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½ May 29, 2017
"Revenge" is a very underrated Kostner film. The premise has been done so many times before- Friend falls for powerful syndicate boss's wife/daughter, and all hell breaks loose. But the cast shines here. Madeleine Stowe plays her role very well, not over the top, and Anthony Quinn shines as always. The ending being a bit of a surprise is also refreshing, if a bit shocking. Kostner does a great job here, and the locations and feel are great characters as well. Very underrated film, and one of my 3 favorite Kostner flicks.
March 14, 2017
Solid, slick and sexy revenge thriller. I'm sorry though, but I find it hard to feel empathy for the adulterous lovers. If anything I feel worse for the mob boss...
November 9, 2016
Michael J. "Jay" Cochran (Kevin Costner) is a retiring United States Naval Aviator who, after 12 years in the service, wants to relax and live one day at a time. He goes to Mexico, accepting a matched pair of Beretta shotguns and an invitation from his wealthy friend Tiburon "Tibey" Mendez (Anthony Quinn) to spend time at his hacienda in Mexico. Tibey is a powerful crime boss, constantly surrounded by bodyguards. While trying to find the hacienda, Cochran meets a beautiful young woman riding a horse. She is Tibey's wife, Miryea (Madeleine Stowe), who lives in lavish surroundings but is unhappy because her much-older husband does not want children, feeling pregnancy would spoil her looks. Jay is a welcome guest and presents his friend with a Navy G-1 leather flight jacket. But he rubs Tibey's suspicious right-hand man Cesar (Tomas Milian) the wrong way by behaving independently and not acting like an employee. After a dinner Tibey conducts a private meeting with business associates while Miryea gets acquainted with Jay. She becomes attracted to him. The next day they share a private walk on the beach. During a party, with Tibey and his men nearby, Jay and Miryea secretly have sex. Tension grows, as Jay is worried that Tibey will become aware of the situation. Miryea begs Jay not to leave. They arrange a secret rendezvous, Miryea pretending that she will be visiting a friend in Miami when she actually is going to accompany Jay to a remote cabin. Cesar overhears a conversation in which Miryea asks her Miami friend to lie for her. Tibey visits Jay and invites him on a trip to the Beretta factory to custom-fit his new guns, but Jay declines. Tibey tells his friend goodbye. At the airport, Tibey also gives Miryea one last kiss. Jay is secretly waiting to drive her to the cabin.
At their hideaway, they are surprised by Tibey and his men. Jay's beloved dog is shot dead. Calling Miryea a "faithless whore", Tibey strikes her and cuts her across the mouth with a knife, as Tibey's henchmen viciously beat and kick Jay. After setting fire to the cabin, they dump Jay in the desert, and leave him to die. Miryea is placed in a whorehouse, where she is drugged, abused, and relegated to "common use". The young man responsible for keeping her drugged has AIDS. As Miryea no longer wishes to live the life of a common prostitute, she persuades him to share a needle with her, thus infecting her. Jay's unconscious body is discovered by a Mexican Good Samaritan, who slowly nurses him back to health. His wish for revenge and finding Miryea is the only thing he can think of....

The film is based on a novella written by Jim Harrison and published in Esquire Magazine in 1979. Harrison, who also wrote Legends of the Fall, co-wrote the script. "They pretty much shot the novella," said Harrison. "I was so swept away by it that I cried - I really did. And I"m not known for crying." Variety wrote, "This far-from-perfect rendering of Jim Harrison's shimmering novella has a romantic sweep and elemental power that ultimately transcend its flaws." Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly rated it D and called it a vanity project for Costner. Roger Ebert, writing for The Chicago Sun-Times, rated it 2.5/4 stars and wrote that the film "plays like a showdown between its style and its story." Vincent Canby of The New York Times described it as "soft and aimless, the performances are without conviction." Hal Hinson of The Washington Post wrote that the story becomes so cynical that nothing has meaning.

Kevin Costner has always been a favourite of mine with many good films on his CV, specifically during the 80s and 90s. He had that moviestar looks and a great way of finding his characters despite the variation of leads and genre. "Revenge" has that Tony Scott look/vibe to it as all the movies he made. The light (sun beams, mist etc), the settings, the camera angles, the machoism, the violence and the shady morals of life. Not necessary bad, but Scott also makes it look a bit like a standard actioneer, which itīs not fully when looking at the storyline. Friendship, betrayal, love, revenge and death might seem pretty standard, but "Revenge" has this little extra twist in my point of view. The ending is truly tragic and I do like the fact that they kept it and didnīt change it to something else. I like as well that the title and the build up is set up for a classic western showdown, but it takes a different path. Heads up for that. Kevin Costner is fine as Michael J. "Jay" Cochran, Anthony Quinn great as always while Madeleine Stowe is good but not fully spot on as Miryea. Miguel Ferrer and John Leguizamo adds to the weight of the film.
½ September 13, 2015
Bloody hell; this was a bit full on! It's not just the sex (plenty of that) but it was pretty violent, too. Madeleine Stowe was almost gorgeous enough to turn me straight. Almost.
September 8, 2015
not one of Tony Scott's best, but still worth a look.
August 8, 2015
I did not like revenge at all Anthony Quinn and Kevin Costner were very bad in their parts and it had a very bad storyline
½ May 21, 2015
Dark, depressing drama disguised as a action thriller.
It is a mix of Tony Scott's earlier success (Top Gun) and his later work (Man On Fire).
½ April 7, 2015
As spotty as Tony Scott's filmography was, it's easy to forget how good he could be. This is my first time seeing REVENGE and I must say that I was surprised by how emotionally involving and artfully directed it was, despite relying on a number of genre cliches. Kevin Costner plays Michael "Jay" Cochran, a 12-year Navy veteran who has just left the service and goes to see his friend, Tiburon Mendez (Anthony Quinn), in Mexico. While there, he ends up falling in love with Tibey's (as his friends call him) beautiful, young wife Miryea (Madeleine Stowe). When Tibey finds out about this, leaves Jay for dead and throws Miryea away in a whorehouse. The remainder of the film is Jay going back to rescue Miryea. Hopefully I haven't given too much away, but the film is 25 years old and there has to be a statute of limitations on spoilers, even if they're small. Since I liked more than I disliked, I'll just get the negative stuff out of the way first. I mentioned earlier that this film relies on genre cliches. One such example, and very key to establishing the central character relationship is the history shared by Tibey and Jay. Apparently, they were hunting buddies and Jay saved Tibey's life one time, so now Tibey is in debt to Jay. That's something that's been done to death in countless films before and since, but it wouldn't be such an issue if that wasn't the extent of it. It was just hard for me to buy that a Navy pilot would have it in so good with a Mexican power broker/kingpin. I also thought the romance that develops between Jay and Miryea was rather cliche, even if it was well-performed. And to be fair, this movie has some great performances in it. Kevin Costner was his usual likeable self, and veteran actor Anthony Quinn was great as his world-weary foil. Madeleine Stowe did fine, but isn't given much to do besides be the damsel in distress once confined to the whorehouse. Now, on to the positives (the rest). This is probably one of Tony Scott's best-directed films, and came a decade or so before he started using his much ripped-off MTV shooting style. There were some really artful shots, e.g., a fire being reflected in sunglasses or beautiful shots of the Mexican terrain. Even the sex scenes were shot well. I also really liked the score, which struck a fine balance between melancholy and tension. But most of all, and despite the cliched elements, the characters were well written and developed, and the performances really elevated the rather pulpy source material. Overall, REVENGE is an artful, occasionally thoughtful action thriller that probably deserves more attention than it got/currently gets. It might have a shaky dramatic foundation, but it's definitely worth seeing for what's built around and on top of it.
March 31, 2015
Too cliche for my taste.
½ March 19, 2015
Well acted by Anthony Quinn, but the story is pure crappy melodrama.
March 7, 2015
Director Tony Scott's overblown melodrama is admittedly ridiculous, but at the same time it has kind of a fun gonzo mashup of Joel Silver 80s action film sensibilities crossed with the over-the-top dramatics of a Douglas Sirk film. The story involves handsome Kevin Costner ending his fighter pilot career by heading south of the border to connect up with his old rich buddy Anthony Quinn, who it's implied early has not come by his money honestly. Quinn has a new pretty young wife played by Madeleine Stowe, so you can guess where the plot goes. When Costner and Stowe strike up a relationship, the implied villainy in Quinn comes out, shooting up Coster, leaving him for dead, and turning his wife into a drug addict and whore. Coster, of course, survives so he can get REVENGE! His journey to getting revenge is a bit of a "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" like road movie that features a cast of colorful characters, including Tomas Milian, James Gammon, Sally Kirkland, Miguel Ferrer, John Leguizamo and Joe Santos. The road to revenge does drag at times, but it a stylish journey and pretty enjoyable. If you think you can get into Anthony Quinn yelling, "Faithless, whore!" then this is the movie for you!
½ January 27, 2015
Typical Kosner acting (?) in a story that loses your attention pronto.
½ January 3, 2015
dumb movie. despicable characters. formulaic movie poorly implemented
September 28, 2014
I liked the original movie that was released in the theaters in 1990! I purchased a copy from itunes BUT it is the directors cut that edits out noted dialogue and themes. Did not care for this version as much! This cut did not improve this film. The movie is interesting and well acted!
June 30, 2014
The ending to this film is seriously heart wrenching. This film is a lot
better then the rating it has. Very under rated film and one of Costner's
better efforts. That ending is one of the best Hollywood has ever come
up with.
½ June 22, 2014
pretty awful, just boring
½ March 2, 2014
I love movies about revenge, but this one could have been better. Still good though.
August 24, 2013
Jamas entendere como ni critica ni publico acepta este filme.
July 3, 2013
You will either love or loathe Tony Scott's 90s revenge flick. Costner is the balls and a serious twitch out of Stowe.
½ June 18, 2013
Not without it's inherent narrative flaws but flamboyance smoothes over the rough edges, resulting in a bewildering forgotten gem.
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