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½ December 28, 2016
Personally I thought that the film started out slow and boring.

The story and how it is told is crewed. The crew is obsessed with killing anything not human or like them. They shoot dinosaurs for no reason.

Kong agressivly and cruelly kills creatures like lizards, snakes, Dinosaurs.

What gets me is the creatures don't look consistent in three ought the film. Kongs face consistently changes.

The fights even get pretty bloody and graphic.

King Kong was all about raising and making money showing as a specticol.

The humans are so dumb in this film.

Kong almost acts like a pervert with the girl.

They made Kong a slave captive.

The city looks so fake when Kong is incorporated into the scenes. .

"It was Beauty that killed the Beast." which is so dumb because it is such a lie. The humans were the problem causing extension of animals that should not have been messed with their habitat. Not only that but the one responsible for causing so much trouble and seeking out Kong. He is not willing to take credit that he was responsible for causing all the death and trouble.

The human story is so dumb. The only smart one in the film was Asian guy on the boat.

This film was pumped out quickly and it shows from the stop motion.

I felt like this film was so dumb. It did not use critical thinking or thought provoking ideas before pursuing action. They just went strait to action. They just went into kill, kill, kill. There was no real character development or investment.
December 17, 2016
Great special effects and sets, performances, and memorable moments make this one landmark on monster movie history unforgettable.
December 11, 2016
Exhilarating; gorgeously interpreted and skillfully directed, Kin Kong can't be more than one of the most unforgettable classics ever.
November 25, 2016
King Kong still holds up today you can watch it now and it seems it was made yesterday. The clay motion in this movie is honestly better than today's flashy CGI, The part where Kong kills the t-Rex is really cool .
November 25, 2016
A classic with special effects that still retain charming. Kong, a stop motion creation has more emotion then the rest of the human cast.
November 24, 2016
Greatest adventure film ever made.
November 21, 2016
OBVIOUSLY it's a bit dated, but it's also classic. Full to the brim with thrills and spills.
November 19, 2016
A fantastic classic which we cannot forget and I hope kong skull Island is as good as the original
November 7, 2016
The mystery slowly builds in this classic movie, and once the characters reach Skull Island then the real action and drama begins. I watched the original uncensored version of the film and was surprised at the level of horror. Containing breakthrough special effects and some classic scenes, this film is entertaining from start to finish. Considered to be one of the best movies of all time and one of the top fantasy movies of all time. 1001
October 9, 2016
Visually thrilling, masterful special effects, King Kong could pass as an movie twenty years from its time.
September 25, 2016
Best there is in the giant ape vs New York category.
August 20, 2016
This is the only King Kong movie worth seeing in my opinion. Yes it is incredibly dated but for a film made in 1933 it's so watchable. The effects are excellent for their time, an excellent display of stop motion. The storyline is simple but very effective, you genuinely do care about Kong as it progresses.
July 28, 2016
The things they had to do to create the illusion of the actors interacting with the creatures result in something excellent. The stop-motion work, especially the memorable scenes such as the bloody Kong vs. T-Rex battle and the final Empire State Building scene are remembered and rightfully commended. Thanks to the work of Willis O Brien's stop-motion animation and Meridian C. Cooper's innovative direction, we can look at this with wild eyes as either a casual audience or a critic. It could be considered either a kick-ass monster movie or a ambitious, well-made masterpiece.
July 23, 2016
This movie still holds up tremendously today. Even if the effects are outdated, they are timely. They add a unique touch and pull it all together.
June 9, 2016
One of my favourite movies as a child and one of my favourites now. Love it till the day I die
May 5, 2016
The classic adventure film that set the bar for all films that followed.keep Kong alive!
Antonius Block
Super Reviewer
½ March 31, 2016
There are several things that could be ridiculed about this movie - the stop-motion special effects of course, though they were state of the art for their day, the stereotypical natives (and Chinese cook), and besides all that, Fay Wray's goofy reaction when she's told by a sailor he loves her (my goodness on the acting, take a look at it someday).

There are also definite racial overtones to the movie. It's as if Kong is just a giant version of one of the 'black savages' on the island. He has a forbidden love for a white woman. Captured, he is taken back to America, where he'll make the white men rich, so long as he is in chains. Set loose, he rampages through New York violently. Clearly, he would have been better off left back in the jungle where he belongs.

However, forgiving the movie a bit, it's still quite compelling because of its action sequences. Cooper and Schoedsack tell a taut story with the right blend of build-up and action, and make the island far more interesting by having it full of dangers besides Kong himself. The pursuers are attacked by a stegosaurus (which they somewhat comically shoot the hell out of), and later a sauropod in the sea, which overturns their raft and chomps a couple of them (apparently the filmmakers were unaware of these dinosaurs being herbivores). Kong himself has to battle a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a giant snake (which fantastically wraps around his neck), and a pterodactyl trying to make off with Fay Wray. Who can forget him killing the T-Rex by bending its jaw and neck back until their broken? Or turning the log bridge around to shake men off, sending them plummeting to their death? Or reaching his paw down into the cave, trying to catch a guy who has made his way down there? (the guy, by the way, has to cut a rope to save himself from a lizard creeping up from below at the same time).

There is plenty of violence that must have been shocking in its day. Kong literally stomps on natives and crushes a few people in his mouth. He also drops a woman out of a skyscraper after determining she's not Fay Wray and discards her. As for some sex to go with that violence, Fay Wray provides it with a braless scene on the boat, her legs wriggling after Kong has partially undressed her, and a split-second wardrobe malfunction after she plummets into the water while escaping him. I'm not sure I buy the Empire State Building being a giant phallic symbol though.

This is a movie that stands the test of time, despite how dated the effects are. They have campy appeal, and are still somehow cool. We feel Kong's pain as he's chained, and empathize with him as the airplanes swoop in at the end. This is a beauty and the beast type film, but I don't think it was beauty that truly killed the beast, as the movie's last line states, I think it was all those guys with their guns and greed.
March 28, 2016
The is a monster movie classic. It is a most see. See all the sequels and remakes. This is the most of the King Kong movie. And there are all great movies. This movie is very scary. It is a classic
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