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Dennis Hopper stars as a 1950s-style detective working in a magical Hollywood in this made-for-cable mystery. Hopper stars as H. Phillip Lovecraft, a detective who refuses to use magic in a fantasy world where magic is the norm. When Lovecraft is hired by a blonde (Penelope Ann Miller) accused of murdering her film-producer husband, he enlists the aide of a local witch for help in solving the case.
Mystery & Suspense , Science Fiction & Fantasy , Television
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Dennis Hopper
as H. Phillip Lovecraft
Penelope Ann Miller
as Kim Hudson
Eric Bogosian
as Larson Crockett
Sheryl Lee Ralph
as Hypolita Kropotkin
Julian Sands
as Finn Macha
as Vivian Dart
Alan Rosenberg
as N.J. Gotlieb
Debi Mazar
as Manicurist
Christopher John Fields
as Lt. Morris Bradbury
John Durbin
as Brackett
Gregory Bell
as Shakespeare
Terry Camilleri
as Minister
Chris Darga
as Fist G Man
Zaid Farid
as Felix
Ellen Gerstein
as Sidney's Wife
Robert Goolrick
as Malcom Purdy
Mark Mabit
as Mark Twain
James Harper
as Winston
Aaron Heyman
as Mr. Skinner
Julianne Morris
as Tracy Pinkem
Dennis Paladino
as Loud Dresser
Jill Pierce
as Marie
Alan Poul
as Senator's Aide
Phil Reeves
as Senator Trumble
Steve Susskind
as Towel Head
Lynn Tufeld
as Gotlieb's Secretary
Steve Vaught
as Police Photographer
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A demonstrably inferior sequel to the wonderful Cast A Deadly Spell

May 13, 2007
Flipside Movie Emporium

Audience Reviews for Witch Hunt

In a strange turn of events the "Cast A Deadly Spell" sequel, which sports a more renowned director Paul Schrader (Misishima: A Life In Four Chapters, Cat People, and screen writer of Taxi Driver) and star Dennis Hopper as H. Philip Lovecraft, now in a 1950's where everyone does magic, is the weaker of the two. Hopper looks tired and confused, and his clothing seems awkward to the rest of the cast around him. Schrader's story in place of the Cthulu mythos, which served so succinctly in the first film, gives us a parable of the Mccarthy hearings. As a charismatic senator begins a campaign to clean up the decadent magic infested Hollywood area. Lovecrafts, landlady is hired to summon famous writers like Mark Twain and William Shakespear, to work as screen-writers for the studios, comes under government attatck, and its up to Lovecraft to figure out who killed a powerful Producer(by shrinking him so small that his dogs ate him), before all magic users are blamed and scape-goated. The tongue in cheap, of the first film, is transformed here into "give magic a chance?" "we are the world" sentiments. The special effects have improved and some scenes are more menacing than anything in the first film, but the humor, confidence, and style of former, have begun to run dry. Shrader's treatment is too serious (the inner self speech of the senator, is the best example) for its good. If you liked the first one(I did, though I remember this one more clearly from childhood), its worth watching.

Joseph Sylvers
Joseph Sylvers

Same plot as Cast a Deadly Spell. I'm pretty sure this was the one I liked. I loved this one. It's pretty cheap, but whatever. It's about a normal 40s-50s world only people use magic. It's neat seeing magic so commonly integrated into modern life. All in all I liked this movie alot.

John Trifiletti
John Trifiletti

I honestly don't remember ever seeing Dennis Hopper act BADLY in anything. Until now. This was the worst performance I've ever seen from him, and I think part of the problem is he was simply miscast for the part. Hopper was just stiff and it looked like he was acting. And the guy who was playing the "evil hired warlock" couldn't keep a steady accent for two sentences. He went between really bad Germanic to really bad English/Irish with annoying irregularity. It's supposed to be a spoofy-noir PI flick about a dead Hollywood producer with the obligatory starlet wife/suspect/client for the PI. It also has a McCarthy Clone senator having public hearings, subpoenaing people to out their friends and colleagues who are "practitioners", and attempted public witch burning. And just to get obnoxiously nitpicky, I found it very annoying that they had a Vodun priestess leading a Wicca-esque coven in a classic circle with absolutely no semblance of accurate ritual. Really, it's not like you can't go down to the local bookstore and look up how to at least fake a circle ritual.

Kimber McLeod
Kimber McLeod

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