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½ December 19, 2016
Thought that the plot worked well and that Walken did an outstanding job as the Angle who is a rebel angel who refuses to acknowledge that angels have to bow to humans.. To me the movie has the right balance of horror, fantasy and suspense.....
October 9, 2016
I've always had a soft spot for this film and Walken in general. His portrayal of the angel of Death is the driving force of this film. Viggo also is strong with his showing as the fallen one. The plot is interesting, but it feels like a little bit is missing at the end. Still a fresh take and idea.
August 29, 2016
Always loved this one..Walken being Walken
½ August 1, 2016
I always liked these movies with angels, demons and this kind of stuff..Enjoyable! Walken perfect as always...!
July 14, 2016
I remember quite liking this film back in the day, telling the story of a new war in Heaven. The archangel Gabriel, Christopher Walken, comes to Earth to collect a soul that will set off a new war in Heaven for control of Earth. The main folks trying to stop him are a former priest, now police detective, Elias Koteas, and another angel, Simon, played by Eric Stolz. The film was written and directed by Gregory Widen, who is best know for writing the original Highlander film. Both that film and this one are stronger on the story concept than the actual characters and script, but both films are solid none-the-less. Widen gives the film some cool visuals, particularly the angels eerily perched up high at times, looking down on people like menacing gargoyles. The film also features performances by Virginia Madsen, Amanda Plummer, Adam Goldberg, Steve Hytner, and a before-he-was-famous Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer in a very memorable performance. Overall, this isn't a perfect film, particularly the clunky way the story unfolds, but it does contain some very interesting story concepts, which was enough for this film, much like Highlander, spawned seemingly endless sequels, most of them direct-to-video releases.
½ February 7, 2016
Like the premise...not so much the story or acting.
December 29, 2015
a pretty star-studded cast in a relatively unknown film about heavens angels at war. The story is pretty stupid but the film is quite good regardless.
May 15, 2015
The Prophecy, standing alone is just an "B" movie, although Christopher Walken is always a joy. But, when watched in order with the two Walken sequels, it becomes a very good mini-series.
½ April 10, 2015
Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas and Eric Stoltz do a great job at introducing us to the second War of the Angels. This is an interesting story with low-key effects and a delicious performance by Walken. Better than average.
March 25, 2015
Always liked this movie...
January 21, 2015
This is the only movie I've seen from this franchise, and after sitting through this one I can't imagine wanting to see several more like it. It was mildly entertaining and just dark enough that I figured I might as well sit through it and see what happened, but there's nothing memorable about it. Even Christopher Walken seems weak in this role.
January 12, 2015
Intersting concept, poorly executed.
January 12, 2015
Intersting concept, poorly executed.
½ December 5, 2014
As talented as Christopher Walken is, he can only do so much for writing this unremittingly terrible.
December 3, 2014
I was bored by this one but Christopher Walken's presence earns it an extra star.
½ December 2, 2014
This film is badly in need of some editing-like 50% also acting classes-STAT
BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD A must not see.
October 16, 2014
While The Prophecy can be just OK, I'll give it four stars because Christopher Walkens performance is fantastic.
½ October 15, 2014
Wicked Good Fun! Come for Christopher Walken stay for Viggo Mortensen!
½ September 14, 2014
The Prophecy is a decent movie that leaves a lot to be inspired. It is original which I haven't saw in a long time, so I'll give it points for that. But for most of the time, it is dull. I thought that the main guy is not charismatic and is not interesting to watch. The best part is Christopher Walken who is just fun to watch and made this better than what it was. It even has a cameo from Viggo Mortensen who is great in this too. The storyline is a little interesting, but it is very slow paced at times and just did not care. The climax is a bit exciting to watch with the actions and the explosives. Decent film, just could've been better with a charismatic lead actor.
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