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      Steve Rhodes

      Steve Rhodes

      Tomatometer-approved critic

      Bio: Steve’s passion is writing, and what he loves to write are film reviews of which he produces 300 full-length ones per year. Although having the opportunity to write is reward enough, he counts the letters of praise and (well-written) criticism he receives from his readers as a wonderful bonus. When possible, he takes his teenage son, Jeffrey, along to the press screening and includes Jeffrey’s one-paragraph mini-review at the end of his own.


      THE BEST AND WORST FILMS OF 2003 Copyright 2003 Steve Rhodes This was an outstanding year for motion pictures! It was the first year that I can remember in which there were six films that I was extremely excited about. Usually there are only one or two films that are so superb that I can't stop thinking about them, but this year there were six in that category. Moreover, numbers two through six on my top ten list were so close that they were virtually a tie. Only the last film in The Lord of the Rings saga was clearly better than the rest of my top six. After hitting a high water mark last year with 317 reviews, this year I dropped back a bit to only 293. If you want to read my reviews, I have twenty-five hundred of them now at my web site: I also maintain an E-mail distribution list to which I send out my new reviews as well as a weekly opening day summary for theatrical releases and another for video releases. Drop me a line at if you'd like to be added to the list. It's free. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Steve Steve Rhodes's List of the Best Films of 2003 1. The Lord of the Rings of the Rings: The Return of the King (PG-13) 2. Capturing the Friedmans (NR/R) 3. House of Sand and Fog (R) 4. Shattered Glass (PG-13) 5. Stone Reader (NR/G) 6. Lost in Translation (R) 7. Mystic River (R) 8. 28 Days Later (R) 9. Love Actually (R) 10. Sylvia (R) Steve Rhodes's List of the Worst Films of 2003 1. The Cat in the Hat (PG) 2. Irréversible (NR/NC-17) 3. Party Monster (NR/R) 4. Northfork (PG-13) 5. Down and Out with the Dolls (R) 6. Gods and Generals (PG-13) 7. Gigli (R) 8. Biker BoyZ (PG-13) 9. Boat Trip (R) 10. House of 1000 Corpses (R)


      Campbell, California, United States

      Official Website:

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