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A non-winning military recruitment progaganda movie that happens to star Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn.



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An elite unit of Navy commandos battles Arab terrorists in possession of a deadly arsenal.

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Charlie Sheen
as Dale Hawkins
Michael Biehn
as James Curran
Joanne Whalley
as Claire Verens
Nicholas Kadi
as Ben Shaheed
Ronald G. Joseph
as Capt. Dunne
Richard Venture
as Adm. Colker
Mark Carlton
as Jim Elmore
Ira Wheeler
as Warren Stinson
Ron Faber
as Gen. Mateen
Bill Cort
as Elliott West
Randy Hall
as Navy SEAL #8
Duncan Smith
as EOD Officer
William Knight
as Submarine Captain
Marc Zuber
as Villa Hostage
Vic Tablian
as Terrorist
Adam Hussein
as Latanya Captain
George Jackos
as Druze Fighter
Ian Tyler
as Shepherd
John Pruitt
as Local TV Announcer
Tom Sean Foley
as Crewman C130
Titus Welliver
as Redneck in Bar
William Cort
as Elliott West
Greg McKinney
as U.S. Helicopter Pilot
Rob Moran
as U.S. Helicopter Co-Pilot
Michael Halphie
as Israeli Intelligence Officer #1
Ezra Abraham
as Israeli Intelligence Officer #2
William Roberts
as Aircraft Carrier Officer
Michael Fitzpatrick
as Aircraft Carrier Officer
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  • Oct 03, 2014
    Starts off okay but just gets really dumb. This movie believes that it's still totally in the 80s, and tries to be Top Gun so hard. But Top Gun, despite it's dumb scenes, had some pretty cool moments, which this film lacks.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 27, 2011
    The film is a little too much and the melodramatic moments slow this film down. Sheen is likable but the storyline treads water and never dives into the true reason fans showed up for the film. There is action moments that are interesting but the filmmaker drags the film out and doesn't create any character development. This could have been a movie about brotherhood and what it means to live a life in a job that could be your death at any moment. The start and the final are the saving grace for this film, anything in between is just meh. 26/04/2019
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Aug 11, 2009
    This is probably one of the best over the top kick ass gung ho testosterone filled alpha male fests. You want ice cool shade wearing showing off with ridiculously dangerous stunts then this is it. The cast is what really rocks here with a classic list of 80's action stars...Sheen, Biehn, Paxton and Rossovich, can't get much better than that right. The plot is pretty much one set piece after another with little plot in between which normally would be poor but this film is practically a late entry in the 80's action genre so its easily forgiven. The plot tends to circle around the good guys trying to pick up these missiles before the bad guys (Middle Eastern chaps) can get a hold of em. A few hostage rescues in there too of course...God bless America etc...Its gloriously silly in places clearly leaning more towards a hyped up action man vibe over simulated realism...this film has a high popcorn count, no thinking required. Well I say that but there is a small amount of semi realism here, these guys aren't totally inflated versions of SEAL's. The film does attempt to bring some real life issues into the fold from time to time, family problems etc...barely touched on but its there. There is of course the obligatory tension between certain members of the team at one point, Biehn being the by the books leader where as Sheen is his typical rebellious self. Again this also leads to the obligatory death of a fellow team member due to Sheen's reckless actions in the field, its all very predictable and we've seen this type of thing before. Here its cheesed up to the max with Sheen getting out of control and becoming a loose cannon whilst the others must all band together and be even more macho and stoic than ever before. Watch those tanned jawlines clench as they bare the weight of their high profile responsibilities. Plenty of flashy stunts, many witty one liners and quips and a suitably kick ass finale as the guys run around in war torn Beirut. Its not over the top with blood or profanity which shows you don't need that to be cool (Expendables take note), but it isn't for the younger viewers that's for sure (everything modern take note). The films gives you exactly what you'd expect with a cast line up like this, pure slick action with extra man nipples. Think of this as the 'Top Gun' of cliched special forces macho porn, but its oh so good at the same time, undiluted awesomeness fuel.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Jul 05, 2009
    If you watched Top Gun and thought hey, I really enjoyed the "playing with the boys" volleyball scene, I wish there was a similar film that features rowdy, greased up military men on a golf outing...
    Brett W Super Reviewer

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