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An incomprehensible and forgettable sci-fi thriller, Ultraviolet is inept in every regard.



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In the late 21st a disease called Hemophagia has genetically modified nearly an entire race of people, leaving them with such enhanced speed, intelligence, and strength that they resemble vampires in nearly every way. Fear begins to breed within the power elite as the disease continues to spread and those infected prove to be truly superhuman, and now, a civil war is brewing between uninfected humans and those altered by Hemophagia. Caught dead in the center of it is an infected woman called Violet (Milla Jovovich), who is bent on vengeance and has little left to lose. Provoked beyond reason by powers that will not rest until she and her people are dead, she will become everything her persecutors feared her to be.

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Ida Martin
as Young Violet
Kieran O'Rorke
as Detective Cross
Digger Mesch
as Detective Endera
Ryan Martin
as Detective Breeder
Steven Calcote
as Young Daxus
Ricardo Mamood
as Violet's Husband
Mike Smith
as Hospital Hemophage
Clay Cullen
as Rebel Hemophage
Jennifer Caputo
as Elizabeth P. Watkins
Jack Murphy
as Chief of Staff
Diego Swing
as Daxus Aide 1
Ted Thomas
as Daxus Aide 2
Abraham Boyd
as L.L.D.D. Guard
Matthew Sturgess
as Medical Tech 1
Alexander Key
as Medical Tech 2
Peter Spurrier
as L.L.D.D. Chief of Research
Russell Wait
as Combat Reserve Doctor
Youlia Galenko
as Courier XPD-154
Luke Jackson
as Archministry Computer Tech
Duc Luu
as Kar Wai
Kurt Wimmer
as Speak-No-Evil Phage
Gilad Lotan
as See-No-Evil Phage
Phillip Moore
as Hear-No-Evil Phage
Robert Alonzo
as Long-Haired Hemophage 1
Mitchell Gould
as Long-Haired Hemophage 2
Daniel Hawe
as Security Enforcer
Scott Piper
as Garth's Assistant
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  • Jan 24, 2016
    Whatever this was supposed to be, or what it might've been in it's original form, I don't know yah, but what's up on the screen finally is no less than a blatant style steal from The Matrix, and its that without any of the supporting scripting fills to prop it up or fill it out. I'm a fan of Milla J. but this was a chore to endure.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Aug 10, 2015
    A film that we all knew would be terrible and it sure was just that, The story is old and has been done so many times, The action was poor and pretty lifeless, The effects were terrible, Poor acting and the script felt like it was written by teenagers, It's silly and corny it feels like a cheap PS2 game, The only reason it has a full star is because I have a soft spot for Milla Jovovich and I think she was only in it for the easy pay check.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Oct 05, 2012
    It's sooo bad, that it's good...we have a conundrum. Ultraviolet is way over-the-top, cheesy, and flat out ridiculous, yet it's extremely entertaining and fun to watch. In the war between Humans and Hemophages (a genetically altered sub-species dubbed "vampires"), an underground freedom fighter named Violet comes across a young boy that may hold a cure. Though the CGI and special effects are particularly poor, the film uses an interesting comic book aesthetic that makes it work. And, the filmmakers have created a rich science-fiction world with some fascinating high-tech gadgetry. At its core, Ultraviolet is a textbook guilty pleasure film that's honest about what it is and just tries to have fun.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 19, 2011
    'Ultraviolet' has an idiotic plot, awful acting, stupid action scenes, and laughable dialogue. In short, skip it.
    Dillon L Super Reviewer

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