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      Screen Zealots is not a Tomatometer-approved publication. Reviews from this publication only count toward the Tomatometer® when written by the following Tomatometer-approved critic(s): Louisa Moore.

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      The Machine (2023) Louisa Moore Nothing about this comedy should’ve worked and it definitely shouldn’t have ended up being as entertaining as it actually is, but here is one of those rare success stories where a little movie plays to its strengths and comes out on top.
      Posted Jun 06, 2023
      Abruptio (2023) Louisa Moore Watching this macabre horror film was a traumatic experience, and it’s still haunting me days later. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Telling the grim story with incredibly lifelike puppetry is an achievement that will leave your jaw on the floor.
      Posted Jun 05, 2023
      Bad Behaviour (2023) Louisa Moore A terrible film with few redeeming qualities, this dull, weird movie about an unpleasant woman seeking enlightenment is just as aimless as its characters.
      Posted Jun 02, 2023
      Chicken for Linda! (2023) Louisa Moore If you grew up in the kitchen with a parent or grandparent who has died, this animated film will touch you on a deeper level. It’s not sad, but will rekindle that fondness of a shared love of food and cooking with a beautifully expressed sentiment.
      Posted May 29, 2023
      Satanic Hispanics (2022) Louisa Moore A horror anthology film that’s scary, gory, funny, and a total blast.
      Posted May 29, 2023
      About My Father (2023) Louisa Moore A big-hearted fish out of water story that will win you over with its wisecracking whimsy, terrific sense of humor, and sweet celebration of family.
      Posted May 26, 2023
      Kandahar (2023) Louisa Moore A decent (if forgettable) military thriller where the action scenes come with a dose of emotional weight, and not just explosions for the sake of empty entertainment.
      Posted May 25, 2023
      Fast X (2023) Louisa Moore A big, loud, dumb sequel that feels like it’s taking the franchise down a dead end from which it will never return, but ridiculous action scenes and an iconic performance from Jason Momoa save the day.
      Posted May 24, 2023
      Influencer (2023) Louisa Moore Offers a chilling look at our natural insecurities, arrogance, and conceit when it comes to our online presence, but it also is a really fun horror-thriller that’s exceptionally satisfying.
      Posted May 24, 2023
      Angel Applicant (2023) Louisa Moore This touching, heartfelt, first-person documentary about the power of art and its ability to speak to people on a very deep level is a beautiful piece of cinema.
      Posted May 22, 2023
      The Little Mermaid (2023) Louisa Moore One of the better reimagined Disney live action remakes because it stays true to the source material, features a terrific cast, and provides just enough magic, adventure, and romance to weather the storm.
      Posted May 22, 2023
      Carmen (2022) Louisa Moore An ambitious, beautifully filmed, avant-garde melodrama that’s a lot of style over substance.
      Posted May 19, 2023
      Down Low (2023) Louisa Moore The film is a series of successful hits and dreadful misses, but the parts that work are hilarious. Your reaction to this boundary-pushing dark comedy will depend on your individual tolerance for progressive humor and unorthodox storytelling.
      Posted May 19, 2023
      The Lady Bird Diaries (2023) Louisa Moore An outstanding achievement in historical documentary storytelling, this film captures a thorough time capsule of Lady Bird Johnson’s time in the White House.
      Posted May 18, 2023
      From Black (2023) Louisa Moore A too-familiar take on the conventional occult genre story, there's very little about the film that feels fresh or out of the ordinary. The end result is a hackneyed crime thriller turned demon horror movie that will please no one.
      Posted May 16, 2023
      Unfinished Business (2022) Louisa Moore A comprehensive sports documentary that creates a tapestry of what the WNBA has meant (and will mean) to generations of female athletes, with a focus on one of the league’s original teams: the New York Liberty. A must-see for basketball fans.
      Posted May 12, 2023
      Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023) Louisa Moore Despite the film’s bloated length and tendency to embrace nostalgia without an ounce of moderation, it’s a fitting and heartfelt sendoff for the beloved crew of misfit mercenaries.
      Posted May 11, 2023
      Book Club: The Next Chapter (2023) Louisa Moore Unapologetically made for a target audience that will gobble it up and leave wanting more, despite it not being very good.
      Posted May 11, 2023
      Bottoms (2023) Louisa Moore Dark, irreverent, and raunchy, this satirical teen sex comedy is as outrageous as it is hysterical. It’s a lot like “Heathers,” but gay.
      Posted May 10, 2023
      Sisu (2022) Louisa Moore A skillfully crafted action film with an absorbing dramatic arc that quietly builds into a deafening crescendo of bloody, gory, Nazi killing.
      Posted May 10, 2023
      Beau Is Afraid (2023) Louisa Moore A wonderfully weird, polarizing film that stretches the outer limits of neurotic self-indulgence. It’s both too abstract yet packed with clunky metaphors and overt symbolism, but it strikes gold and finds success more often than not.
      Posted May 07, 2023
      Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (2023) Louisa Moore This wholesome, perfectly cast film does the source material justice, creating a timeless coming-of-age-story that brings Judy Blume’s classic book to life.
      Posted May 05, 2023
      King on Screen (2022) Louisa Moore An enjoyable and informative documentary with plenty for fans as well as the uninitiated to savor. Even if you consider yourself a Stephen King enthusiast, you will learn something new. This is a must-see for die-hard fans.
      Posted May 04, 2023
      Tenebra (2022) Louisa Moore A deeply disturbing Italian thriller with highly traumatic subject matter that will rattle the nerves of even the most steadfast viewers.
      Posted May 03, 2023
      Bliss of Evil (2022) Louisa Moore Based on a true crime that occurred in Brisbane, Australia in the late 90s, this indie suspense thriller features all the fundamentals of the genre, but its female-centered story and likable actors set it apart from the rest.
      Posted May 01, 2023
      Walking Against the Rain (2022) Louisa Moore The clunky writing in this low budget, post-apocalyptic road movie slows down the pacing of the story, and the lack of charisma from the two leads is painful.
      Posted Apr 28, 2023
      End Zone 2 (1970) Louisa Moore The brevity of the film’s runtime definitely works in its favor, but this retro inspired slasher flick nails the 1970s aesthetic it was going for.
      Posted Apr 28, 2023
      Agatha (2022) Louisa Moore This challenging, nightmarish, and visually haunting deep dive into existentialism lands well outside the boundaries of mainstream filmmaking. Those who are up for a challenge will find much to dissect in this disorienting and aesthetically complex film.
      Posted Apr 26, 2023
      Invoking Yell (2023) Louisa Moore Despite a solid setup, charismatic cast, and spooky visual imagery, this horror movie eventually succumbs to the found footage curse of too much film and not enough story.
      Posted Apr 26, 2023
      The Once and Future Smash (2022) Louisa Moore This mockumentary about a fake movie is basically the ultimate prank, and the co-directors and their subjects sell the whole thing as real -- which is totally cool, hysterically funny, and shows a true commitment to the charade.
      Posted Apr 26, 2023
      The Artifice Girl (2022) Louisa Moore A sophisticated and provocative sci-fi story about artificial intelligence, ethics, science, and humanity, the film is a cerebral work that is very demanding of its audience.
      Posted Apr 24, 2023
      The Pope's Exorcist (2023) Louisa Moore The type of routine religious horror film that should be forgettable but isn’t, thanks to an engaging performance from Russell Crowe and a strong story that over delivers on what it promises.
      Posted Apr 23, 2023
      Trim Season (2022) Louisa Moore I don’t want to hear any of that “but it’s a slow burn!” talk: if a movie is unhurried to the point it’s no longer entertaining, then it’s not a success.
      Posted Apr 23, 2023
      The Bigfoot Trap (2023) Louisa Moore This tightly-edited thriller about a man locked in a Bigfoot trap is entertaining, intense, and has script with a surprising amount of depth.
      Posted Apr 19, 2023
      Guy Ritchie's The Covenant (2023) Louisa Moore A deeply meaningful and touching story of honor and brotherhood that’s wrapped up in an intense wartime thriller.
      Posted Apr 18, 2023
      Renfield (2023) Louisa Moore The real horror of it all is the way director Chris McKay blows what should have been a slam-dunk premise.
      Posted Apr 17, 2023
      Brooklyn 45 (2023) Louisa Moore This dialogue-driven supernatural drama about being haunted by the metaphorical (and literal) ghosts of the past has a wildly unpredictable story and substantial themes that make it a thinking person’s thriller.
      Posted Apr 15, 2023
      Cherry (2022) Louisa Moore A funny, heartfelt, and very human story that reassuringly points out that it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to get off-track. Most of all, it’s okay to be your own woman.
      Posted Apr 14, 2023
      Cat Person (2023) Louisa Moore Takes a thoughtful, interesting, and cautionary tale about the perils of modern dating and tacks on an icky third act that results in a massive misfire.
      Posted Apr 13, 2023
      Mafia Mamma (2023) Louisa Moore This vapid comedy feels like it was crafted by a soccer mom groupthink that's desperate to be hip and edgy. Collette's overblown performance as a goofy, gullible American is a weak, stereotypical caricature of a real woman. This movie is terrible.
      Posted Apr 12, 2023
      Frybread Face and Me (2023) Louisa Moore It’s the heartfelt sentiment behind this sweetly imperfect film, which features a charming Native American cast and a story that amplifies Indigenous voices through cinema, that makes it feel so special.
      Posted Apr 11, 2023
      The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution (2023) Louisa Moore This documentary can feel overwhelming at times, due to the sheer onslaught of the voluminous information that is fired at the audience at a rapid speed. It’s fast paced and energetic, which is an appropriate style for the content at hand.
      Posted Apr 10, 2023
      This World is Not My Own (2023) Louisa Moore An unconventional, eccentric, hybrid documentary that’s as inventive as its subject.
      Posted Apr 10, 2023
      Northern Comfort (2023) Louisa Moore A dreadful comedy about fearful flyers that sounds good on paper, but is poorly executed in every possible way. The attempts at humor fall with a resounding thud, and what feels like something that’s supposed to be funny just isn’t.
      Posted Apr 10, 2023
      No Ordinary Campaign (2022) Louisa Moore Pedestrian and dry with little creativity in terms of visuals or storytelling. It’s straightforward, which should in no way be taken as a point of disrespect to the subjects. This is an excellent topic that’s presented in an educational, focused manner.
      Posted Apr 10, 2023
      Inside (2023) Louisa Moore There’s a lot here that will turn off many viewers, but those who enjoy a challenge in their art will find much to appreciate.
      Posted Apr 07, 2023
      Shortcomings (2023) Louisa Moore It’s tough to warm up to a film with so many unlikable characters, but “Shortcomings” is breezy, fun, and irreverent in the best possible way.
      Posted Apr 07, 2023
      Air (2023) Louisa Moore As a director, Affleck has an enviable, natural flair for telling true stories. His casual style and instincts are on full display here, and the subject matter is the perfect match for the director.
      Posted Apr 05, 2023
      Pay or Die (2023) Louisa Moore A straightforward documentary about the skyrocketing cost of insulin and the diabetics who are having their lives held ransom by greedy pharmaceutical manufacturers and a broken U.S. health care system.
      Posted Apr 04, 2023
      When It Melts (2023) Louisa Moore A cruel portrait of toxic adolescence and childhood trauma that’s provocative and thoroughly unsettling, but powerful.
      Posted Apr 04, 2023
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