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½ July 11, 2015
Charlton Heston, in his feature film debut, stars as a no-goodnik who, along with his confederates (Dean Jagger, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, Ed Begley) cheats a man out of a large sum of money at a poker came. When the man then commits suicide and his brother goes on a killing spree, looking for revenge, this dark film noir gets extra nasty. It's not a classic, but there's a lot to like about this particularly cynical noir. Heston is strong in the lead. Lizabeth Scott plays a sultry nightclub singer and sings several numbers. William Dieterle gives them film an effectively moody look. And you also get to see future "Dragnet" partners Webb and Morgan antagonize each other in a very un-Joe Friday/Frank Gannon sort of way.
June 23, 2015
A heavy-handed and tiresome film noir, with just about every cliche in the book, and at times cringeworthy characterizations and dialogue. It starts out as a crime drama, but then turns into a mysterious-"psychopathic"-killer-on-the-loose-and-out-for-revenge story (which would have been better if the killer's identity had been more mysterious). But really it's a post-war 1950s (re-)domestication drama (a stifling 1950s morality tale) of an all-American good guy (Heston) gone wrong overseas in the Second World War (though with no hint of post-traumatic stress disorder; instead it's a case of domestic disorder--everything here turns out to be about the danger of domestic disorder), which too-conveniently and rather obscenely has its cake and eats it too by having Heston "save" (and get saved by) the widow of the man he cheated and drove to suicide from the man's "psychopathic" brother (and in the process paying off her two mortgages with money he intentionally and magically wins playing craps!). Somehow Heston is a good guy who gets indulged by everybody (including the police) despite all his bad behavior (I guess because he's the kind of guy who went to Cornell, who came from a "good" family), but the "psychopathic" brother gets no sympathy whatsoever. But this film (and more so the society it represents) is the real psychopath. At least it features Heston and Jack Webb and Harry Morgan of TV's Dragnet (i.e. conservative icons) as crooks (though it ruins even this not least of all by portraying the police as guardian angels, as deus ex machina).
½ December 14, 2014
A good entertaining B movie Film noir.
½ August 27, 2013
I accidentally picked this film up while looking for the 1998 film by the same name. When I realized it was Charlton Heston's first film role, I was hooked. When I realized that I was looking at a young Harry Morgan, who I grew up knowing as Colonel Potter on M*A*S*H, I was amused. And when I got to the quite intense last twenty minutes, I was riveted! I'm not a particular fan of film noir (or really, of older films in general) but I did enjoy this one.
March 7, 2013
an unambitious but handsome production from reliable studio hand William Dieterle.
½ March 7, 2013
A relentless crime noir, great cast--Introducing Charlton Heston!!
August 23, 2012
The credits say ‚Introducing Charlton Heston‚? and if this is indeed his first major role it shows in his weak performance as a gambler who is conscience-stricken after he helps cheat a man out of $5,000 who then kills himself. When one of Heston‚(TM)s character‚(TM)s co-conspirators is murdered he then must find the brother of the man who killed himself before he is found and killed as well. The film is mostly routine with a standard revenge plot but it does do an above average job of ratcheting up the tension, with first-rate suspense as the murderer stalks his victims while being stalked by them simultaneously.
November 5, 2011
"Everybody Gets Mad Sometimes." A great cast a jerkwads (Charlton Heston, Jack Webb, Henry Morgan, and Ed Begley Sr fix a poker game to rob welp Arthur Winant of all his dough. As with most cinematic poker scams, things do not go according to plan and a whole lotta death follows. Unfortunately, despite the great cast and the set-up, Dark City is exceptionally average... oxymoron? No, it's amazing at how dull this film truly is! I wanted to love it so badly, but it's soooooooooo meh. VF.
August 18, 2011
Great film noir! When a lonely GI Arthur Winant (DeFore) is taken in by Danny Haley (Heston) and his pals, the first thing they do is play poker. When Arthur loses and owes them all money, he ends up hanging himself. At the time, it seems OK, but they soon find out that Arthur has a psychotic brother. They don't believe it, but soon, they're dropping like flies, Danny and his girlfriend Fran (Scott) have to get away from it. This was pretty much Charlton Hestons first film role. Only 27, Heston proved in this movie that he could be a great actor, and I'm sure he proved it later on ever more in "Touch of Evil", or "Ben-Hur". Supported by beautiful film noir femme fatale usual Lizabeth Scott, Heston couldn't have gotten better. William Dieterle directed this gritty movie in 1950, and the name "Dark City" certainly could've derived from the dreary cinematography and the dramatic script. "Dark City" is a really good movie. Film noir fans will absolutely love it.
July 3, 2011
Classic film noir with an ultra young Charlton Heston.
July 3, 2011
Classic film noir with an ultra young Charlton Heston.
March 15, 2011
I loved the great photography but the rest just has hard time rising above mediocrity with a few exceptions.
January 25, 2011
A more fatale femme could have shot this one up to the top noir level.
December 4, 2010
"Children love me almost as much as dogs do." Heston plays the slightly more respectable member of a band of card sharks in this OK noir. When they mess with the wrong guy, tragedy follows. And in its wake, a brutal killer begins his hunt. Heston is suave, but his smooth talking isn't much put up against a murderous heart. Not great, but good performances and lots of familiar faces pop up in small roles. HestFactor 8.
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November 22, 2010
Plot cul de sac: the movie! Watch as a mysterious, faceless killer stalks people while they casually try to find out who he is (and generally mill around for an hour and a half).
Also be sure to check out Lizabeth's Scott's performance as the extraordinary needy female lead. There are no lengths that she will not go to to proves how needy she is. "Love me, Danny, please, oh Danny, why don't you love me? Am I crowding you, Danny?"
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August 10, 2010
Good solid noir with competent performances although Lizabeth Scott has been better elsewhere but that can be somewhat attributed to the fact that her character is such a doormat. A nice dark attitude permeates the film which is essential to any quality noir. Heston's part is more ambiguously shaded than many of his later roles where he often had a tendency to play self righteous blowhards or iconic figures.
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