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June 28, 2017
While not a great film, this is a near miss - especially for those that appreciate what the arms race really meant to the patriotic public.

This film's ending might have been better if it had ended a few minutes later into the story. Open ended storylines are always assumed to be a positive outcome for the hero - but was it really?
½ April 30, 2016
this doesn't hold up well today it seems dated.but it is robert altman's directorial debut hints at good things to come.
December 22, 2015
A slightly better than average Cold War Space Race movie. All of the actors give credible performances and the technology used was mostly things that NASA may have been able to do at the time. After some historical research, it seems that NASA did do some early research into a mission profile similar to the one that the movie uses in the story, although with 2 men, not one.
½ January 5, 2014
A slow paced drama. Lacks any real excitement.
January 4, 2014
Not a bad little space flick. Duvall & Knight are good.
November 29, 2012
I remember seeing this was I was little. The Gemini lander looked a little strange to me. It's interesting to see which way we went to the moon now. I also enjoy Caan and Duvall's performances. You can see how their skills are forming. I think Caan's next film was Redline 7000. The motel room set looks similar. Anyway, although dated, this film is good entertainment for us "NASA Geeks".
September 1, 2012
Some very good acting.
½ March 12, 2012
Robert Altman's first non-documentary feature, released a year or two before Apollo 11. The space race - and a manned flight to the moon - is fine fodder for drama, but Loring Mandel's script is extremely cut-and-dry. Altman hasn't broken free of his TV roots yet, and the result is plodding and (especially in hindsight) somewhat lifeless.
July 10, 2011
An early Robert Altman film bears little resemblance to his later films, but is a fine film none-the-less. Good cast and it's also fun to watch for Altman touches that you would see play a larger role in his later classic films. This was particularly evident during an early party scene in the film.
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½ October 7, 2010
it may seem kinda silly now but the space race was a huge deal in the '60's when it seemed imperative that the u.s. reach the moon before the russians. this is a good tense character-driven drama of two buddies competing to be the single astronaut who will make the trip. james caan and robert duvall were both near the beginning of their long careers; this was the first of many onscreen pairings and they remain good friends. the film is also notable as being robert altman's first feature as a director-for-hire after much work in tv and documentary films. the producers weren't exactly pleased with his more radical ideas and he either quit or was fired before the final cut. it's a bit corny at times, special effects are weak and the ending is predictable but this was a solid debut. and two years later he made MASH and received his first oscar nomination so it's all good
October 7, 2010
just ok spsce drama that seems dated as the music
½ August 24, 2010
Almost forgotten late 60's sci-fi thriller that feels long but quite exciting if you ignore the out of date special effects.
½ August 23, 2010
Decidedly cruddy sophomore feature from Robert Altman. He obviously didn't pick up his distinctive style until MASH - this is just basically television. In Panavision. Small comfort. James Caan is kinda terrible, but Robert Duvall brings whatever he can to the table. The ending is perhaps one of the most anti-climactic I've ever seen.
½ May 9, 2010
A fun early film from Altman. It's cool to see all the space stuff in retrospect, and there are great performances from Caan and Duvall to boot.
½ April 10, 2010
Boring and littered with bad acting/directing, "Countdown" is not one of Robert Altman's more memorable films.
½ February 9, 2010
Believably told early Robert Altman film. Good cast of rising stars. It?s suspenseful and tense. The characters are very well developed.
½ February 9, 2010
Believably told early Robert Altman film. Good cast of rising stars. It's suspenseful and tense. The characters are very well developed.
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½ August 2, 2009
Please shove a 70 CC syringe of Atropine into my heart, I'm dying of boredom over here!
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