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As flying saucer movies go, The Thing From Another World is better than most, thanks to well-drawn characters and concise, tense plotting.



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This film is set at a distant Arctic missile base, where a UFO has crashed. The frozen body of the pilot is taken to base headquarters, where it is inadvertently thawed out. The alien escapes into the snowy wastes and proceeds to wreak murderous havoc all over the base.

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Margaret Sheridan
as Nikki Nicholson
Kenneth Tobey
as Captain Patrick Hendry
Robert Cornthwaite
as Dr. Arthur Carrington
James Arness
as The Thing
Douglas Spencer
as Ned 'Scotty' Scott
James Young
as Lt. Eddie Dykes
Dewey Martin
as Crew Chief Bob
Robert Nichols
as Lt. Ken 'Mac' MacPherson
Bill Self
as Corporal Barnes
William Self
as Corporal Barnes
Eduard Franz
as Dr. Stern
John Dierkes
as Dr. Chapman
Sally Creighton
as Mrs. Chapman
George Fenneman
as Dr. Redding
Billy Curtis
as The Thing While Shrinking
Everett Glass
as Dr. Wilson
Tom Steele
as Stuntman
Norbert Schiller
as Dr. Laurenz
Edmund Breon
as Dr. Ambrose
David McMahon
as Gen. Fogarty
Robert Bray
as Captain
Ted Cooper
as Lieutenant
Allan Ray
as Officer
Robert Stevenson
as Capt. Smith
Paul H. Frees
as Dr. Maurice Vorrhees
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Audience Reviews for The Thing from Another World

  • Mar 03, 2019
    Classic horror - as dreamed for alien contact discovers not revelations for science, increased understanding and technological advancement but instead, in true 50s style, a thirst for human blood from a walking carrot (a comical riposte to veganism decades before the fact). Howard Hawks fingerprints are all over this, with sharp, intelligent writing, editing and direction raising this above the usual run-of-the-mill shock fest. And there's still time for some obligatory pointy sweater little romance before the ultimate showdown with fate. All the female cast, both of them, want to know if anyone wants coffee.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Oct 28, 2014
    Howard Hawks' The Thing From Another World is a fairly typical '50s sci-fi adventure film. Based on a short story, an Air Force team at an Artic research station is sent to investigate a possible UFO craft hidden beneath the ice, and end up discovering an alien creature. The writing is very broad and relies mostly on character stereotypes. Additionally, the directing does a rather poor job at bringing suspense or intensity to the UFO discovery and the ensuing standoff with the alien. Still, there's enough action and excitement in The Thing From Another World to be mildly entertaining.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 29, 2012
    The legendary director Howard Hawks was both an uncredited co-writer and co-director for this above average B-movie (which has subsequently spawned two re-makes). At the frozen north pole, scientists and the US airforce have found a genuine flying saucer. When the alien is accidentally thawed out, it turns on the people of the camp. Isolated up at the tiny base, and against a creature that can't be harmed or die by traditional means, the humans must figure out a way to survive the invasion of a plant-based creature that requires their blood to reproduce. Really, it's all a metaphor for the "red scare" brewing at the dawn of the cold war. The scientists and the air force officers are seen as being at odds, while the soldiers want to destroy the harmful creature that might doom the entire human race, the "intellectuals" want to study it, preserve it, and even welcome it as a superior life form. Of course, when the menacing creature gets ahold of them, it recognizes neither friend nor foe, but lashes out with impunity. But metaphor or not, there is a creepy vibe that runs throughout the movie. Maybe it's that theremin-heavy soundtrack or maybe it's the feature-less creature itself (played by Gunsmoke's James Arness), an indistinct frankenstein's-monster-from-space that has razor blades for fingertips and grows back limbs as quick as you can lop them off. Or maybe it's the claustrophobic atmosphere that keeps you on your toes, where on a tiny base surrounded by miles of frozen wasteland where no human could survive for very long, the victims are given no chance of escape. From a personal standpoint, John Carpenter's re-make from 1982 is still tops for one of the most frightening movies I'd ever seen as a kid, but for classic 50s sci-fi, The Thing From Another World is a lot of fun. Now, who wants some coffee?
    Devon B Super Reviewer
  • Nov 04, 2011
    Directed by Howard hawks this classic original, itself based on a story is a pretty enjoyable slice of 50s sci fi. i saw John carpenters The thing long ago, but never seen this, its a typical 50s creature feature, and for that does its job well, it is basicallly a man in a monster suit, vrery diferent to later version, but enjoyable all the same.
    scott g Super Reviewer

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