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      Cinapse is not a Tomatometer-approved publication. Reviews from this publication only count toward the Tomatometer® when written by the following Tomatometer-approved critic(s): Ed Travis, Dan Tabor.

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      Rating Title | Year Author Quote
      Pure O (2023) Ed Travis Pure O is a daring film
      Posted Mar 17, 2023
      The Starling Girl (2023) Ed Travis The Starling Girl is authentic and subtle; troubling and triumphant. It’s quietly one of the best films SXSW 2023 had to offer.
      Posted Mar 16, 2023
      John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) Ed Travis John Wick: Chapter 4 is simply one of the greatest action films of this generation, and perhaps of all time.
      Posted Mar 14, 2023
      Furies (2023) Ed Travis [Veronica] Ngo’s action cinema roots are on full display here and Furies feels like a Hong Kong style heroic bloodshed tale, with maximal melodrama to accompany the flying fists and bullet ballet.
      Posted Mar 13, 2023
      Flamin' Hot (2023) Ed Travis It’s unquestioningly inspiring to experience Richard’s story in Flamin’ Hot, and yet, it remains painfully clear just how exceptional his story really is.
      Posted Mar 13, 2023
      Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania (2023) Dan Tabor While Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s overwhelming onslaught of half baked CGI and hamfisted performances may be the bulk of the film’s over two hour runtime, one performer who isn’t sleepwalking to his payday is Jonathan Majors.
      Posted Mar 13, 2023
      FP 4EVZ (2023) Dan Tabor While most would have probably given up, Trost surprisingly has found a new footing with his series going bigger and weirder than ever while also somehow imbuing it with a heart.
      Posted Mar 13, 2023
      Satan Wants You (2023) Dan Tabor Satan Wants You is a piercing exposé that is razor sharp and relevant as ever and showshow fear mongering is used as propaganda and a form of control.
      Posted Mar 13, 2023
      The Wrath of Becky (2023) Dan Tabor Wrath of Becky is a blood-drenched blast from start to finish and the perfect film for any genre fan looking for a bit of that ultraviolence.
      Posted Mar 13, 2023
      The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (2023) Dan Tabor Side stepping the camp, The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster is, at its core, a monster of a metaphor with dense subtext. The film uses the setting to touch on the cyclical nature of violence, but it also dips into race, history, the value of life.
      Posted Mar 13, 2023
      birth/rebirth (2023) Dan Tabor BIRTH/REBIRTH is a Feminist Horror Masterwork.
      Posted Jan 24, 2023
      Infinity Pool (2023) Dan Tabor Profoundly perverse and thought-provoking, Infinity Pool decimates boundaries and comfort zones.
      Posted Jan 24, 2023
      Nr. 10 (2021) Dan Tabor NR. 10 is a pop punk melodrama that has the band setting fire to their stage at the end of their set. Depending on your taste, your mileage will definitely vary with this one since that third act is going to be divisive as Hell.
      Posted Jan 23, 2023
      The Devil Conspiracy (2022) Dan Tabor Sadly, I was disappointed in The Devil Conspiracy. It felt like it had a bunch of interesting and downright unique ideas, but couldn’t really get any to stick, let alone stick that landing
      Posted Jan 23, 2023
      Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls (2023) Dan Tabor Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls is a hell of a good time, and is the best case scenario given the setup and source. I am just still in disbelief at how good this film was and how I even want a sequel. Seriously, when Andrew?
      Posted Jan 23, 2023
      My Animal (2023) Dan Tabor My Animal is a viscerally charged love story that takes the queer outsider trope to a new height with its story of one young woman’s sexual awakening in small town that will never forget it.
      Posted Jan 23, 2023
      Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Kinda Left Out (2023) Dan Tabor Aliens Abducted is a charming family sci-fi frolic that has a lesson to teach and delivers it with a spoonful of sugar.
      Posted Jan 21, 2023
      Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) Dan Tabor AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER is a Lush Action Spectacle that Only James Cameron can Deliver!
      Posted Dec 13, 2022
      Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022) Dan Tabor CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS the nostalgia-fueled, neon-soaked mashup of ‘Silent Night Deadly Night’ and ‘The Terminator’ is a Bloody Good Time!
      Posted Dec 08, 2022
      Violent Night (2022) Dan Tabor VIOLENT NIGHT is the Greatest Christmas Action Movie of All Time!
      Posted Dec 01, 2022
      Two Witches (2021) Dan Tabor Two Witches is an enjoyable watch that delivers the scares along with an interesting mythology to boot.
      Posted Nov 28, 2022
      Spirit Halloween: The Movie (2022) Dan Tabor While I am terrified of the IP trend this may have put into motion, with stores now getting films, I couldn’t think of a better store, or a better scenario to start with.
      Posted Oct 24, 2022
      No Escape (1994) Ed Travis No Escape is a highly satisfying and energetic action epic that never feels bloated so much as efficient and lethal.
      Posted Oct 15, 2022
      Halloween Ends (2022) Dan Tabor David Gordon Green’s latest, Halloween Ends is a heady and metaphorical masterpiece on the origin of monsters, while asking the age old question of what is evil?
      Posted Oct 13, 2022
      Hellraiser (2022) Dan Tabor Hellraiser is a gore soaked great time! It delivers the expected hallmarks of the franchise fans expect — characters of questionable morality, plenty of the red stuff!
      Posted Sep 30, 2022
      Tintorera... Bloody Waters (1977) Ed Travis Tintorera is a wild time capsule of a luxurious time and place that also makes you root for the sharks to win, though you know they won’t.
      Posted Sep 29, 2022
      Year of the Shark (2022) Ed Travis Writer/directors Ludovic Boukherma and Zoran Boukherma mix together laughs, thrills, and potent themes admirably.
      Posted Sep 29, 2022
      Mako: The Jaws of Death (1976) Ed Travis The Jaws Of Death really moves, with a wacky plot that allows for plenty of shark action.
      Posted Sep 29, 2022
      Venus (2022) Ed Travis Venus absolutely nails the tonal tight-wire it treads thanks to an experienced director and a game star.
      Posted Sep 28, 2022
      V/H/S/99 (2022) Dan Tabor V/H/S/99 has the relaunched series really coming into its own with its new custodians, who definitely show this formula still has a lot of blood left to spill.
      Posted Sep 27, 2022
      Vesper (2022) Ed Travis It’s almost impossible to believe that Vesper exists, so fully realized and unique is its vision in a world where stories like this usually cost hundreds of millions of dollars to tell.
      Posted Sep 27, 2022
      Solomon King (1974) Ed Travis Watching Solomon King is akin to watching a Rudy Ray Moore film that was lost to time and is only now bursting onto the scene some 50 years later.
      Posted Sep 26, 2022
      Bad City (2022) Ed Travis Sonomura’s fight work is so lightning fast, so clear in its execution, so technical, and so thrilling, you genuinely feel like you’re seeing something new emerge.
      Posted Sep 26, 2022
      Living with Chucky (2022) Dan Tabor Living with Chucky a heartfelt and charming take on not only of one woman’s relationship with her father, but her mass murdering 3 foot tall red headed step brother as well.
      Posted Sep 25, 2022
      Kids vs. Aliens (2022) Ed Travis What Eisener honestly brings to Kids Vs. Aliens that works in the film’s favor the most is… himself, with his heart and his passions on his sleeve.
      Posted Sep 24, 2022
      Pearl (2022) Dan Tabor Goth imbues Pearl with an almost unheard of depth and sadness that will make you feel legitimate empathy for this creature that is harboring an unawakened evil.
      Posted Sep 16, 2022
      The Artifice Girl (2022) Dan Tabor The Artifice Girl is a masterful exercise in “what if”, that gives a positive and hopeful take on technology.
      Posted Jul 31, 2022
      Deadstream (2022) Dan Tabor Deadstream is horrifically hilarious, while also being a scathing take on our current social media landscape.
      Posted Jul 31, 2022
      Shin Ultraman (2022) Dan Tabor Shin Ultraman is equal parts love letter and reboot, making it a great entry point for those looking to get to know this iconic character. The film also chooses to echo the hopeful spirit of the original 1966 series.
      Posted Jul 31, 2022
      Swallowed (2022) Dan Tabor Swallowed is a visceral venture into the world of drug trafficking with a refreshing dynamic.
      Posted Jul 31, 2022
      Megalomaniac (2022) Dan Tabor Megalomaniac is not an easy film to watch, because it’s a journey most would not want to take. It’s not just a descent into madness, but a graphic metamorphosis human into a monster as
      Posted Jul 31, 2022
      Steele Justice (1987) Ed Travis While Steele Justice is highly entertaining, and very clearly following in the footsteps of a formula, its action execution is often sloppy and ham-handed.
      Posted Jul 24, 2022
      One-Armed Boxer (1972) Ed Travis Huge swaths of the runtime here are non-stop martial arts battles featuring a host of different styles and secret powers and general weirdness to keep you hooked.
      Posted Jul 24, 2022
      Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Dan Tabor Thor: Love and Thunder is okay at best, not really offering much by way of story or character development for Thor or the MCU. Hemsworth dials up the ham and dials down the drama for a film that once again makes Thor the least interesting avenger.
      Posted Jul 05, 2022
      Cryo (2022) Dan Tabor Cryo is a wonderfully executed sci-fi whodunit that just tears through its two hour runtime, while keeping you on the edge of your seat every step of the way.
      Posted Jun 28, 2022
      The Attachment Diaries (2021) Dan Tabor The Attachment Diaries is about as politically charged as any film can get in this day and age, and it does so with an amazing amount of style and pause.
      Posted Jun 28, 2022
      Next Exit (2022) Dan Tabor Mali Elfman has crafted a fascinating, and haunting story, that is filled with a deeply touching empathy for characters that wouldn’t have been given this kind of care in lesser hands.
      Posted Jun 15, 2022
      The Contractor (2022) Ed Travis The Contractor posits that our capitalistic system absolutely prioritizes the almighty dollar above our humanity, and keeps us rooting for our hero to prove his innate value against a stacked deck.
      Posted Jun 05, 2022
      The Untouchables (1987) Ed Travis I’d argue that De Palma’s Untouchables more than cements its status as a crime/action classic based almost solely on its iconic style alone.
      Posted Jun 05, 2022
      Violent City (The Family)(Città violenta) (1970) Ed Travis Violent City is a pretty exemplary entry among a long list of films of its ilk to come out of Italy in the late 1960s through the 1980s.
      Posted May 20, 2022
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