Train (2016) Taylor presents this narrative in a distinctly disorientating fashion, as we adopt the haphazard perspective of the protagonist, enriching the film's elusive nature. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Oct 4, 2016
2/5 0% The Headhunter's Calling (2016) Without earning the investment of the viewer after the playful opening act, it makes for a rather tedious second half. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Sep 27, 2016
4/5 91% Southside With You (2016) It's of great commendation to all involved that we're dealing with a film presented as a 'will they-won't they' where you know fully well they will, and yet it matters little. ‐ HeyUGuys
Posted Sep 26, 2016